Day 34 – Just call me snuffaluffagus

This is what I feel like tonight – snufflaluffagus!  My abs hurt from sneezing so much and my brain hurts from sniffling all too often.  This cold has got me good.  Instead of writing tonight, I’m going to take the night off to stop fighting this thing and just succumb to it. It’s like so many things in life, sometimes we just have to go through it no matter how terrible it may seem at the time.  When we let go – of worrying, forcing, trying so hard in a direction that isn’t working at the moment – things always seem to fall into place. Everything happens for a reason.  So I’m going to ‘enjoy’ this cold by drinking tea, reading a book, relaxing in bed and just letting it pass on by.   Sometimes, there’s only so much we can do before we have to give in.

“You only lose what you cling to.” ~Buddha

Smile with your heart

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  1. EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight.. Thank you!

  2. Hugs…. :)

    So true….what we resist persists! Glad you are “giving in” and being a snuffaluffagus!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!

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