Crush 101!!!

Okay, I’m FINALLY getting around to writing about Crush 101.  You’ve probably been wondering what the heck it is since I’ve been mentioning it for the past few weeks – I just haven’t been ready to actually admit to myself that I’m doing it, because then I’m accountable!  It’s probably the scariest challenge I’ve had to do!  I had to feel ready and inspired to talk about it, because it’s a big deal to me!  So here goes:

What the heck is Crush 101?:

Crush101 is a dating challenge(!) for single women who are committed to building a world of confident girls.  A dating challenge?  YES that’s right!!!  10 guys in 10 weeks.  But the catch is, WE have to ask the dudes out.  All 10.  We are ‘crushing social norms’ – that’s the whole point here!  WHAT?!!  I KNOW!!  You’re probably laughing and thinking, oh that’s not that bad, but have you ever asked someone out?  IT’S HARD!!!  Every girlfriend I tell this to usually laughs and gives me some encouragement, something like, “That’s awesome!!!  That will be fun”!  Yes, this is true, but as soon as I ask them if they’ve ever asked a guy out I get this: “Oh.  Ummm, let me think.  Noooo, I don’t think I ever have. Good luck with that!”.  I can’t seem to find girls that ask guys out – in person.  Online doesn’t count!  (And in case you’re wondering, if I like the first guy from date numero uno, I can choose to go on the rest of my nine dates with him – I made sure to ask this question!).

Why Crush 101?

It’s actually for an incredibly amazing cause.  We are raising money for charity.  Dating for charity!  I like it!  When I found out about the challenge back in February, I jumped on it.  I pretty much will do anything fun for a good cause. And this is a special cause.  Crush 101 is a dating challenge supporting imagine1day which provides primary education for girls and all children in Ethiopia, Africa.  It is a growing, global community of people making passionate contributions to ensure every child in Ethiopia receives a quality primary education by 2020.  EVERY CHILD!!  So cool!  If I can build up the courage to ask 10 dudes out to help children in Ethiopia go to school, consider it DONE!!

Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon, along with his wife Shannon, created this nonprofit organization, hence the large amount of lulu girls participating in this challenge!  It feels amazing to be a part of this!

What can you do to help??!

Okay, so here goes.  My goal is to raise $500 towards imagine1day by participating in this scary challenge.  (Just to let you all know, I’d rather run a marathon tomorrow than ask a guy out).  You think it’s easy eh?  I dare you to try it then!  Or at least help me out with the situation!  A friend of mine has already given me the digits of a great guy, who I DID ask out (text message, but whatever – I did it!).

If you’ve been inspired by my blog (and perhaps want to see me being taken out on a DATE on Saturday nights instead of staying home watching chick flicks!) and have the ability to donate a small amount, it would genuinely make my heart smile, along with all of the children in Ethiopia who will be getting an education!  It’s hard for me to ask for things like this, but this is for such an amazing cause it wouldn’t feel right NOT doing it. So please help if you can.  I will keep a tally on the right side of my blog of how much money we have raised.  We will do it together.  (Please email me to let me know you have sponsored me so I know who to THANK!! –  Also, your sponsorships will encourage me to ask the dudes out.  Ahhhhh!  Why is it so scary??! Eeeeek!!!

Here is the link where you can donate: (THANK YOU!!!!)

Just scroll down to my picture, and fill in the ‘quantity’ of how much you would like to donate.  Each number equals 10$.  For example, quantity of 2 = 20$, quantity of 4 = $40, and so on.


Crushing social norms is what this challenge is all about and it will take some brave women to accomplish this goal.  Count me in.  Doing things that scare you make you stronger right??  I’m curious to see if I gain confidence from this challenge as well.  You wouldn’t know this by seeing me now but I used to be one of the most shy girls out there. My face would go beet red every time I had to talk in front of people (this still happens sometimes, but oh well.  I’ve just learned to accept it and can at least laugh at myself now!), and I was super quiet at school.  Things started turning around when I did things that scared me.  Teaching fitness was a big one, travelling was HUGE and just forcing myself to stand up and talk in front of people was big too.  So this challenge will be good for me in so many ways.  I know it.  If anything, it will be something I can look back on and laugh, as well as have a bunch of stories to share I’m sure.

As for my progress so far?  We’re heading into week 3 and I’ve still yet to go on a single date!  I’m ready for it now.  I’ve asked 2 guys out (one text and one email – I KNOW!!  This is the chicken method, but I’m just warming up!  Give me a break!), and things fell through with both, so here’s to hoping things work better next week!

Smile with your heart!

A little inspiration for me from my very good friend Steph….

Here goes!!!  And THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!!!!!

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  1. What an awesome idea! I think this is a great thing for single girls to do, perhaps I will encourage some of my single friends to take part.

    As encouragement, I had a friend in university who was very outgoing and asked guys on dates all of the time (soooo gutsy!). As it turned out they absolutely loved it (perhaps b/c they didn’t have to do the work) and she was hardly ever turned down. I have even seen her go up to guys, shake their hands and say “Hi! You’re cute, I’m !”. That one always worked!

  2. First off, I must say great writing. You do a very good job. I saw it on the Lululemon site (suppose to be looking for shorts) and have been reading it for the last couple of weeks. Very inspiring, especially the posts about eating properly and changing the tire.

    I have a question for you: I am a long,long distance runner and just moved to Vancouver last September. I have been doing a busy second degree (Education) and have not had much time to explore the trails around Vancouver. Most of my running has been around Stanley Park (amazing). Could you recommend any great trails to explore and run? I have only been on the Baden Powell Trail. Want to explore more now that summer is around the bend.

    Appreciate the blog, it provides me with daily inspiration. Good luck with your Crush 101 goals.


    • Hey Chris! There’s TONS of trails around Van.. tons in north van. I’d say in Vancouver, the best trails are throughout UBC – Pacific Spirit Park. In North Van, you have Cleveland Dam, the Baden Powell runs from Deep Cove to Horsehose Bay (you can run ANYWHERE a long it and it’s beautiful). In Burnaby, there’s a great 12km loop around Burnaby Lake. In Port Coquitlam, the Diez Vista is a beautiful, challenging hike (near Buntzen Lake). If you go to any running room they will most likely be able to give you a whole bunch more ideas. Here’s a link to some great road routes all over Van. I wish I could run more in trails, but I don’t feel safe running by myself so I stick mainly to the road. I hope you’re enjoying this amazing city!! So great eh?!!!

      • Thanks. Will try those out. Yeah dark woods by yourself can be eery. Lucky Stanley Park and its amazing beauty is there. I love this city. It is great, absolutely amazing. Coming from Calgary, the weather here is like Spring 365 days a year. Has made me a much happier person. Thanks for the advice. And keep up the words of inspiration. I was so tired after teaching all day, and didn’t want to run, but I kicked myself in the butt and went out and am thoroughly glad I did. Better to just do it.

  3. I think this is a fun idea to challenge social norms and raise money for a worthy charity, but why not include lesbian/queer women in the challenge to ask a girl out!! I am sure it is just as hard!

    Keep up the inspiring work.

  4. I was trying to figure out what my next challenge would be. I finish my 60 day yoga challenge in a few weeks and then have some time off until I start training for the Portland Marathon. This one is kinda scary and I’m not sure there are 10 single datable men in Reno but it may be worth a shot.

  5. Super cool, Jenn! You CAN do it!!! It’s easy…hahaha! I am not sure I remember ever asking a guy out. That is definitely a challenge. But, you are so awesome that guys ought to be beating down your door to get a date with you!!!
    I would love to contribute to your cause…consider it DONE!

  6. Go for it! I asked a guy out for the first time last week… and it was a fantastic date! It was rewarding and I felt like a million bucks after I did it… although it was a text ask out. I tried to do it in person but I guess subconciously it’s easier to be let down by text hahahahahaha. Good luck :)

    • Bahaha… good job Tanessa!! I’m learning it takes some definite balls to ask people out! Maybe that’s why there’s a shortage of men asking us out too – it’s hard!! But well worth it I’m hearing – I’m going to have to try it asap!!! lol.. i’ll let you know how it goes..bahahahha

  7. JT – you rock my world! AND..i think Chris from the comments above deserves to go on a date with you:) You should ask him!

  8. Ballsy! I love this idea – s0 neat! And remember, it’s not only about asking out guys but about being open to the idea of making new friendships and connections – I met my (now ex) boyfriend at a red light – he was in the car next to me belting out a song and I laughed at him and gave him some of my witty charm, we got chatting, exchanged numbers and ended up dating 2 years! So keep an eye out at stop lights!

    • No Way!!! THat’s awesome!!!! I totally agree – new friendships and experiences. When you’re looking for it, it usually doesn’t show up anyways. So this challenge for me is to gain some courage and meet some new peeps!! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

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