Day 35 – Live the life you LOVE!

Live the life you love.  Love the life you live.  Thanks JC for these words of inspiration today!  Perfect for my day, funny enough.  I went to my very first Indian wedding this morning!  A guy came up to me and actually said, “This is your first Indian wedding, isn’t it.”  How could he tell?!  Maybe it was my perma-grin or because my eyes were so wide from trying to take everything in all at once.  I was in awe the whole time.  The temple was filled with colourful outfits, smells of wonderful food, the music, the ceremony, the happy beautiful people – everything about it was amazing!  It definitely helped bring about the travel bug inside of me that I thought had been tucked away for awhile – apparently not! INDIA!!  How soon can I go?!!!

I’m about to head off for the reception tonight.  I can’t wait to eat and dance!  I love Indian food!  And the music – how can you sit still to that?!  This might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I’m gonna go all out!  It’s actually on my bucket list to go to an Indian wedding (#44!!!!)!

I’m loving having JC so close by.  She and Quinn came over for a quick visit with a coffee and Caper’s cookie sampler – what a great friend!  (I have to say that their Power cookie is still my number one!).

I really feel like I’m living the life I love, and loving the life I live.  I feel surrounded with love, and I’m doing what I love. Tired, yes.  But it’s a good kind of tired. Life is so great, that doesn’t seem to matter.  It’s so important to do what you love and surround yourself with as much love as possible.  The more you do this, the more love will come pouring in.  I love weddings! SO MUCH LOVE!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. yaaaa i love weddings too, although i haven’t been to one YET!!! and im secretly going to sit on my coach at home and watch Kate’s&Will’s wedding all the way thru haha :) !!! but an indian wedding looks so fantastic, defiantly is on my bucket list as well! thanks for sharing your love!!! let’s spread the love & first start to love ourselves unconditionally as this will only bring more love into your life..

  2. I gotta say, Quinn is one super duper cutie!! Such a doll!!!

  3. Ahhh Jen! I’m so jealous!! An Indian wedding has always been my dream, I love everything about that culture it’s so warming and welcoming! I hope you had a blast and enjoyed the AMAZING food and music!!

  4. great pics of the wedding :) so nice to meet you!

  5. JT!!!Love, love, love this shot of my girl with my grandson “jerry lee jr.!”
    About being your very own personal chef…Here’s Marr’s Tip # 1:
    One or two days a week is all you need to “Chop Ahead”.
    After the bags are unloaded and the produce is scrubbed, Pick the more girthy
    produce, anything that has a 3 day minimum shelf life after being sliced and diced into your favorite shape. Onions, peppers, any and all favorites.Then, through the next few days all you have to do is top up with the delicate items, lettuce, cukes etc, and take the theme anywhere. The base mix can be varied a few times and even chopped smaller and added to eggs, soups, stir-frys. this same base prep idea can be used for soups, stirfrys etc. Just start by a large batch that can be switched up through the next several days. Our bodies just love variety and this is the best way I know while being smart with time and labor. I know when I get real hungry, I sure do appreciate that I have already put in the time for one or two “base” mixes, and can be sitting down to a a big bowl meal by just adding a few things, and a few flavourings. “We do become what we eat. Just ask your zillion little cells. H U G S !

    • Thanks for this Mar!! You inspired my healthy fridge tonight!! I cut everything up and feel super ready for the week to eat healthy – thank YOU!! Great tip!!! :)

    • Good Call Mar!! It seems like a lot of work at first for all of us, but is really is THE ONLY WAY to stay on course for eating healthy…. consistantly!! I know whenever I fall, slip. or whatever you want to call it and eat crappy its because I didn’t have something convenient on hand. Here’s to putting in the extra effort… because our bodies SO deserve it!

      • What a great fridge to come home to tonight!! Thanks guys!! I can’t wait until you’re up and running on the site with daily tips!! ONE WEEK!!!! :)

  6. i love your blog jt! keep on posting your recipes, i need the inspiration especially feeding two hungry little ones!! and hey thanks for sharing your life……..i really enjoy it!! love carlyp

    • Thanks Carly!!! You are awesome!!! That’s so great you’re reading my posts – I love it!!! :) My sister is going to be helping me with the healthy recipes – she’s one of the best cooks I know! So there will be lots coming your way! Thanks for writing!!!! :)

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