Day 33 – No time, no problem!

We all know what it’s like to be too busy.  Too busy to cook, right?  That’s the easy excuse when we’re grabbing that fast food burger or ‘healthy’ grilled panini smothered with mayonnaise and butter.  Mmmmmm.  I’ve been there, and yes I succumb to this very tasty and extremely convenient fast food dash too often myself.  I’m far from perfect – trust me!

I’ve been trying lately to make as much food as possible at home.  I’m doing pretty well at it.  (Being accountable for taking pictures of everything I’m eating this week has definitely helped!).  To be honest, tonight I was really tired and probably would have grabbed a soup at Whole Foods (which would have most likely led to a cookie as well).  But instead, I was inspired to make a big batch of chilli because I was excited to share the idea!

It was practically snowing here in Vancouver today, and I thought I’d warm myself up with a cozy bowl of chilli.  The best part about this, is that it’s going to be cooking all night in my best friend – the crock pot.  He doesn’t have a name (yet), but he’s a good friend of mine.  You just throw a bunch of healthy ingredients in him, some spices, head to bed or to work – and tadahHH!  Warm, super good smelling healthy eats when you meet again!  No time, no problem!  He does all the work for you.  It makes super big batches too, so it’s a great trick to make too much so that you can freeze the left overs for lazy/tired days (like mine was today).

I’ve been sifting through the book, ‘The Happiness Project’ lately and came across some words of inspiration the other night.  She has a rule when she goes to the grocery store and she’s not sure whether or not to buy something because of the price.  She reminds herself not to worry, because eating out is always more expensive.  PLUS, you don’t know how much extra butter or sugar they add – so you’re just safer to stick to the grocery store and have a great time making it yourself.  I’ve been living with this rule lately and I’ve learned to enjoy cooking a lot more.  I’m finding myself wanting to become more creative, and wanting to share ideas!  Thanks everyone for adding your recipes and tips – I love it!  Just how you look forward to reading my posts, I look forward to reading the comments and ideas being shared!  Thank you!  It feels like we’re creating an amazing healthy community of awesome peeps!!  The ripple effect (March 21st post!)!! YES!!!

Another tip that works for me, is to think ahead!  I know this weekend will be busy, so I’m making this big batch of chilli to ease my mind.  I’m covered for healthy meals at home now, so I won’t be caught having to spend money eating out.  Also, I’ve already made a smoothie for tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about making breakfast when I’m in between the gym and work. Done!  What can I do today to make tomorrow better?!  For me, it was taking the night off of exercising and making good eats instead. Balance!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Just want to thank you for yesterdays post about the “secret smile”. For once, I couldn’t wait to get up early and go on my morning run! I will never forget that, and it’s given me more motivation to start the day right!

    • I know how you feel by this!!! It’s something to look forward to right??!! Glad you got up for a run – I know how hard it is some days!! Always worth it though :)

  2. Getting addicted to reading your posts- love your positive take on life!

    • YEAHHH Jenny!!!! Thanks for reading!!!! I hope I run into you one of these days soon!! I should just come to one of your spin classes – when and where are you teaching these days??!!! BIG HUGS to you!!! :)

  3. Hi there! :) I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you. I look forward to reading your blog daily, and I think that you are an incredible woman! You give me great inspiration, and pure happiness in my heart. I always feel so motivated to live my life with an even bigger smile to share with others! Thank you for taking the time to share such happiness with the world….it is VERY much appreciated :)


  4. Hi!
    In regards to buying healthy food items at the grocery store, I always find myself torn as to whether or not I should be buying them. I’m a graduate student @ UBC, so every penny counts (especially living in Van) and sometimes I find it really hard spending the extra cash on organic items (only certain items I will buy organic, such as apples, celery, meat products) or natural food products…I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? or you Jen? and if they have any suggestions? :)

    • I definitely have this problem, which is why I usually stick to a few “extra special” grocery items per week. Instead of buying chia seeds, GF flours, organic almond butter ($$$!) and Amazing Grass all in one shopping trip for instance, I tell myself I can live without some things for a week and then buy them the next time around. It lets me budget money better, and helps me narrow down the things I really need and lose the things that are fun but not necessary for every day use. Also, buying in bulk= best idea ever!

      • I’ve been a professional student for the majority of my life, so I GET IT!!! I make sure to go out of my way to go to grocery stores that are less expensive. I’ll buy my bulk-ish items at Costco or Superstore and then grab my veggies and meat at local stores (which often have cheaper organic food too). I go to a small market on Commercial Drive (across from JJ Bean – not sure of the name!), but I can load up on veggies and canned beans, meat and a few other items for a good price. I don’t tend to buy organic, but occasionally I will at these cheaper stores! I try to buy organic meat, but it doesn’t always happen. I”m not set on anything either way. Like Hannah, I spread out the more pricey items throughout the months. If I’m without a staple item for a while, it helps me to become more creative with whats in my cupboards!

        If anyone has any great tips on organic foods, or wear to shop for affordable healthy food, please share! I’d love to hear all opinions :)

    • Focus on whats in season in the produce section. It’s usually cheaper when its in season!
      Also, when it comes to organic, I am a big believer but also sometimes cannot afford it. I also believe that sometimes it’s better to buy things that are local or from close places as opposed to organic. The shipping of produce takes a huge toll on the environment!
      Try to stock up on certain items when they are buy one get one free or on sale (can do this with oatmeal, anything canned, boxed, bread-freeze it- etc.!) I find that helps tremendously! Then you can justify spending the money on the more pricey organic/healthy items!

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