Day 3 – It’s always worth it

Getting up at 5:30am on vacation to take in the sunrise (and then going back to bed!) – always worth it.  Planning a weekend away to a calm and peaceful place you love – always worth it.  Often it’s hard to get away.  It’s easier to stay where it’s comfortable.  If there’s something you know you’ll feel great from doing, it’s always worth it.  No matter how stressful or hard it seems to get there, it’s always worth it.  This was my weekend.  Relaxing and quiet.  I was more quiet than normal, but I must have needed it.  I just enjoyed time with my family, taking in the beautiful scenery and relaxing with the eagles, sea lions, deer, frogs, hummimg birds and tons of happy trees.

Although planning a weekend away may often seem harder than staying in town, I find that you’re usually glad you did it.  Once you’re on the road, the hardest part is done.  The adventure begins.  So next time if you’re thinking it’s easier to stay home, maybe think again.  The memories you gain from doing what you love, are always worth it.  I often find that I’m more energized after a relaxing, adventure filled weekend compared to a regular weekend at home.  Life is short – so do what you love and make more memories!  In the end, that’s all you really get to take with you.  Memories with loved ones and moments that take your breath away.  Find more of these moments that make your heart smile.  You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Easter!
 Smile with your heart!

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  1. Your photos are amazing! What camera do you use? I am in the market for a new one and don’t know where to start.

  2. Looks beautiful JT!!! So awesome!!!! :) Enjoy!

    • The lady who welcomes you to the Gabriola ferry isn’t there anymore – tear! Remember our picture with the ceramic lady and map?!! I thought of you and our paper writing days when I was there!!

  3. Beautiful pics!!! Can’t wait for a recap

  4. Gorgeous! The bald eagle is so powerful!!!
    Only 10 cookies for your next 40 day challenge…love it. Think I will try having just ONE chai latte a day for 40 days…starting May 1st! hahahaha
    Thank you for inspiring me to get out of town and hit the road!! So fun! :))

    • I KNOW!! Only 10!! I’m already wondering how I”m going to do it!! bahahaha! Good luck with the Chai latte – I could never give up my coffee a day!!! :)

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