Day 35 – We are what we eat

I know I’ve said this before this week, but I’m actually truly understanding it now and feeling it more than ever.  I had a button pushed today while I was watching tv (which I’ve been doing more of lately due to my not-so-fun cold).  It was a commercial for Tylenol.  Fine.  I get it.  Tylenol.  We all need some here and again.  But this specific Tylenol commercial was for ‘Body Pain at Night‘.  As a Registered Nurse and Kinesiologist, I can understand the importance of pain control.  To many, this may be necessary.  I understand that.  But for the majority, not so much.

It’s so easy to pop a pill.  My body hurts.  That pill looks great!  Done!  Pain be gone!  That’s great for short term gain but the real problem is being masked.  It’s like any emotional baggage we don’t deal with and keep burying away.  It’s all good until, BAM!  Something happens and we’re forced to deal with it.  This too can happen with our physical body.  Our health is holistic.  It is whispering to us that it is not happy.

I like to think of a body as a temple which encompasses our soul.  If you have ever been in a room where someone has just passed away, you might relate to this.  I will never forget my first time experiencing this – it feels empty.  It’s as though the body has served it’s purpose and the soul has been set free.  What is a soul?  I believe what we are is our soul.  Our being.  Source energy.   Our souls are a gem.  If you had the most precious gem in the world that you loved with all of your heart and it meant the world to you, wouldn’t you want to place it and keep it in the safest, healthiest and most loving environment possible?  Of course you would.  So why not treat our own selves this way?  To give the utmost amount of love, health and joy to our bodies so that our souls can be nourished and become vibrant.  To allow our soul to shine through.  To glow.  From the inside out.

When you have an ache or a pain, maybe some puffiness or bloating, insomnia, stomach issues, you name it – it’s your body’s way of trying to speak to you.  Perhaps it’s even our soul or body’s energy telling us something is not right.  Instead of popping that next pill, stop to think about WHY your body hurts.  What is causing the pain?  What am I doing in my life that is aggravating my body?  Once we reach for the quick fix, it becomes a negative habit.  We want that quick fix sugar rush or a shopping trip to the mall to buy something that will make us ‘feel’ better.  The next time you hear your body trying to tell you something, try researching what the problem might be.  See your medical or naturopathic doctor perhaps.  Maybe even try cutting something out of your diet, or adding something extra healthy into it.  Meditate.  Listen to your body.  What is it telling you?

When we eat healthy, and we eat what our body/temple needs, we glow.  We glow with happiness, confidence, healthiness and contagious joyful energy.  You won’t need that brand new outfit to make you happy because you will be glowing.  You feel confident from the inside out.  You will ‘need’ less.  You begin an upward positive spiral of exercising more, meeting healthy and similar people, you have more energy to do the things you love – life just gets better on every aspect.

I can speak true to this only being 5 days into the Not-So-Dirty-Thirty Clean Eating Challenge, as well as going 10 days without sugar.  10 days!!  It’s hard to describe, but I’m starting to feel the way my body wants to feel – lean, strong and clean.  No bloating or puffiness. More energy.  My nails are even starting to grow.  I encourage you to take on a 30-day challenge for yourself.  June 1.  That’s 6 days away.  YOU CAN DO IT!!   If this cookie monster can do it, anyone can!  It can be anything you want – anything that makes you feel better.  I guarantee you that if it is for the best, you will be glad you did it.  I can’t believe how much this no-sugar thing has already begun to change my life.  I just want to pass this feeling along!

Smile with your heart!

(These pics are of my food-prep for the weekend!  Didn’t take long at all.  My sister and I are going to Victoria for a bike race Saturday morning.  This is gonna be the healthiest road trip I’ve ever been on!  Oh, and if you need a quick fix no-sugar snack, Lara bars only have real ingredients (like dates, cashews, almonds, etc.) – no added sugar!  I’ll be needing these to keep me going Saturday morning!)

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  1. jenn, inspiring as always, and you’re so right.
    when we eat well and take care of my body, everything just falls into place.
    who needs makeup when your skin is glowing, nice clothes when your body is rocking. well, i wish, but i do believe that with the inner confidence you feel good, look good and become a happier person.
    i’m really contemplating joining you in your challenge…. thinking, and thinking about it…. argh.

    :) Jen

  2. such a beautiful blog.” I believe what we are is our soul. Our being. Source energy. Our souls are a gem. If you had the most precious gem in the world that you loved with all of your heart and it meant the world to you, wouldn’t you want to place it and keep it in the safest, healthiest and most loving environment possible? Of course you would. So why not treat our own selves this way? To give the utmost amount of love, health and joy to our bodies so that our souls can be nourished and become vibrant. To allow our soul to shine through. To glow. From the inside out.” i love what u say here it is so tru. thanks for inspiring me to look at what i am eating and see how it is serving my temple…

  3. Hello Jenn!
    Your blog is awfully inspiring, and i’m loving every post i read – thanks so much for making a difference in my life!


  4. Hi JT
    I also have tried a sugar, milk and grain free diet. Just milk to coffee can make me feel puffy. For me the hardest thing is too keep my diet clean when my family don’t. My fiance has too children and the girl (8 years) is totallty a sugerholic. I try to foll them into other stuff buy making my own strawberrry cream with agave sirap insteed. The hardest part for me is when then want to eat pizza. I love pizza… If I give in I feel terrible afterwards, like my body gets a chock. Nowadays I just take a small bite and try to enjoy it much.
    Check in this site about grain free food.

    Love from Sweden

    • To Nina and anyone else who feels this way- I can totally relate to how you have difficulty eating healthy around other people.

      I moved out a few months ago, and ever since, I am the one doing the grocery shopping, making my own choices as to what food stocks my shelves and my refrigerator, and it has allowed me to eat SO healthy. Like fantasticly healthy. It’s actually been easy because I control what kind of food I have access to and thus what I put into my mouth throughout the day (packing to-go-snacks/lunches, cooking meals when I’m at home etc).

      HOWEVER!! I’m a social butterfly and go out a lot and for the times I’m at my friends or family’s all day (which is often), I struggle. When I can’t control the food around me (my parents pantry is FULL of J.U.N.K.) I’m more likely to make unhealthy choices. Or for get-togethers with friends we do a lot of dinner dates and I often feel none of the menu options are in line with what I would prefer to eat healthwise. Should I just suck it up and always order the salad? .. that would get old real fast. Should I be packing my own food with me and eating my own meal at my family’s dinner table? .. that would be impolite and kind of weird :P Should I turn down dinner dates because my friends eat at mainstream restaurants with no healthy options? .. wouldn’t fare well for my social life :P

      See what I mean??
      Anyone’s feedback is welcome! What are some solutions?? :) Thanks!

      • Connie… i totally get what you mean.
        while i’m not exactly following anything currently, i used to paleo and it was so so difficult especially when i’m eating out with my husband, or friends… in my case, the D word (DIET) is such a taboo. the moment i ordered a salad, or ask for no rice/bread… i get all sorts of comments and questions. If that is not the problem, it’s the fact that it’s so difficult to find something i can eat when eating out (especially Asian food where rice and noodles is staple) :)

        so i realize i dont quite have a solution here to offer, but for me, it would really help to eat healthy and clean if there was more support from friends and family, or i just find like-minded friends for meals, eat at home more or just pack my own food and be zen about that. :p


      • Yes it is a real problem. I have an other problem too, I cant’t leave food, I have to eat all up even if I’m full. (Probebly somethind I learned when I was little)
        My best tip is to eat a healthy snack between so when I go somewhere I easly make healthy choices because I’m not starved and I can also easier motivat me to leave food.

  5. JT:

    Just wanted to let you know that this whole series on Paleo has been inspirational – I’m not there yet (my addiction is Pepsi) but I’m struggling to get there!

  6. I like your last bit of advice Nina, to eat a healthy snack before you go – that way you’re not so likely to grab an easy, quick craving! (like the pantry for you Connie! I know how that feels!) Also, I try to strive by the 80/20 rule. Perfect is boring. Our bodies need variety too. For me right now, it’s a little different with the challenge, so I’m making sure to get the support of my friends and family. I don’t think they’d appreciate it if I always ate like this personally, as it’s fun to grab a treat here or there, and to splurge every once and a while. 80/20!!! PERFECT! And eating out is getting easier for healthy options I think. For example, Noodle Box has a ton of options on their menu, and it’s easy to ask for a balsamic/olive oil dressing on the side of a salad. Not as fun as everyone else’s meals might be, but it works!! :) Thanks for sharing guys!!!

  7. I’m reading Crazy Sexy Diet now. Love it! Great recommendation.
    I watched TV online while pre peeling my sweet potatoes last night! So excited for new and daring adventures.

    Have a great week!

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