Day 19 – From Paddle Boarding to Speed Dating, all in one day!

Yes, this indeed was my day!!!  My morning began with a perfect amount of zen on my paddle board in Deep Cove.  Just me, the seals and Pat & Rebecca who were getting some rad shots from their canoe for the lululemon site – up next week!  It was AMAZING out there!  I’ve only ever kayaked in Deep Cove (never paddle boarded there), but now I’m set on saving up for a paddle board so I can bring it with me everywhere I go.  It will fit perfectly in the back of Gilbert (my handy truck), who takes me on all of my adventures! Paddle boarding is up there as one of my favourite hobbies.  You can literally do it anywhere.  If it’s choppy, you get more of a workout and if there’s surf, well you get to have a lot more fun!  If you haven’t yet tried it, make it one of the new things you try this summer!!  We rented from Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak this morning, but there are TONS of places around the city who will rent them out by the hour.  And any city with water I’m sure!  I am makin it a goal to teach a yoga class in the middle of a lake on paddle boards – DONE!

It was back to the endorphin filled, upbeat and happy office for the remainder of the day, and then…. Speed dating!  You know, like in the movies!  Have you seen Hitch, with Will Smith? Well every since watching that I always thought it would be fun to try. So we did.  A few girls from the challenge went out and got to go on 20 dates – all in one night.  (That counts for at least 2 dates for the dating challenge right?!  I’ve gone on a few so far, but am farrrr from 10!  I’m working on it!).  It was actually a fun night.  No expectations WHATSOEVER!!  Just for kicks.  I don’t know if I’d do it again, but now I can check it off and say I’ve done it!

By about the 8th guy, I think everyone was tired of asking the same questions, so that’s when it started getting a little bit more creative, and louder.  The belly laughs started to make their appearance.  I was even an airline pilot for one of them.  BAHAHAH!  Good times for sure.  No prospects unfortunately, but a good time meeting some new people I probably would never have met otherwise.

TRY IT!!  Anything you think might be fun – even just for kicks and giggles.  If anything, you’ll have a fun story to tell, definitely some new experiences, along with perhaps some new friends (or just some more stories of the people you met).  I’m still laughing from some of my conversations tonight!  Pretty random.  There are some interesting characters out there – myself included!

Interestingly, I learned a lot about myself today too.  I can’t get enough of adventures – doing what I love with an amazing company filled with amazing people and promoting healthy lifestyles all at the same time.  Life is good!  AND!  I can’t believe how much I talked about yoga tonight.  I couldn’t stop!  It’s weird, because you have to keep answering the same questions typically, and a lot of my answers were YOGA (with big happy bug eyes and a massive smile)!  Like, “what do you do for fun?” and “what are you passionate about?”.. You know.  I think I even convinced some dudes to try it.  At least maybe I inspired some people tonight!  I even convinced some guy to donate blood.  I sound like a spokesperson, not a date!  Well at least I know what I’m good at in life!

Anyways, try something new!  Even speed dating if you’ve ever thought it might be something fun to try.  We can’t take life to serious.  A good belly laugh always feels so good.  Have a great night!

Smile with your heart!

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