Day 37 – In-SPIRE

Every city has a word.  A word which describes it’s uniqueness and zest.  Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about this in Eat, Pray, Love, which helped inspire me to write tonight. For some reason I just started thinking about this the other day.  She wrote about how each city has it’s own word, and you can grasp whether or not you fit into the right city depending on your relationship to that word.  I’m not quite sure what Vancouver might be, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the west coast theme of the ocean, outdoor bliss, or just plain out adventure.  Either way, it got me thinking about MY word.

Throughout her journey, she discovered that she personally had her own word.  It took her a long time to figure it out, but once she realized what it was – that was that.  Ever since reading that book, I have thrown around ideas of what my word might be. Which word best describes my uniqueness.  My passion.  My authenticity.  You name it.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my word is ‘INSPIRE’.  It just feels right.  It’s what I strive for in life.  To inspire people everywhere I go, with whatever I’m doing, and to strive to constantly find myself in a state of inspiration.

I thought more and more about this word. Inspire.  In-spirit.  In order to live true to my word, inspire, I must find myself as much as possible in-spirit.  What helps me to feel this feeling of being in-tune with myself?  In blissful balance with my soul and spirit.  I took the day yesterday and went everywhere I could, all over this beautiful city to all of the places that make my spirit come alive.  I wanted to come back to this feeling of in-spiration.  If I want to inspire people around me, I have to first and foremost make sure that I’m okay.  That I’m centered and grounded.  That I’m in balance.  So I did just that.

My day started with a slow run after an amazing sleep in waking up to the sun shining through the windows onto my pillow.  Already an instant smile.  I went running by the Sun Run, which is one of the largest 10km run’s in North America (congrats to everyone who accomplished their goal!).  Endorphins and smiles were flying high.  After taking this all in, I decided to slow down my own day’s pace by grabbing a latte and just soaking it all in. That’s when I felt that I wanted to fill myself up as much as I could today.  I thought of all the inspiring plaes in Vancouver I could go to fill up my love tank.  To just be with myself.

First stop – Mountain Equipment Co-op.  My candy shop of sporting equipment and adventures!  Then it was off to Commercial drive to mosey alongside the numerous coffee shops and authentic restaurants.  I then went in search of some tree hugging, which happened to be my favourite hike in Deep Cove.  Of course there was some journalling at a coffee shop – one of my favourite things to do.  Later on, after filling my fridge with goodness, I went on down to the beach and took in the sunset.  IN-SPIRE to it’s fullest.  I was full.  I was ready to in-spire.  I felt good.  Each moment I was in, I took in as much as I could.  I felt it.  I smelled it.  I found myself throughout the day often giving a sneaky smile, just from pure contentment.  I was happy being by myself.  Spending the day doing what I loved.  Giving love to myself. Filling myself up!

If you had to think about a word that best described you, what would it be??  Are you living up to that word?  Are you being and doing what you need to be in order to BE this word?  For me, it’s inspiration.  To constantly feel connected to spirit.  That’s what helped draw me back to yoga tonight.  With all of my other training, it’s been hard for me lately to consistently go to class.  My body was telling me tonight that I needed it.  It was so good to be back.  It’s funny – our bodies actually call us to do things that it needs. Listen.  Listen to the word that your body and soul is smiling towards you.  Live that word.  Live your truth.  No masks.  Only uniquness.  Life is too short to live a false life. Whatever your word may be, LIVE IT to it’s fullest.  Live your best life!

A few words of inspiration from my favourite yoga class tonight – You don’t have to get anywhere; you’re already here.  We are here.  You don’t have to drive all around your city to find it – it’s inside of you.  (I just so happened to want to go on an adventure!!) So live each moment to the fullest. Live your word and your truth!  Fill yourself up!

Smile with your heart!

In need of an inspiring song?  I’m LOVING this one right now!  I think it’s been on repeat for the last 2 hours! Michael Franti – See you in the Light.  It will definitely make you smile!!!

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  1. My word is balance. It ebbs and flows, as most everything does. I find that I don’t like doing anything to the extreme but I’m not mild either… yah! I am my own version of balanced.
    Whether I’m having a cookie admist my healthy diet, taking “me” time after a busy week being surrounded by people, or leveling out a conversation entrenched with negativity with some sparks of positivity. I’m not all-or-nothing… but balanced. And I think that’s what I strive for and what I try to find when I’m overwhelmed or feeling off.
    Thanks for the post JT. Goodnight!

  2. Great post and amazing pictures! I seriously need to get to BC. The only problem is I hear once you go, you never leave. I have sold several clients’ homes b/c of them visiting BC, then coming back only to sell their home and gather their stuff. Not to be boring, but my word has to be inspire. It’s the name of my blog and my twitter account. I do feel that I try to inspire the best in everyone.
    Suzanne Williams

  3. you defiantly are a true inspiration!!!!! since i started reading your blog, i have been getting so many new ideas, inspirations and every post is just amazing that i also look up to you Jenn, hoping that one day i can write that well and inspire so many people like you do !!
    really beautiful pictures !! today was another sunny day, unfortunate spend it in my tiny room hahah. anyways im inspired now to start thinking about what my word could be. thanks :)

  4. I loved this blog entry Jenn. U truly do inspire. Thank you for you insights and sharing them with all of us. You are absolutely authentic and I have the utmost respect for people that live and breathe life authentically. Never change!
    My word is most definitely AUTHENTIC! It’s not always an easy task to show up when u say you will, and practice what you preach… But being authentic is something I strive for everyday and I see that you do too. So happy to be of your aquantaince, even if it is over the worldwide web!

    • Ditto Tiff! I’m happy to have you a as a blog friend too – thank you!! AUTHENTICITY – I love it. Such a powerful word. Just writing it makes me feel more true. Thank you for sharing this! You are an inspiration!! :)

  5. I am so glad I stumbled across this blog. Every morning I wake up to it in my inbox and I am excited to open it and read it. I have been telling people at work, forwarding to anyone who is intersted…it is just what I need to keep me on track with my journey to positive thinking, living in the now and finding the real me – not the overpaid corporate machine I have become.
    Thank you for this it lightens my days and starts me off with a smile.

    • Thank you JENN for sharing this with your friends and family!! You are an angel!! THANK YOU!! I’m glad I help to inspire you – thanks for encouraging me to continue writing. You just made me smile :) So thank YOU!! :)

  6. This is a beautiful post. I think, perhaps, I am drawn to your blog because I feel as though I am on a similar journey, just 3 steps behind. I’m struggling right now, I can’t find my word and sometimes I can’t even find my spirit but when I read what you’ve written I feel as though its all part of the journey and I just need to re-focus on whats truly important.
    Thank you for your words. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

    • Thank you Diana. And you are here, right now! Not 3 steps behind! RIGHT NOW!!! You are where you’re supposed to be :) Thank you for taking the time to write. I’m glad that I’m able to help bring you back to your inner strength! :) It’s always there!!!

  7. I’ve been reading blogs for quite a while now, and I’m surprised to find that yours is the one I look forward to reading every morning! I’m usually a food and fitness blog reader, but I’ve come to realize they make me try to be more perfect than I think is possible….but your blog inspires me to focus on my life as a whole, not just obsessing with how I eat and how much I workout. I have a question though: have you always known you wanted to inspire? Have you always been a confident person, or did it take a certain experience or person to help you reach this point? (ok that was two…)

    • THanks for writing Hannah, and for reading every day!! YahoOO!! I had no idea that this was ‘my word’ until recently. Only when I really started following what I wanted to do, and putting all of my effort possible in this moment towards it (writing this blog!) was I able to grasp that inspiration was so important to me. It took me a while. And I’m always learning so much more. I’m always striving to grow more, and I try to put myself out there as much as I can to gain more confidence. It’s a continual journey for me. You’d be suprised that I can be shy in certain situations! So I’m always trying to gain more confidence! :) Always growing!!

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