Day 31 – What’s the harm in asking???

With anything really, what’s the harm in asking??  The worst answer you can get is a ‘no’, which means – move along.  NEXT!  I had a great tea stroll along the seawall after work tonight with one of my fav’s – Miss. Steph Irwin.  No, we did not talk about men the whole time, but I did get a little inspiration and a boost of courage from miss inspiration herself.

Sidenote:  When Elizabeth Gilbert was asked what ONE thing she would change about her past experiences if she could – Her answer:  “I wish I didn’t waste so much of my time chasing men.  I could have learned Mandarin!”.  Well put miss Gilbert!  Well put.

Back to the asking men/women out thing. What’s the worst that can happen when we ask someone a question.  We get a no. Instead of looking at the situation as a possible rejection (totally negative and not confident whatsoever), we can look at it as a way to make someone smile.  A way to make their day.  How good does it feel when someone gives you a compliment?  Or even perhaps asks to get to know you?  It feels great!  It means they think you’re a cool person who would make their day better by spending time with them.  Why wouldn’t I want to give this gift to someone else.  It’s a gift!  A compliment!  I think you are a great person, so I’m going to give you a gift and ask to get to know you better.  I’m going to help make your day!  To leave you wearing a smile – either way. What a MUCH better way of looking at this scary situation!  You make it out to be so easy Steph!  My goal this week – to give a “compliment” in person (a.k.a. ask a guy out) by Sunday.  Not so scary anymore!

By the way, you are all so AMAZING!!  $250 raised towards imagine1day!! THANK YOU!!  I can’t believe it!!  I feel obligated now to do my part, and start asking these fine gentlemen out!  THANK YOU!  (p.s. I have date numero uno this weekend!)

With anything in life, we don’t know what we’re missing out on if we don’t ask.  If we don’t apply ourselves.  If we don’t go after what we want.  We can sit on the sidelines, hoping that it will come to us, OR we can be proactive about what we really want in life and REACH OUT AND GRAB IT!!  Ask for it!!  Do one thing a day that scares you.  ASK! Put yourself out there.  Don’t wait for it.  Go after it.  Who cares if you get a ‘no’.  That just means ‘not right now’.  Change direction a bit, then ask again.  Confidence.  That is what this screams.  Radiating confidence and knowing what you want.  Now THAT’s attractive!  If you don’t ask, they can’t say YES!!!  SO ASK!!!

Smile with your heart!

Oooh!!!  And thank you Diana, the beautiful founder of Tiny Devotions, for sending me flowers today at work!!  I couldn’t believe it when I received an email from reception letting me know I had something for me at the front desk (thinking perhaps a new pencil sharpener maybe?  My own stapler?) FLOWERS!!  You brightened up my whole day!!!  And my whole living room for that matter!  This is the first time I’ve ever received flowers at work!  Thank you for spreading the love this way, all the way from the East Coast!  I’m so blessed to have you in my life and be a part of the Tiny Devotions team!  Vancouverites are starting to sport them everywhere!  Spring has sprung – it feels good!  I love how everyone who has bought one from me genuinely tells me how good it feels to wear.  I love hearing this, because they are feeling what I do from mine.  YES!  Spreading the love!!  Something so great is happening – I’m so happy to be a part of it.

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  1. Greetings from California, Jenn! I ordered a Mala Bead Necklace (African Jasper) just because of your post on yours! Just got my e-mail that it’s being shipped today. I’m so excited to receive it. If it weren’t for you, I would never have known about Tiny Devotions. You deserve those flowers!

  2. Hi Jen!
    I love your blog – I read it everyday whilst I am on the SkyTrain. It makes my commute so much more enjoyable, along with also reading “Eat Pray Love”!

    Regarding you asking a guy on a date – I’m currently 26 years old, and when I was 16, I asked a guy on a date. I was terrified, but I also realized at the young age of 16 that I was not the type of person to wait around for things to come to me. So exactly like you say “REACH OUT AND GRAB IT” – do this! You’ve done so many fantastic things already in your life that most people won’t ever do, simply because they are scared (i.e. your 18 km run the other day – running more than 5 km scares me!). Asking someone out gave me so much confidence, and in the end it was such a simple thing to do. You are an unbelievable person (at least from what I can tell from your blog!), any guy would be LUCKY to be asked out by you! I don’t know many of my friends who have asked men out on dates, so as time goes on, I am even MORE happy I did it. You can do this – just remember it’s your life and if you want something, you are the only one who can make it happen! :)

    • Wow, thanks Kaarina!!! Thanks for the compliment!! And YES to the courage!! You are inspiring!! You’re right, it’s no big deal. I’m starting to see that now. It’s going to be a great boost of awareness of why we think it’s so hard. Maybe this will help change that stigma!! Who knows!! Thanks for the inspiration though – you are awesome!! :)

  3. its so good to read that your confidence is growing in asking guys out :) and really, who wouldnt want to spend a few hours with you because you are such an inspiration and light and bring so much happy energy into everything you do and are!! you can do it!!!
    you deserve those flowers!!!! they look beautiful too!!! and maybe when you have some time we can set up something for the tiny devotions beads? :)

    • Awww!!!! Thanks Lizzy!! That is so sweet of you!!! Who knows though, I’ve been rejected many a times too – it’s all part of life I guess!!! It makes me appreciate what it feels like though, and I can actually sympathize with a lot more people because of it! I’m glad i’ve been rejected in the past because I know how awful it feels, but how totally okay it is to shake it off and keep on moving forward!! Have a great day!!! Looking forward to giving you your mala beads soon!!!

  4. hey jen!
    how can i get a necklace from you? and are they the same price as online?
    let me know!

    • Hey Tania!! Did you get my email?!?! Backbend monday? I’ll bring them!!! 108$ :) Hope to see you Monday!! If not, let me know what works for you and I’ll we’ll meet up! We’re neighbours anyways :) hahah

  5. Your blog is so full of confidence, smiles and inspiration – you’re the last person I’d ever think would be afraid of asking a guy out! Go for it! You never know what amazing journey could begin until you take the first step!

  6. Hi Jenn,
    This is Suzanne again (I wrote about asking my fiance out, originally he said no, now we live happily in Canada together). Anyway, I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I think it’s amazing. You encouraged me to start my own blog. Also, I met Diana abt a yr ago and now own a kiwi jasper mala. Great Gal! Ironic to read your post today. I’ve been waiting to ask you something. I was diagnosed w/ a molar pregnancy (rare-can read all about it in my blog) in January. Done a lot and changed a lot b/c of it. Actually, my mala is a strong reason for the changes (again explained better in my blog). I really want to help others w/ this condition and inspire anyone, so I’m doing all I can to get followers on my blog. I feel I’m a voice that isn’t out there yet and I can help. Please take a look I know you are very busy, so anything is much appreciated. I’m sorry to ask, but I need help and you have strong, loyal followers. Like you said, can’t hurt, worst that can happen is just say no and I’ll try again some other time.

    • Suzanne!! I love this!!!! I quickly checked it out and got such a good feeling from your page. I’m pooped tonight, but will be taking some more time to read your story over the weekend – you sound amazing!! Thank you for ASKING! I will be in touch and blogging about this!! :)

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