Day 28 – FEEL GOOD IDEA! Make an exercise date :)

Vancouver is alive – the sunshine has brought everyone out from wherever everyone hides when it rains for what seems like weeks on end!  The patios are full of sunnies, beer and good times.  Finally!  For me though, this is the last place I feel like going!  I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not feeling it lately – like going out much that is. Even with the Canucks in the playoffs, I’d rather be on a good friends couch watching the game than drinking a beer at a pub.  Weird!  I’ve been feeling almost kind of lame since I haven’t wanted to go out much, but oh well.  I’m just gonna go with it for now I guess.  Balance!

What I’m loving lately is spending time with friends doing things we love.  Tonight, that was going for a hike on the North Shore with Nat – can’t say where because it’s not technically open (too much snow!), so I shouldn’t really be advertising it.  Oops!  I love making exercise dates.  You get to catch up with a good friend and get a good dose of endorphins at the same time. I’m already looking forward to Saturday mornings’ bike ride with JC, and an overnight camp this weekend with Mandy.  We get a good few hours to hang out and get our sweat on (and hug a tree or two while we’re at it)!  I guess when I put it that way, not feeling like being inside a pub or drinking a Guinness on a patio (that sounds good though!) is pretty much okay with me.  For now anyways.  :)

Planning on spending time with a friend?  Try planning something fun outdoors instead of staying inside.  Take advantage of the SUMMER!  There are endless adventures out there!

Smile with your heart!

P.S. Have you checked out the lululemon website lately?  If you do, you’ll see me on my SUP!!!  There’s also a link underneath the main picture to the lulu blog titled “Falling in Love with SUP” with a funny little story of how I first got hooked on paddle boarding. :)  Check it out!  Thanks lulu – you rock!

See you Sunday!  Have a great weekend!!! (a long one if you’re Canadian!) :)

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  1. loving ur blog :)
    have a great long weekend jenn!

  2. This is the most buddhaful photo shoot! Congrats to you for being featured once again on the Lululemon website! Clear signs that you rock!

  3. Camping!!!??? Cool! I love your lululemon photos! You are so inspiring and have a fabulous smile.
    I better get my camping gear together…sunny and warm in Oregon! …for a few days, anyway! :)
    I keep smiling with my heart and it seems to be getting contagious!

  4. Hi Jenn,

    Your photos are amazing! I live in Perth, West Australia, and find it totally crazy that you are hiking in the SNOW in a SINGLET!! Wow! It’s 19 degrees here, the start of winter and I am freezing!

    Love reading your blog! If I ever feel like I lose motivation I open up your blog for a dose of inspiration! Your energy and enthusiasm for life is infective. Hope you have a great weekend!


    • *infectious (hahah, oops, should proof read!)

      • hahaha… thanks Drea!!! I loved Perth when I was there!!! It’s starting to get warm here now, FINALLY! So the singlet can only come out if you’re getting a sweat on. Not for long though hopefully!! Thanks for commenting an I’m glad you’re loving reading this!! :)

  5. Amazing photos. You look so healthy and happy in these pics (and your hair looks incredible)!! xx

  6. have an amazing long weekend!!!
    i havent been commenting a lot, but i have been soaking up your positive energetic vibes, posts, insights, pictures and Buddhaful photoshoot!!!
    Jenn, i want to go paddel boarding with you !!

  7. paradise take me take me with you! xo! love it jen!

  8. Love these pictures of you paddle boarding! You are such an inspiration! I was so close to purchasing a plane ticket to Vancouver and dedicating a week to yoga and sight seeing. I will definitley let you know if I ever get up the courage!!!

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