Day 30 – Ask for help!!!

I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe all of the support I’ve gotten from my last post about Crush 101.  THANK YOU!!  I’ve already received $150 in donations towards imagine1day.  Check it out!! You all are so amazing!!  My mouth dropped when I checked the site tonight (as you can see in this scary looking picture of me!).  Seriously though, I am so in awe of how generous people can be.  Even people who have never actually met me. AMAZING!! Goosebumps! They won’t stop!  Thank you to those who have emailed to give me encouragement too!  I love it!!  I love the comment from Suzanne who ended up marrying the guy she asked out.  So it DOES happen!!  Here goes to my adventure – who knows what’s gonna happen!

I also love all of the comments under the new ‘Healthy Eats’ tab.  Keep ’em coming!!  I’m going to be trying all of these recipes you’ve shared!!  I need help in the creative cooking department, so I really appreciate you all sharing your great ideas.  Thank you from me, and everyone else reading who will I’m sure try them too!

Sometimes asking for help can be hard.  It has been for me in the past, and still is.  With practice it’s getting easier.  I’m finding that asking for help is NECESSARY for me to be able to get where I want to go.  For all of us to get where we want to go.  Some may look at asking for help as a weakness.  I see it as a strength.  A bold and courageous ability to leave our ego’s on the back burner and allow our vulnerability and curiosity to shine through.  If you were watching a soccer game, you wouldn’t expect one player to play against the 11 opposing all by herself would you?  No, that would be silly because it’s a team sport – we all know that.  Well, so is life.  It’s a game.  A team sport.  We all have our strengths.  In order to live a happy and love-full-filled life, we have to ask for help!  We have to play as a team.  It’s impossible to try and live it out all on our own.  It would actually be boring this way.  Striving for this type of perfection only leads to burn out, unhappiness, stress and unfulfillment.  I know this, because I previously have strived too long for perfection.  I gave up a while back and can finally breathe!

The funny thing about asking for help, is that for the majority of the time people WANT to help you.  That is what inspired me to write this post today.  I asked for help yesterday for donations towards my challenge, and I was goosebump strucken to realize how much people actually WANT to help me.  How much people want to see me happy.  It feels good!  It feels good to let down walls and admit to the world that, “No, I can’t do this on my own and I don’t want to do it on my own, so please help me with YOUR strengths!”

Ask for help.  Be a team player in this game of life.  It feels good to help other people, so do someone a favor and ALLOW them to help you.  Start asking for it!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. ” you wouldnt expect one person to play against 11 opposing would you? “you are so awsome jen! this resonated and spoke to me deeply this morning, as i have lived always with the idea that i can make it on my own! hahaha! this is so true and i love how you expressed it! i have to get a new visa card so i can send u sum money! what a great cause! love you keep rocking the planet! what goes around comes around and the earth keeps spinning!

    • LISA!! Your package is sitting on my kitchen table!! I will be mailing it soon!!! LOVE YOU!

      • ooo is it not sent yet? i want to order a pair uv lulus to wear to yoga/dance class in florence! ahahaha!
        love it! cant wait to get the magazine… with u in it! OMG! brrrr! bella! ( had another dream of u a few nights ago, do i put this up on your website? haha? well here it goes. it was of your music video!? ) (there was a floating guitar and you were in the alps! IT WAS AMAZING!)

    • Floating guitar in the alps!! HAHAHA… that sounds like me!! baahahaha… There’s a chance I might be coming over that way in September – maybe we COULD go to the alps!! Or just to a cafe in FLORENCE!!! AHhHHH!! I’ll keep you posted!! I love these dreams!!! miss you!!!

  2. Ask for help??? What??? Me??? NEVER!!!!! hahahahaha Thank you for the encouragement to ask for help. It’s a tough one for me. If I don’t ask, I become burnt out , angry and a procrastinator!! YOu are a living example of the flow of abundance by just asking people to donate to your cause. INSPIRATIONAL!
    Tally Ho!

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