Day 4 – The gift of yoga!

I’ve had a free yoga pass in my purse for the past few weeks, just sitting there waiting to be given to someone special.  Well today was the day.  JC came with me to my favourite Monday night backbend class at Semperviva.  Amazing.  Another subtle reminder that once a week is NOT enough!  Everytime I go, I’m reminded of how much my body and mind and SPIRIT LOVE THIS PRACTICE!

After class, you’re always in a sort of lazy, euphoric state – tough to beat.  I crave this feeling.  JC turned to me with this blissed out state of joy written all over her face and said, “That is the BEST gift you could EVER give to someone!”.  SO TRUE!  The gift of yoga- it keeps on giving.  We continued to spread that feeling as soon as we left our mat. Happy conversations with other yogis in the studio topped with  a happy walk over to the market to grab some healthy eats smiling all the way – and then to you on this blog!  Feels great.  The ripple effect!  If you have the chance to bring a friend to yoga, don’t wait another day.  Give them that gift.  It’s the ripple effect.  It just keeps on giving!

Another gift that keeps on giving is SOCKS!!  A new blog friend sent over 100 pairs of socks for us sock ladies to hand out to the homeless – ONE HUNDRED PAIRS!!!  From CALIFORNIA!!  Thank you Ernestine!!  You are an angel!  You are going to help hundreds of toes stay warm in this rainy weather!  Sock ladies, lets pick a date and make some toes happy!

Give the gift of yoga.  Give a gift that keeps on giving.  That will leave a ripple effect.  That will leave people smiling with their heart!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. your joy is contagious:D congrats on all the socks! xo kate

  2. Over the last two months yoga has been my escape from it all – I love the euphoric state after a great class. I am sure I would have started practicing yoga eventually, but reading about how much it has impacted your life has inspired me to add yoga in to my daily life sooner! Xox

    If you need any help handing out thoes fresh, warm socks give me a shout! (I have an suv if needed)

    • YESSS!! Glad you’re loving yoga Nicole!!! It has honestly changed my life, so I’m so happy for you that you’ve found it toO!! :) Thanks for the sock shoutout!!! We are good for this time around, but for future, I will keep you posted!!! :) Thanks – you rock!

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