Day 29 – Fix the flat tire!

I feel like a million bucks today.  It’s amazing what a little soul nourishing will do for you! I slept the longest I’ve slept in weeks – a good 10 hours.  I woke up feeling so refreshed. Ate a healthy breakfast then headed out in the rain for my favourite run around Stanley Park.  I left my headphones at home because it was raining, and am glad I decided on this – my thoughts just started flowing.  No distractions, just the sound of my breath to the beat of my foot steps in the rain puddles.  I love running.  I forget this when life gets crazy busy.  When I run, my mind becomes calm and things just make sense.  My soul was loving it.

Last night when I was making my vision wall, I came across a meal plan for 2 weeks in Shape magazine which had pictures and recipes for every meal of every day.  I cut it out and put it up in my kitchen to inspire me to eat healthy as well as to give me some new ideas.  Lately, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon.  Instead of eating my ultimate 80/20 diet, I’ve been falling into the burger, yam fries and cookie dough category of 65/35 more often than I should be.  I had already eaten a chocolate bar and a burger one night when I was with Pookie, and I was trying to convince her to get yet ANOTHER one with me.  What a pig!  I loved what she said:

She looked at me and said, “If you really want the cookie Twiz get it, BUT think about this first.  If you had a flat tire on your car would you stop to slash the other 3 tires, or would you fix the flat tire and keep on going?” My binge on chocolate would have been stopping to slash the other 3 tires.  It would have held me back.  I chose to fix my flat tire, and avoid the cookie craving.  It went away and I was glad I had a good friend to help me make that decision!

I know personally, that sometimes when I fall off the rocker with my diet I think to myself, “well I’m already eating crappy today, I might as well keep on going!”.  It’s so easy to do this.  Now, when I get a treat, I think about this flat tire scenario and eat it in moderation.  No more slashing of the tires.  I acknowledge that I need the break sometimes, and then keep on going in a positive and healthy direction.  So good Pookie!

On my run this morning, I thought, why don’t I create a meal plan of my typical week and post it on my blog? So that’s exactly what I’m doing this week – taking pictures and making a meal plan of what works for me.  At first, I started thinking that this week was a busy week so maybe I should do it later.  But, after thinking about it, I decided to not procrastinate and realized that later probably won’t be any better than right now.  Hence, I’m just going to DO IT NOW!

By no means is this a recommendation, or what I think is right, it just works for me. That’s all.  I’ve had many questions of what it is I eat that keeps me fueled, so here you go! AND!  It’s a great opportunity for you to share what meals and ideas you love.  Everybody wins!  Please feel free to comment and add recipes for everyone to see.  Please do!  Check it out now on the “Healthy Eats” tab I’ve added!

Breaks are good.  80/20.  But if you find yourself in a rut, think of fixing the tire instead of slashing the rest of ’em which will hold you back from where you want to go.  It’s working for me lately!

Oooh!  And look who I found at the volunteer orientation today for the Vancouver Marathon which will be on May 1st – Sheena and Laura!  I didn’t know they would be there.  That was awesome!!! Yahoooo to nurse volunteers!!  Do what you love, and you’re guaranteed to meet great peeps!! This was so true today!!!!

Smile with your heart!

P.s. Thank you for all of your feedback!  I think my goal of re-vamping the site by the end of April was a little keen, but I’m slowly working on it.  I’ve taken all of your suggestions into consideration and this new tab is a start!  Thanks for the tips!  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your meal plans, Jenn! You’ve made me hungry, but for all of the right foods! Eating healthy is something that I also struggle with. I tend to be a bit of an emotional eater. I’ve decided that I need to cut out processed foods entirely for the next two weeks. I’m making a commitment to myself to eat healthier. In your photos, your meals look so delicious! I love how you took the time to appreciate and savour the food that you ate! I definitely need to do this more often, myself.

  2. Pookie is obviously the cookie DEVIL!! That made me laugh out loud…such an awesome analogy…can you hire her out, I sooooo need someone like that on my butt!! Here I was thinking your 65/35 plan was the most brilliant idea ever!! Man, you crack me up! Way to stay on track…hahahaha….we’d be terrible friends for sure!

  3. Hi there,
    On the subject of asking guys out. I never had a problem, for some reason it doesn’t bother me to ask a guy out. In a strange turn, my fiance originally turned me down. He was a hockey player and after a game I said “hey, wanna grab a coffee some time?” He said, “nah, I’m busy.” So, I picked up my pride said, no problem and walked away. Saw him 2 weeks later and he had a change of heart. We went to Starbucks for 2hrs and the rest is history. We both LOVE coffee, so that helped. We lived in Italy for a while and bought a “cadillac” of espresso machines just to keep our coffee habit at bay (got spoiled in Italy w/ all the amazing coffee). Hope this inspires you a little. Don’t give up!

    • Thanks for the inspiration!! So you’re saying it’s not that hard, and you met your husband this way?! Hmmmm… hahahah.. thanks! I might try it out for use today! lol

  4. Thanks for posting a meal plan! It’s great motivation when the cravings hit..

    I hope to run into you at the BMO Vancouver race! :)

  5. I love this! It’s always nice to see what other healthy people eat to fuel and keep their bodies in check! :) I am struggling with 10 lbs and would like to see and get ideas on what you eat for inspiration. :)

  6. I’ve also been doing the 65/35 plan… This will change!!

    • It’s hard to change it!!! I am still eating too many cookies – but writing down (or taking pictures ) of what I’m eating is definitely helping me stay on track!!! I recommend it!!

  7. that’s such a good story to help me stop doing things that are not helping me but focus instead on getting that 1 tire fixed!! crush 101 looks so cool , you can do it Jenn!!!!

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