Day 34 – Just embrace it!!

Yesterday, life threw Vancouver snow. Cold, wet, unprepared Vancouverites without rain boots or umbrellas.  Today, life threw us something different – the most beautiful sunny day with floating cherry blossoms all over Kits beach.  So beautiful.  I took these pictures this afternoon on my walk during a lunch break.  I couldn’t help but run out those doors and take this all in.  It almost felt like I was in a movie scene.  What a difference only two days makes.  What a difference.

Life tends to do this to us.  One day might be grumbly and sad, and then the next day is all smiles with floating cherry blossoms.  Just like that.  The great thing is, is that we can choose to embrace both of these days.  We get to choose our attitude when we step out of bed in the morning.  Am I going to enjoy this day?  YES!! Am I going to make the most out of this day and discover the tiny miracles that life has to offer me?  YES!!  These tiny miracles are EVERYWHERE waiting to be found.  Sometimes we have to shift our attitude in order for them to become clear again.  There is beauty in everything!

I strive to create my day whenever I wake up.  For at least a minute, when I open my eyes, I smile.  I look out the window and I smile at the new day that is ahead of me.  I smile at the attitude I get to choose to take with me for the day.  I create my day by playing out what I want it to look like.  I literally picture how my day will go, and I imagine myself confidently and happily having a wonderful day.  I leave my bed wearing a smile and knowing that I’m going to have a great day!  No matter what life throws me – I’m going to embrace it.  Why?  Because this is what I choose!  This is my intention that I consciously set out for myself before the day even begins.  It begins with an attitude of gratitude, and a smile (and a warm bowl of oatmeal to top it off!).  It’s so simple!

Try it today!  Create your day before it begins.  Think about how cool this is – you get to set out how your day will go before it even begins.  You get to CREATE!  You’ll be in a more confident position to embrace what life offers you.  When you get thrown off course, just come back to this moment of clarity and calmness.  Come back to your intention.  It’s always there waiting for you. Breathe, and that moment is right there. What a comforting thought.

  Smile with your heart!

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  1. Love your photos of Vancouver….stunning! Great Post “Embrace it!” your outlook is contagious! <3

  2. Ok so this has nothing to do with this post but I am reading a book called “the good girls guide to getting lost” and look what I just read:

    “I make friends with a perky Canadian girl…She’s a nurse who’s come to Australia to travel for a few months…Her boyfriend was supposed to come with her, but they broke up two weeks before the trip, so she is here on her own”

    !!!!! That sounds exactly like your story. I had to come tell you! haha

    • That is MEEEEE!!!! BHAHAHA!! I love that!!! I met so many girls travelling on their own in the same situation – supposed to be travelling iwth their boyfriend but went anyways. I LOVE THAT!!!! Tell her I’m sending her happy Canadian hugs!! lol Thanks for sharing Caitie!!!

  3. Every morning when I turn on my blackberry and see the red flashing button, I know its your email and I instantly “smile”. Thank you for making my everyday start off so happily, your just a gem!!!!

  4. Hello!
    Your blog is amazing! I started to read it 2 weeks ago and now, I’m an ADDICT!! Haha!

    I live in Montreal so, with the 3 hours difference, sometimes you haven’t post your daily article when I go to bed. So, I read it now every morning before going to work and that’s an awesome way to start my day. I thank you!

    I’m starting a “40 Day Challenge” TODAY! I will do it!!!! :-)

    Keep going, you’re beautiful!

    • hahaha… What a good addiction!! lol. I love that!!! Thanks for the kind words – and that’s so great you’re starting your own 40 day challenge! It will change your life!! Things just all of a sudden become habits. I love it!! Thanks for writing! :)

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