Day 18 – I’m BACK!!

I’m back!!  Well sort of I guess.  I honestly had no idea that I’d need that much of a break!  Looking back, I really wonder how I was doing it all.  I couldn’t even look at my blog for a while there because I just felt so overwhelmed by it.  That has never happened!  With having the last week and a half of my evenings all to myself, things were put big time into perspective for me.  The treadmill stopped and there was no way I could have kept up with that pace.  I actually had some sort of flu last week, hence the longer ‘blog-cation’ than expected.  Apparently, that’s what we do to ourselves when we burn the candle at both ends.  We ignore the whispers of our body trying to speak to us, and then it has no other choice but to yell.

So when I say I’m ‘sort of back’, I guess what I mean is that I’m here but not buzzing with energetic inspiration as I might have been before.  But to be honest, it feels good to feel calmer and just at peace with myself.  I honestly don’t want to be overly happy all of the time – it’s too much!  I took the pressure off of myself and just relaxed. Slept a lot. Exercised a whole lot less.  Slept some more.  Spent time with only close friends and my family.  Ate healthy and spent a whole lot of time by myself.  I even fixed up my apartment to make it feel like my home – finally.  Thanks Dad for hanging up my hammock!  I had been so wrapped up in the go-go-go that the simple more important things were being left behind.

What brought me back today?  A lot of your support and encouragement definitely.  I really appreciated not feeling guilty for taking some extra time for myself.  So THANK YOU.  But the kicker?  It was yoga. 2 strong, powerful, upbeat yoga classes 2 days in a row.  (I even chose yoga over watching the Canucks game tonight – WHAT!!  I needed it!).  My hips were screaming at me yesterday, and I had somewhat of a breakthrough (or breakdown if you’d rather call it that!  LOW POINT!).  I have been so busy on the treadmill that I started to forget about something that is so special and important to me.  My spirituality. My zen.  Me.  I realized that I had been forgetting about myself.  My inner self.  I found this once again during my yoga class.  I had a good cry, let some stuff go and felt like things were slowly starting to feel a little more balanced.  (There’s nothing much better than a good cry by the way.  I was actually craving one.  I knew it would be coming soon!  My counsellor has told me numerous times – Crying is healing.  This is so true.)

There’s beauty in the sadness.  In the pain. Without these moments in our lives, we would never truly appreciate the happy times.  I have learned through so many experiences and personal growth that the low times can be some of the best times. When we have nothing left to give, we learn to build ourselves back up.  We give back to ourselves.  We remember what is important. We ask for help from friends and family. This was the past week for me.  Filling my own love tank up.  Perhaps I was running through life so fast that I was forgetting to pay attention to what I needed.  How could I expect myself to overflow with love and inspiration if I was running on empty?

Fill up your love tank!  What can you do to help ensure your love tank is always as full as possible.  It’s only when we TRULY love ourselves, and I’m talking unconditional, genuine SELF-LOVE, that we are able to authentically give to others and let our love tanks overflow.  And another thing I learned, there’s never perfect timing for anything.  There’s no, “just wait until it’s the right time!”.  The right time is RIGHT NOW!  Thanks to a little inspiration from lululemon’s manifesto (which is posted on the back of my bathroom door for inspiration at any given moment!):

“The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you 2 steps behind. DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW!”

I could have waited longer until I was feeling all overly perky again, but what’s the point. THIS IS LIFE.  Right now.  It’s these moments that make it real.  That make us connect with one another.  So here I am – here to inspire through every moment that life presents to me.  We get to choose what attitude to bring to it.  I choose to keep showing up :).

Smile with your heart! (I missed saying that!!)

Here’s just a few of the things I was up to on my ‘blog-cation’!  (No wonder I was pooped!)

I led a goal setting session for a highschool class full of rockstars!!  Thanks Laura for letting me come into your class!!  It was AWESOME!!! 

Happy First Birthday QUINN!!

Volunteer Nurses at the Vancouver Marathon – so inspiring to be there for that!!!  It made me want to tie up my laces and get in on the endorphin stoke!  Can’t wait for Honolulu Marathon in December!

Yes folks, I voted.  It’s disappointing what percentage of the population actually gets out there and votes.   Next election – no excuses!!!

That’s right – touch my beer and pay my tab!  Canucks game Saturday night!

And best of all, Happy belated Mother’s Day!!  I love you mom! :)

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Happy to hear that you took some well deserved time off… it can be hard to give to ourselves but I am a true believer that I must take care of myself if I expect to take care of/support/counsel others.
    I agree with your sentiments on our bodies speaking to us. Since my practice with yoga I am so much more aware of what my body says to me. I always refer to Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” to get deeper insight into what my body is really saying. For instance, my tight hips can signal blocks in moving forward and having direction.
    The website ( is my great little tool in giving me some suggestions for what my body is telling me. I bust this list out whenever a friend has tight shoulders or a stiff neck… and we get down to the root of the problem… not just the symptom :)

  2. Welcome Back! what an inspiring blog to come back to!

  3. Hooray! Welcome back, JT! I missed hearing from you every morning and am so happy you’re back. I’m even more happy that you are back and 100% authentic! You’re right, it’s moments when you’re not feeling like your best that connect us because we’ve all experienced what it feels like to be not be your best! We can relate to the downs just as much as the ups. Lucky for you, we love you no matter what state of perky you’re in!

  4. It’s great to see that you’re back! It was a smart decision to take some time off for yourself. You seem like you have such a busy schedule, and I can’t imagine doing all the things you do AND writing an inspiring post everyday! Regardless of what you decide to do with your blog, you’ll have our support!!

  5. Yay missed reading your blog daily! :) Glad you’re back and hopefully recharged and ready to keep us smiling.

  6. Great to have you back. Glad you got a break. Just wrote the other day about having to love yourself first b4 you can truly give to others. We try to please everyone else and forget to take pleasure in our own lives. Thanks for your words and no you don’t have to always be overly happy. It is difficult–I sell real estate and you always have to be on. Challenging.

  7. Welcome back
    And I’m glad you took the time to recharge and refocus.
    Looking forward to all your great posts.

  8. Sounds like your “blog-cation” was much needed and way overdue…but welcome back! :)

  9. I was super glad to see your post today…I’ve missed them! But sounds like you need/needed to take it down a notch. I could never do a post every day…that DOES take A LOT out of you! Glad you’ve had some rest!

  10. Hi JT. I so agree with all the others but I’m not that got at writing it in english. I was thinking when I read your blog how you could keep up. You are so inspiring all the time and you do so much and as lululemon says “do it now”
    Maybe the yoga can be your limit ( i cant find the right words) I meen that if you can’t manage to go to yoga class, maybe you should take it easier…

  11. yaaay for being back JT !!! and im back too after a -needed and amazing time at home-!!! i can totally relate to what you said!! its sometimes very necessary to take a break!! it does the mind-body so much good! im happy you feel better again and im looking forward already to read more about your ideas, goals, advice, quotes, pictures and much inspiration and motivation!!
    also wanted to let you know that your blog is helping me sooo much in a lot of ways to grow and it has defiantly given me so many new ideas ! thanks!!

  12. You are definitely loved! Welcome back!!!!!

  13. Welcome back JT! And thanks for just being real, it’s so refreshing. I definitely agree with your comment about yoga teaching you to listen to your body. Since practising I have learnt to stop pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, even if there are a million things I want to achieve in my day! We all need time to just stop, breathe and regain our strength, and remember that the only one really putting the pressure on you is yourself! Us yogis know that things always have a way of working out if you just keep following your heart ;)

  14. YAY! Welcome back Jenn!

  15. WOW!! Thank you EVERYONE!! It’s good to be back – I really missed writing!!!! :) THANK YOU!!!!!

  16. Welcome back!!! xo, jenny :)

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