Day 38 – Au natural!

Here’s a picture of Emily and I behind the scenes at our weekly luluemon photoshoot.  I’m loving working with Em along with the entire amazing photography crew!  I have to say though that smiling in front of the camera is much harder than it seems! Or, so I convinced myself it was when I first started. I learned today that one of my strengths is to ‘try less’!  Huh?!  Well it was sort of a joke but it really helped me to just relax.  When I first got this job for lululemon, I was trying so hard to be this perfect fit model.  Focusing hard on poses and worrying about this and that.  Stick this out, tuck this in.. ahhhh! Too much!  Funny thing is, was that when I was ‘trying hard’ I actually sucked!  My personality was no where to be seen and my self-esteem was starting to shrink.

I’m learning through this new job that being natural, being myself – all quirks and smudges included – actually lightens everything and everyone around me as well as it puts myself at ease.  When I’m not trying or focusing so hard, things just go so much more smoothly!  Better photos, more laughing, higher energy, and tons more fun.  Au natural is the way to be.  I just had to learn the hard way that trying too hard does NOT work!

Often this happens when we get into a new relationship.  We sometimes find ourselves trying extra hard to be someone ‘better’.  To perfect our flaws.  BUT!  The reason why our partner was attracted to us in the first place was because of all these smudges – the reasons why we are unique in the first place!  It was because we were relaxed, real and just being our natural self that they saw something special.  Who wants perfect anyways?  Perfect is boring if you ask me.  As soon as we start ‘trying too hard’ and trying to be perfect, it just throws everything out of balance.  Not so attractive anymore – which is the complete opposite of what we’re trying to gain from acting this way!

So that’s what I learned today.  To be myself.  I got the job for who I am NOW, not for who I’m trying to be.  Obviously there’s room to grow and I can become better with coaching, feedback and experience.  But for right now, what’s best is to be who you are. Natural.  Real.  Authentic.  Just plain out beautiful YOU!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Wow that is so cool!! I’m so happy for you! I’ve been waiting to see you modeling the clothes and you look vibrant, fit and strong like I knew you would. Congratulations!

  2. JT – you are the bomb! I am so totally hooked on your blog and just love reading all about your daily activities and the adventures you have! You really are an inspiration and as i drove around between jobs today was thinking about your blog from yesterday and your one word, myne today was “Motivate”! Thankyou for being the bright, positive, INSPIRATIONAL shining star that you are, the world needs more people like you! Take it easy tiger

    Mish :)

  3. Thank you! Yesterday, I was a little bit jealous of a few people, but I decided to concentrate on what I can do, not what I can’t do. But today, this really encouraged me! Be myself, be natural, smile with my heart! :)

  4. i love that your modelling you! yes jen au natural cest magnifique! congrats!

  5. I just saw you on the Lululemon website, and you look awesome! You rock!

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