Day 26 – Just SIGN UP!

Signing up is one of the best proactive steps of showing up that you can make. It gets you there!  It gives you a goal to reach towards. It helps give you a reason to start changing your habits, right now.  You have to – you’re accountable to something!

I like to think of myself as pretty adventurous and up for doing any activity.  This is true, BUT, without a goal or without a best buddy to share it with – I can get stuck in the same routine.  Instead of tying up my laces and enjoying a run around the seawall, which is probably what I would have regularly done after work on this sunny afternoon, JC and I dusted off our road bikes, buckled up the cleats, popped on the oh so sexy helmets and headed on our way to Stanley Park.  SO GOOD!  Vancouver is so beautiful right now.  There are cherry blossoms popping up in every direction, glowing people sporting their sunnies walking around the seawall, kitesurfers ripping up waves and all of this with the gorgeous backdrop of freshly covered snow tipped mountains.  I LOVE THIS CITY!!!  (Check out the chihuahua on the laughing Buddha’s hand!)  Those things are awesome!

Our 20km bike ride we set out on ended up turning into a 20 minute ride to the coffee shop in English Bay – soaking up the sunset, latte in hand.  Oops!  We couldn’t help ourselves!  For the first ride of the year, not bad.  I don’t know what it is about biking, but I find it really hard going by myself.  Same with swimming, snowshoeing, and even sometimes hiking.  I love all of these hobbies but would rather be enjoying them with a friend who loves it just as much. JC and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the next few months because we’ve signed up for a Half Ironman in July.  I’m stoked!!  I guess this means I should start swimming right about now??  I’ll get myself to a pool, eventually.  I’m so lazy when it comes to swimming!  This is going to be a challenge. :)

SIGN UP!!  Here’s a Gilbert-inspiration: “Find something to do.  Find someone to do it with, and get on with it.” YES!  Find something you WANT to do (if it scares you, an even BETTER reason to do it!), find someone who wants to do it with you (not necessary but it helps!) and then show up!  For me, I find that signing up for races is always a good kick in the pants to have a reason to train and eat healthy.  It mixes things up.  Running here and there a few times a week and cross training all of a sudden start having a purpose.  It gives you a direction to work towards.  It feels good to work hard for something!

I’ll be adding a training section that will offer some ideas of training schedules that work for me, and an area where you can post tips that work well for you as well as ask any questions.  If you want to start training for any races that I will be doing, well you can easily follow along! This will help keep me accountable since I went race-signing-up nuts the other weekend.  I’m going to be doing a bikerace with Chrissy in May in Victoria (on Vancouver Island) and a half marathon in June in WHISTLER!!  I’m on the fence about another one, but I have a rubber arm which is becoming slowly convinced.  I might also be doing a half Ironman in Ireland in September.  Eeeek!  Why not?!! An excuse to come visit you Grandma and Nanna!! :)  ALSO, for those of you who read my posts while I was in Australia, I am still following through with my goal of running the Honolulu Marathon in December.  If you’ve ever even THOUGHT about running a marathon, why not train with me online? I’ll be posting my marathon training schedule starting around August/September.  Just a thought to perhaps get you thinking about it.  Anything is possible, wouldn’t you say?!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. JT I love your sunnies! Been looking for a similar pair to buy my boyfriend (men’s version of course) what brand are they?

    • They’re actually from a gas station in Australia! haha.. I don’t think I”ve ever owned an expensive pair of sunnies, since I usually end up sitting on them or losing them on a mountain or something like that! Any gas station I’m sure, or cheap jewellry store!!! They’re super fun :)

      • haha I knew it! everything awesome comes from Oz! I agree, my fav sunnies are my polarised Cancer Council ones. So cheap but so comfy & I love that they’re polarised !

  2. WOW! What a great way to start my day today! I will say it many time, but man you inspire me so much! As I have said before I am a runner and yogi also! Don’t tempt me to get race happy too! haha How it would be ever so nice to travel and run around the world. Someday I plan on doing the Vancouver marathon, have you ever done that one, you must have!! My favorite event so far has been the Ottawa marathon, but that is as far across Canada as I have got.

    Keep up all the crazy wicked goals! I am in the process of decided which event I may train for next. First though, is a fun run relay in June. Yeehawww!

    Love the pics, love the post, and I agree that with you TOTALLY, that signing up is a big kick in the pants for commencing your journey to your goal!

    Happy Friday!!!!

    • Add it to your bucket list!! You will love the Van marathon!!! It’s only a few weeks away now. Maybe in a few years??!! THanks for the inspiring words – you are awesome!

  3. im looking forward to read about the training logs and notes !!! i know for sure that i will recommend and use all your amazing recommendations to my clients (once i have that dream job) !!!! what you are blogging and writing about is so valuable, motivational, spiritual and true ! thanks for being such an inspiration, i really look up to you and hope that i can grow towards the direction of inspiring more people.
    and it is so true, just signing up already gives me butterflies!! (i signed up for a few workshops to get certified yaaaaaay!!!!)
    (let me know once you have time for the tiny devotions, no rush :)

  4. Thanks for the post… although I also get race happy so I don’t need any help with that (and neither does my credit card!). Signing up for races definitely gives me that boost to get out there on days when I am on the fence. I did sign up for my first marathon a couple of weeks ago. It is in November, but I would LOVE to see your training plan. I found that for my first couple of halfs, getting advice from seasoned vets helped me so much!

    Smiling with my heart in Newport, Rhode Island.

  5. Great advice! That’s what I did with the Chicago Marathon. Last year I ran 2 1/2 marathons and I said 2011 would be the year I run my first full. Registration opened up and I got nervous. Finally, one of the last days that it was open, I just signed up! I felt sick all day. But it got me back into my running groove! Until I sprained my ankle on Monday :-/ Minor set back!

  6. Great post, and great timing, Jenn! I had set a goal for myself back in January to run a 10K (I’m still a fairly newbie runner) and yesterday I signed up for a race and created a training plan for myself. So excited to know that now it’s *actually* happening!

    I work out a lot (at least 6 days a week) but my schedule’s always so all over the place with what workout I do on each day that I found it to be so soothing and peaceful to create a workout calendar to post to my fridge. Now that I know what I’m going to be doing every day (with some room for flexibility) it frees my mind from spending time thinking about what classes I’m going to which day, etc. I feel so positive and happy and am really looking forward to training! Would love to see some of your training plans :)

  7. Wow, Jenn! The universe is magical…your words and inspiration are the kick in the pants I have needed!!! Today, I signed up to get certified as a personal trainer!!! And let me tell you, it’s SCARY!!! All the better, right? :) I am moving out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibilities and adventures!!! COOL!
    Merci beaucoup for your never ending stream of positive, impassioned, encouraging words!!!! And your photos!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. JT, I had a dream of you last night!!! I think that’s what happens when I read your blog before I slept! You owned a quaint bookstore and were selling necklaces in there. It was amazing! :)

    • No way!!! That is crazy!! Weird, because I’ve always wanted to have my own little funky coffee shop filled with books, jewellry, travelling pieces… on and on it goes! One day perhaps??! Thanks for letting me know!! Crazy!

  9. I’ve been putting off actually registering for my first marathon in June but you convinced me that it’s time to suck it up and SIGN UP! I can’t wait to see the new section– what a fabulous idea! Thank you, Jenn, for continually motivating me and being such an inspiration! You are somethin’ else :)

  10. JT!!That was such a beautiful and hillarious evening!! I can’t wait to get back out on the bikes this week!! And this time… no latte til we ride for at least an hour!! Training is ON!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

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