Day 39 – I am a yogi

My day started off with more secret smiles than I could count.  Everyone is loving these morning sunshine runs.  You can feel the excitement in the air that summer is just around the corner.  I even ran into a few fellow lulu co-workers, all of us getting our endorphin fix before a good days work.  If you haven’t yet experienced the secret smile, lace up your sneakers and set out early tomorrow morning for a walk or run and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  There’s something so special about that time of day.  It puts you in an energetic, pumped up mood.  I haven’t had such an energized day at work in a long while – it’s amazing how such a small thing can change your mood and energy for the entire day!

I brought my yoga mat with me to work today in hopes of going straight to class.  I was so tired from my early morning, (and from being close to burning out lately!), that I just wanted to crash.  I walked there anyways, continually yawning, but I still walked.  Somewhere along the way it hit me that NO, I need to relax tonight.  You don’t need to push yourself so hard JT!  So that’s exactly what I did.  Instead of doing downward dog, I ate a peanut butter cookie from the market. I moseyed around taking in all of the smells, the beautiful food, the wide array of people, and the creative energy.  This was my yoga for tonight.

A few years back when I first started practicing yoga, a friend who had seen some pictures on facebook of a yoga retreat I’d been too commented to me something along the lines of, “You’re some hard core yogi now eh?!?“.  I laughed at this and said,  “No way!  I wish I was.  I can barely touch my toes!”.  This was true, and sometimes still is when I skip a few weeks.  At this point, I didn’t feel like a ‘yogi’ at all.

Since I have come to know myself more, I can now say that I am a yogi.  You won’t see me turning my body into a pretzel or mastering a handstand (not yet!), but I still am a yogi.  I’m not any “better” at yoga than I was years back, as yoga is not measured by what we can or cannot do.  It is a way of life. I practice.  I practice both on and off the mat.  I live a life of balance.  I know when too much is too much, and too little is not enough.  I savor a cookie with a glass of red
wine.  I sweat.  I work hard, and I play hard.  I meditate.  I relax and take in all of my efforts.  I am a yogi.

Who decides whether we are a yogi or not? Or anything for that matter – a runner, an athlete, a musician, an artist, a cook, a writer, you name it.  We do.  You and I.  We decide for ourselves.  There’s no one out there telling us that ‘no, you’re not a runner‘, or ‘congratulations!  You are now a musician!‘.  If you run, you’re a runner. Even if it’s running 1 minute out of every 10.  You are trying.  If you exercise, you are an athlete.  If you pick up a guitar and are putting your emotions into every strum, you are a musician.  If you are letting your thoughts flow onto your page, you are a writer. You are what you decide you want to be. No one is telling you otherwise.  Don’t let someone tell you that you are not.  Believe what you want to believe about yourself.

Think of all of the things you ARE in your life.  If you stopped to think about how many “I am’s” you are, the list would be almost endless.  Think of how positive these “I am” statements are.  I am a yogi!  Ya I am!  Not, “HA!  That would be nice!”. Confidence in yourself.  People will start to look at you differently if you truly believe in yourself.  You’ll notice they will start to believe in you, and maybe even start treating you differently.  They may even try to emulate your radiance.  Your uniqueness.  What is she doing different?  Maybe not at first, but don’t let that stop you. Keep believing in what you know to be true.  Be true to yourself and BE what and who you want to be.

I am a yogi.  I am a runner.  I am a writer.  I am, I am, I am!  Tell yourself you are great! Create your own definition of greatness.  This is YOUR life.  You get to decide everything about it.  You get to CHOOSE.  How cool is that?!  Choose greatness!  Choose inner confidence and radiate this everywhere you go.  Be confident with what your heart wants. It will come across as glowing radiance to everyone you meet.  I am a yogi (who eats peanut butter cookies)!  I am……

Smile with your heart!

P.s. I’m LOVING my ‘chopped ahead’ fridge. Thanks Mar for reminding me about this!  I completely recommend it!!  It’s been so easy coming home and throwing together a quick and healthy salad, or grabbing some nutritious snacks.  Also, what I love about having everything chopped up, is that it’s so visual of how much I have to use for the week.  Less wilting veggies in the veggie drawer by the end of the week, and more in me!

(Michelle this picture is for you!  She always bugs me for how much I love sausages!  When can I come over for dinner?!  Sausages??!  lol) 

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  1. waaa au natural and i am a yogi, another 2 amazing posts with more beautiful pictures and inspirational guidance and motivation :)
    ps. I AM DONE !!! yaaaay for 2 week break from school!!!

  2. this made me think of your blog

    • CARLO!! That is hilarious!! Is that me 20 years ago??! LOL That kid knows what she’s talking about!! lol. Thanks for sharing – made me laugh and smile a ton!! :)

  3. So wonderful, Jenn, to wake up and read your posts each morning…with my chai latte!
    The love from your heart is an endless flow. You have touched my life; made me smile; helped me get out of the doldrums; and inspired me to do what I love…to name a few. Thank YOU! “I am what I am”, said Popeye. :) Yay for being true to one’s being!!!!

  4. I love the pictures you have been posting! Vancouver is beautiful!!! (But now I’m craving fresh fruit and veggies…)

  5. Bon matin! :-)

    Seriously! I can’t wait to read your book!!! I can’t stop reading your very inspirational blog so, I just can imagine how AMAZING your book will be!!

    And your pictures!! Just so beautiful! What application do you use for that? ;)

  6. This post really spoke to me. Thank you so much for your dedication with this blog. I visit it every day and it really helps remind me what I am working for – haha, no pressure though! ;) I am a yogi, a runner, a writer, a blogger, a Patissier/Baker! an athlete, a cyclist, a lover, a friend, an inspiration, a survivor… thanks for reminding me! :) Also, thanks for posting about another exhilarating morning run – tomorrow I am dragging my butt out of bed early! You also make me sort of hate Toronto with your GORGEOUS Vancouver pics. *sigh*

  7. I AM…

    I’ve had such a busy week leading a conference, and now actually attending a conference here in Alaska, and actually one of the workshops I went to was regarding diversity and having a ‘multi-cultural’ classroom. WE DID I AM statements! I couldn’t believe how ironic it was to read this as well…the messages that are sent to us are so beautiful…things fall into place. And I truly believe that a higher power REALLY wanted me to hear that I needed to do “I AM” statements!! I secretly wanted to hold on to this myself, but I realized it’s a JOY to share it with others. Fabulous, fabulous, thanks so much!

    Sonta in Alaska

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