Day 25 – Keep on doing it….

What is enlightenment?  I thought about the answer to this question, thinking it would be a great start to this post, but I just sat here and stared.  I had to google it since I couldn’t come up with a definition of my own.  I found an interesting site which had an even more interesting view point on enlightenment – perhaps we can’t describe it. Perhaps it is just a unique and personal feeling to each of us.  We’ve been taught through schooling that if we can describe something with words accurately, then we “know” it. But this word is different.  What if it is a feeling?  What if bringing about the feeling of enlightenment is different for all of us?

Whatever makes you feel enlightened, keep on doing it.  Whatever brings joy to your heart and makes your spirit feel alive, keep on doing it.  It could be anything – anything that makes you feel good.  That makes you feel joyful, passionate, gentle and lightened. We can all relate to this feeling of enlightenment.  For me, this was doubling up on yoga today.  That’s how much I”m loving it lately, and how much my body is needing it.  I’m craving the yoga glow lately.  My body loves it, and so does my spirit.  To be able to do yoga on my lunch break?  Wow.  What an amazing company I work for (thank you lulu!).  This was a first for me, and definitely a new way of feeling good that helped bring about a sense of calmness and empowerment that lasted throughout the day – that gave me even more energy to bring to my favourite class tonight.  One of the many things I took away from tonight’s class was this:

“It’s difficult to find happiness within yourself, but it’s impossible to find it anywhere else.”  

Yoga has changed my life!!  After every class, I leave feeling better than when I first sat down on my mat.  Always.  And I leave feeling inspired with something to think about. Sometimes it’s reflecting upon emotions that were brought up, and other times it’s from something inspiring the teacher has brought forward.  The other day, it was a mini conversation I had with the lady practicing beside me.  We were doing partner work working on crow pose, which is an arm balancing pose.  My partner said this was her favourite pose, and for me, I explained how I really don’t like this one at all!  She looked at me with surprise and shock in her eyes and said, well that’s your problem!  Love it!!!  Put love into it!!  When she asked why I didn’t like it, my answer: “Because I’m afraid I’m going to fall when I try to do it properly”.  We both laughed, because I knew the answer to the question that was coming next.  She laughed and said “what’s so bad about that?”.  Honestly?  Nothing. Ego. That’s what it comes down to.  Looking like an idiot rolling around on the floor.  Big deal! I’m learning to love what I dislike, and I’m learning to embrace my fears.  To love my fears, because it’s only when I allow myself to experience the fear will I be able to grow. Such a simple conversation, but I left the class with so much to work on – both on and off the mat.

Yoga.  Amazing.  Haven’t tried it yet?  Just show up!  I’ve had so many people tell me they’ve been inspired to finally try it, and are now addicted.  Thank you for sharing this – keep spreading the yoga bliss.  I’m riding high on my doubled up enlightening yoga glow right now – I’m definitely going to keep on doing it!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I’m going to My first yoga class for about 12-24 months. I haven’t been in the mood and last time I couldn’t move for à week, hmmmm.
    Well I feel unspred from you and i have time for it before lunch so I can’t skip. My problem is to get in the flow and relax mentally. That’s easier when i am out running.
    Love from Sweden

  2. JT!

    With each one of your posts I’m always able to identify a “take home point” that touches my heart… like an important piece of enlightenment shining through your words. And I just wanted to tell you today’s post really resonated with me and I am appreciative that you took the time to share it.

    I have a certain perspective on life, like not doing what you “should” do, but rather doing what you love. And doing what makes you happy, and healthy, and complete. It seems most of your battles are within your own self, and your own body. But with my experiences, the conflict I experience is moreso between what I feel is right for me and what other people feel is right, for me. This brings about doubt.. doubting my instincts, doubting what my heart is always telling me. But reading posts like yours today helps disperse the clouds and shine light on what I already know to be true. It’s just really nice to hear it from someone else. It’s like I’ve been waiting to hear something, like a confirmation, but I just needed someone else to actually say it before I’d believe it for myself.

    This may make no sense at all to you haha… what I just wrote.. but it makes all the sense in the world to me – so thank you for my clarity! my enlightenment! :)

    Night night.

    • Oh it totally makes sense! Thanks for sharing Connie – I strive for that. Not doing what I should be doing but rather what I really WANT to be doing. Thanks for the reminder for me to take into my day with!!! :)

  3. JT,
    Just wanted to say that I have read every blog post you’ve written lately and over the last month or so you have motivated me to say out loud some goals that I’ve been flirting with for the past few months.
    1) Run a marathon by 2015. (This is a big goal for me since I jogged for the first time EVER last summer and am running my first 5k this weekend)
    2) Attend Wanderlust in Vermont.
    Even though we are literally at opposite ends of the country (I live in Halifax, NS) your enthusiasm for life and your openness and honesty with your readers makes me feel like you are sitting right next to me. Thank YOU for the inspiration!

    • Wow, that is amazing!!! Congrats on setting these goals!!! I’m stoked I was able to be a part of it!! Writing them down is the hardest part – now you will for sure accomplish them!! Thanks Jordann!!!

  4. Hi JT

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I enjoy every piece you write!

    I thought I’d share a TED-Talk with you, because it changed me and I am hoping you will find it inspirational as well – it is called “The power of vulnerability” and worth every 20 minutes it takes of your busy day.

    In line with Connies previous post and along with all your talk on learning when to say no, I believe this is an important addition. When we fail to take care of ourselves, it is often based on what other people expect from us – or what we think they expect. As far as I can tell, your readers have only responded positively to your new limits, because it is so much easier to trust someone who knows themselves and says no at the right time. And it is easier to relate to and care about someone who is not afraid to show their vulnerability.

    According to Brene Brown in her TED-talk, the most important thing she learned in her research and in her life is to learn”… to believe that we are enough. When we work from a place that says I am enough then we stop screaming and start listening. We are kinder and gentler to the people around us and we are a kinder and gentler to ourselves.”

    This resonated on such a deep level in me that I have been sharing it with everyone I know. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be ourselves. We don’t really connect to other people until we allow ourselves to really be seen. And isn’t life all about connecting?

    All the best from Denmark

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