Day 40 – A well needed relaxing weekend!

It’s finally time to RELAX!!  My sister and I are off to Vancouver Island for the long weekend to visit two of my favourite places in BC.  Gabriola where my parents live, which is a little piece of heaven, and TOFINO!  Which is one of my magic places.  It’s going to be a weekend full of healthy eating, good tunes, yoga, biking, running, photography, coffee drinking, reading, wine drinking, and RELAXING.  I know this list might not seem all that relaxing, but for us Thiel’s who can’t sit still – it is HEAVEN.  I know there will be some inspiring writing taking place and tons of pictures, so stay tuned!

My essentials for a weekend get-away!  This is all I need to be a happy camper – My lulu yoga travel mat, mac book, journal, yoga video (Eoin Finn’s are awesome!), iPod, sunnies, camera, capo (you never know when the guitar might need strumming!), my favourite toque, and my live in lulu Still pants which feel like Christmas morning wrapped around your legs.  So comfy!

Happy long weekend!  I’m excited to see what inspiration comes from these magical next few days.  If you’ve been following along with the 40 day challenge, CONGRATS!!!  Make sure you reward yourself!  And start thinking of some new goals you’d like to take on for the next challenge.  I’ll be posting my new goals for the next DAY 1 tomorrow – DREAMING BIG!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. i love that sticker (thats not the sitka one). where can I get one?!!
    So jealous of your trip and trip goodies!!

  2. AAAAhhhh…you’ve got me dreaming. I will be enjoying Easter in Ontario w/ loads of family, so I’m super excited. BUT….your weekend looks amazing! A little envious. Have a great time and I will stay tuned! Can’t wait to see your pics. Happy Easter. Oh yeah, I won a mala from Tiny Devotions. So excited. I love my kiwi jasper, but can always use another one. Thought you’d like b/c you help her from BC. It’s posted on my blog.

  3. Sounds like an rejuvenating weekend and in a beautiful place! Have a blast! :)

  4. I just finished my first 40 day goal challenge and was so excited to make my goals for the next 40 days. Thanks JT, you’re awesome! Happy Easter :)

  5. hi,
    I recently began to read your blog. It helps me remember what a fabulous life I have already created and what I want to acheive; while feeling lucky to be here. Even though I do not know you or the type of music you would be interested in I found myself listening to my favorite band while reading your blog and thought…wow Ryan and “smile with your heart” would really like each other and because Ryan is not as accessible as you are I will tell you that his lyrics and music seem like something you would like. He amazing to work out to and even better to do yoga to even with a song named “stretch” …. so please google him, listen to him, love him, and please let me know if you enjoy him…My favorite is stretch, grain of sand, 75 and Sunny, Carry… and well everything…Maybe you have heard of him and maybe this is your lucky day but either way Ryan Montbleau will make your days better, your yoga more fun, and your smile brighter!! Happy Dancing!! (in your kitchen of course like I do to Ryan)

    Also, he is very cute, which helps.

    • Cool Brianne! I just googled him – awesome tunes!! Will definitely be downloading some when I’m back home – thank you for this! I love it!! I like your taste in music ;) AWESOME!

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