Day 32 – Set your alarm 1 hour earlier

1 hour is all it takes.  I set my alarm for 1 hour earlier than I normally would this morning and met JC and the Quinn man for a gorgeous morning run.  The secret smiles were out and about.  I love how everyone up that early seems to know this beautiful secret of serenity, peacefulness and endorphins all flowing at once.  I call it the secret smile – everyone seems to share it that early in the morning.  All it took was getting out of bed ONE HOUR earlier to make it feel like I had enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning before my day even began.  I loved it!  We ran around the seawall, then even had time to grab a cuppa joe at one of our favourite spots.  What a perfect start to the day!  I still had time to enjoy my favourite bowl of oatmeal, check some emails and relax before heading on out for the day.  ONE HOUR – that’s all it takes!  So easy!

Since I had already fit my run in the morning, I was able to enjoy my evening that much more.  I wasn’t worried about trying to get to the gym, or rushing to a yoga class.  I walked around Kits, taking my time and got a few errands done.  JC called to tell me that she had discovered a delicious chocolate chip cookie right by my house (which for some reason I hadn’t yet discovered) so I went there right away.  Had to check this out.  It was worth it.  Good cookie – the lady even warmed it up for me too! Those small things really make a difference eh?!  (p.s. I think I know of all the best cookie places all over Vancouver – if ever you want to know of a good one, just ask me!!  AND if you know of one you think I should try, let me know too!  I’d love that!).

Since I had all of this down time after work, JC and I decided to mix the ingredients of what was in both our fridges together and cook up a feast.  Salmon, rice, veggies with a glass of wine to top it off.  Priceless. What an amazing evening!!  Good eats, belly laughs and even a few songs on the guitar.  I love having a best friend who lives only 3 blocks away.  Life is so good!

Today was amazing.  It really felt as if I was able to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning as well as a fun Saturday night – all on a WEDNESDAY!!  All because I woke up only 1 hour earlier to start my day off right.  Those endorphins pumped me up for the entire day.  I got to see a great friend, get some fresh air, and sweat – all before my work day even began.  Try this on Friday morning!  Set your alarm just a little bit earlier than normal, slip on your runners (have it ready to go beside your bed for motivation if you like – that’s what works for me) and head OUTSIDE!!!  You’ll feel like a million bucks when you head to work.  You’ll feel like you’ve just lived out a secret.  Enjoying the secret smile with all of those other endorphin junkies soaking up the early sunrise and bird chirping crisp morning freshness.  Ahhhhhh!  I have to say though, I’m pooped now – but that’s okay!  It was so worth it! Feeling this tired at bedtime feels amazing.  What a great day – I can’t say it enough.

Enjoy the secret smile before the world wakes up.  There is something special about the peacefulness before the buzzing work day begins.  Go discover it.  It’s only an hour earlier away. It’s waiting for you!

Smile with your heart!

p.s.  I’m keeping up with my meal plans for the week!  Day 4 days of Healthy Eats is posted (with a few cookies here and there)!  Thank you for all of your comments, recipes, ideas, and encouragement for Crush 101!  Keep ’em coming!!  I love them all!  I have to go to bed now, but will be responding to all of them within the next few days.  THANK YOU!!!  I feel so grateful!!!  How am I going to sleep with all of this excitement?!  Life is good :)

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  1. Early morning workouts are one of my favorite things in the world! They really are the best way to start your day. I love how you put it: “everyone up that early seems to know this beautiful secret of serenity, peacefulness and endorphins all flowing at once.” You hit the nail on the head, my friend!

  2. Kind of unrealted to this post but…
    I showed up! All day yesterday I kept telling myself “you’re going for a run tonight, you’re going for a run tonight”. But as I rounded the corner home after a looooong day at work I could feel my commitment fading. So when I went upstairs to put on my sweats, I put on my running clothes instead. I told myself it was the first step…and eventually, about an hour later and with a little encouragment from my spouse (and my stir-crazy dog) I hit the ground running! AND when I got home my boyfriend had my PJs in the dryer warming up and he was making dinner :)
    SO Thank you for encouraging me to SHOW UP
    when you’re meeting all these lovely people through your crush 101 challenge, look for the one who thinks to warm up your PJs in the dryer when you’re out for a rainy run (those ones really are the best ) :)

    • I LOVE THIS STORY!! Good for YOU!!! That is so tough – especially when all you want to do is throw on your comfy sweat pants!! HIgh five to YOU!!! YESS!!!! Thanks for inspiring everyone reading this post!!! WoohooOOO!! And it sounds like you’ve got a great guy too !!! :) You’re awesome :)

  3. The picture of you in the hat is awesome! You look sooo happy!! Btw, I made a vision board and included your Lululemon ad from Runners World since you inspire me DAILY! Cant wait to see how the Crush 101 continues!!

    • YES!! Vision board!! Would you be able to send it to my email?? If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to post it along with all of the other vision boards I’ve been sent a picture of!!! I won’t mention who’s is whose. I’d love to see it and share the inspiration! Thanks Caitie!!!

  4. Jenn, early AM workouts and run are so amazing and make you feel so energized for the rest of the day! i usually do the same and even set my alarm even earlier so i can hit the snooze a few times and wake up slowly and i usually wait until its light enough outside too since im usually running by myself. although i find it hard to eat before running that early.
    im just wondering.. do you run to stanley park? or take the bus?? you inspired me to get back on track with running and training !!! :) thanks so much for sharing all your amazing advice, experiences and love for life

  5. I wake up almost every morning @ 4am (during the week) to get my runs in. I meet with my friend and get our endorphins going that last all day. I always have enough time pick up a cup of coffee too and also sit around and check blogs (yours), emails, etc… It totally makes my morning and I love, that after work I get to come home and live my normal life and not have to worry about getting to the gym, not spending time with my bf, eating too late, etc… My days are now so much better because I am a morning runner! xoxo

    • 4am! Good for you! What time do you go to bed? (I am serious asking this haha. I get up at 5:45 and have a hard time peeling myself out even at that hour!)

      • 4AM!!! My eyes are popping out of their sockets!! You are amazing!! Wow!! I don’t think I could do that. I do love the post run – email checking, coffee drinking, solo time – before heading to work though. I love it. Looking forward to that tomorrow morning!! Thanks for using this as a discussion – I love this!!! :)

    • Well done Simi! I love the thought of that, to have my evenings free. My friend who’s training for a triathlon gets up at 4 & trains for 3 hours (nuts). I’m working out only in the evenings during the week and in the mornings on weekends. I’m finding it hard going to work, working out, then coming home and walking the dog. By the time I hit the sack, I’ve only had maybe 30minutes to myself to do nothing which is nowhere enough! Plus close to no time with the bf! I might change my routine!

      • I hear ya! I am having a hard time getting some me time too. I was talking with a friend on the phone tonight how it’s hard finding balance. I’m definitely experimenting! Tonight I’m in big need of a book and a bed ASAP!! Thanks for sharing guys!! I love hearing what works for everyone! :)

  6. Thanks for these posts, Jen- I stumbled on your site from lululemon and have really been enjoying your optimistic voice! It’s a total bonus too to read about Kits, it must be a world away from where we are in Arizona! I love all your pictures of the water- not so much here!
    Thanks too for sharing your 40-day challenges; it’s inspired me to start one of my own, and not skimp on the details since yours are always chocked with more stuff than I can imagine getting done! You make it fun. Cheers!

    • Thanks for finding me Tara!!! That’s so great your’e started your own!! YES!! Ii love this!!!! It’s definitely changed my life and made me more accountable to get what I want in life DONE!!! Thanks for taking the time to let me know – you rock!! Have a happy Friday!:)

  7. Ok..WHERE is this warm cookie in our neighborhood??

    • bahaha.. Jitter cafe on 4th (near maple-ish!) .. she actually ASKED if I wanted it warmed up! Good cookie!! Chocolate chip walnut. MMMMM I love how you love cookies as much as me!!! :)

  8. SUCH a great day!! Getting to see you so often and enjoy your company has been the highlight of moving back to the Coast!! Thanks for always squeezing in the time to hang! LOVE YOU!

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