Day 27 – It’s easier just to show up

It’s FRIDAY!!!  I love looking forward to having a chilled and relaxing Friday night. Chrissy (my big sis) came over after work in plans of heading to the pool.  We ALMOST changed our minds to grab some good eats but instead we got our butts in gear, walked over the bridge and went for a swim.  We showed up!!!  My blog from yesterday helped inspire me to go today – that’s hilarious!  I actually signed up for a 10 time punch card.  I am so proud of myself!  Now I have to go.  Signing up definitely has motivated me tonight!  I forgot how good it feels to swim.  The hard part for me is getting there, but MAN what a great workout!

We were walking back from dinner and I asked Chrissy for some inspiration for my blog tonight, since I was feeling tired and truthfully, just plane out lazy.  She thought about it for a minute and then said, “Sometimes it’s harder to cancel plans then it is to actually show up”.  I thought about it for a while, and am glad that I asked my big sis for her advice.  So true!  Do you ever find yourself wondering what to say to someone you’re cancelling on?  Hummimg and harring over what you’re going to say on the phone, or how you’re going to make them feel.  You almost begin to feel anxious about just thinking about cancelling.  And then, when you do cancel you are thinking about it the whole evening because you feel like you maybe made the wrong decision.   We all know these feelings I’m sure.  They don’t feel too great.

I was starting to go through these thoughts in my head over tonight’s blog.  Same as hummimg and harring about whether or not we should swim tonight.  What made us go was knowing that we would feel so much better AFTER the fact.  If we would have cancelled, it would have felt okay at first but I’m sure we would have been regretting it after.  Same with this blog post tonight.  It would have felt good going to bed 20 minutes earlier, but in the end it’s only 20 minutes.  I  feel good writing it now, and it’s actually easier than thinking about “should I or shouldn’t I”.  Such a waste of energy.  Just do it already!

The next time you’re thinking of cancelling, let this thought go through your head – sometimes it’s easier just to show up then it is to cancel.  Even just showing up for a few minutes shows that you made the effort.  The plus side to this – usually once you get there, you’re glad you did.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I am in this exact situation, of wanting to cancel plans but not sure how to go about it…now after reading this, I’m just going to show up. (“Just show up” has been added to my wall of inspiration hah:) The situation is a difficult one to begin with so I might as well just take the bull by the antlers and get ‘er done. Just show up. say what I have to say and that’ll be that. (Sorry haha thinking out loud a little… It’s the end of the curling season, and I’m looking to hopefully find another team next season…it’s so difficult when it comes time to ‘break up’ with your teammates. So I’m terribly anxious for our meeting to discuss next season – on my end, there is not much to discuss; I’ve made my decision)… Anyway sorry, I’m rambling! Thanks for the post, it was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Have a great day!

  2. Good job for following through with your plans! I totally agree with all that you said… The time and energy it takes to get out of something is always more than just biting the bullet and following through!

  3. I read this post late last night and this morning I was catching up on past Parenthood episodes (gotta love rainy Saturday mornings!) and one of the characters told the other “just show up”.

    What an inspiring blog post, and exactly what all of us need to hear and DO! :)

  4. So true! I like the “Just do it” motto. If we just do whatever it is we need to do instead of over thinking it, it is so much easier to just get it done! I recently signed up for your daily inspirations and I am already loving it! Thanks so much! :)

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