Day 6 – 30 minutes, that’s all it takes!

I had another ‘lazy Sunday’ (a.k.a. a favourite fun filled day) today.  JC and I met for coffee (amongst the secret smiles soaking up the morning sun) and a goal setting session before work this morning, then met up for an evening run – what a perfect day!  I was feeling tired after my run, but knew that I would feel absolutely AMAZING after some  yoga, since my body has been extra tight lately (from not doing enough yoga!). Instead of sitting on the couch, I rolled out my mat in my living room and popped in Eoin Finn’s yoga DVD. That was the hardest part – making the comittment.  Done.

I planned on doing a 45 minute class, and was about 15 minutes in when the disc started to skip.  Since I was so tired, I laughed and took this as a good excuse to shorten up my practice.  That DVD has come everywhere with me, so I was pleasantly content with it’s well deserved skipping :).

I think my yoga class tonight was only 30 minutes or so, but I showed up.  I  got what I wanted out of my practice.  I feel better.  I feel calmer.  I’m proud of myself for showing up and sticking to my healthy balance.  Sometimes just showing up is the key.  It’s not all about how hard you work, or how long for – but that you are there.  You are committed. Dedicated.  Your attitude is in the right place.  This comittment starts yet another ripple effect.  It gets you pumped to eat healthier, drink more water, go to bed earlier and plan time with friends to ‘show up’ together.  Just from exercising 30 minutes at a time gives unlimited benefits to your health – in every imaginable way. Sleeping better, feeling better, less stress, more endorphins, happy glowing beautiful cells shining outward! That’s one of my favourite things about kickboxing – it’s 30 minutes.  I bust my butt for 30 minutes, and I’m done.  That’s all it takes.  Even just a brisk walk on your lunchtime – committed.  Unlimited benefits.  Showing up.  A healthy ripple effect! Tonight’s yoga practice, so simple.  If anything, I was reminded to slow down and BREATHE.  Only 30 minutes, but I was once again inspired.  Once again feeling that glow.  30 minutes, that’s all it takes!

Smile with your heart!

Some more pictures of Tofino, Ucluelet & Gabriola – just add a Vancouver Island trip to your bucket list already!

Can you see why I call Tofino my magic place??! :)  I LOVE IT HERE!

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  1. Hi!
    Great post! Question… where do you do your kickboxing? In Kitsilano?? Would love to try it out.
    Thanks so much for your daily inspiration!

    • Hi!! I go to 30minuteHit. There’s a bunch all over the city, but I go to the one on Clark and 1st Avenue-ish. Here’s the link! You will LOVE IT!!! Your first time is free, so just call them up and you’re set! :) Say hi to Charmaine for me!

  2. I am FOR SURE going there someday!! Gorgeous! I have been to Victoria, Sooke and Nanaimo. Loved the beauty of Vancouver Island.
    I soooooooo did not want to “show up” for Toastmasters this week. I began to think of all the excuse why NOT to go…..but, I decided to go and I am glad I did. I made the commitment. It feels good. Your post really resonated with me today. Fear is a big deterrent for me, but, just showing up is winning most of that battle!
    Thank you, Jenn, for your continuous wisdom, inspiration and heartful thoughts.

  3. Awesome pictures! A friend of mine from Uni just moved from Victoria to Ottawa we spent easter sunday sipping coffee in my backyard and catching up and she couldn’t stop going on about how amazing Tofino is. Between your photos and her bragging I think a trip out West is most certainly on my bucket list now. Happy Thursday :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! I’ve been to Victoria before, but not anywhere else on Vancouver Island. Clearly, I NEED to go back!!! :)

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the AMAZING GOAL SETTING SESSION JT! I can’t tell you how much more clear I feel about life…. my 1-2 year, 5 year and 10 year goals have me excited focused and ready to take on the challenges and live my BEST LIFE! You are incredible at what you do!! I can’t believe how long we can all put this off when it really makes all the difference in how we live our lives.

    Endless Gratitude.

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