Day 25 – Take the Risk!

Last night was amazing.  Elizabeth Gilbert was outstanding.  At one point I had goosebumps standing every which way and tears in my eyes from being so inspired and grateful to be there.  I poked Michelle beside me for her to look at this teary/ goosebumpy phenomenon and said, “THANK YOU!  I want to be up there so badly!”. Mish bought me the ticket back in February as a birthday/graduation present.  I definitely showed her yesterday with my goosebumps just how happy and grateful I was. I got so much out of her talk, I can’t really pick just one thing.  I took a bunch of notes here and there (I couldn’t sit there without jotting as much as I could down!) so there will be some Gilbert-spired blogs to come I’m sure. What I DO know for sure, is I WANT TO BE UP THERE!!!  Talking in front of hundreds of people.  Inspiring the room.  Filling an entire room with goosebumps.  One day.  One day I will be up there!  I have to!

Mish, Syl, Karen and myself had been planning this night since way back in February.  I can’t believe that I forgot to tell Pookie about it, since Miss. Gilbert is one of her hero’s as well as mine!!  I felt like such a bad friend!!!  But it all worked out.  Pookie read on my blog yesterday how I was going to the show, and she then instinctively hopped in her car and headed to Van.  Just like that.  She lined up at the ticket office at 6pm for when it opened, and who would have known it – got a ticket!  She took the risk.  You are awesome Pook!  I love that about you!!  DONE!

I so badly wanted to meet Elizabeth Gilbert.  She has inspired me so much with being able to live my life more passionately and to share my own story.  If you check out my “About Me” section, I even start by writing that this is my very own Eat, Pray, Love – my story, inspired by self-growth and a spark for adventure.  I guess she helped me to see that we ALL have a story.  Even me.  Similar stories, but all so uniquely meaningful.  I’ve read her book 3 times, each on different trips: Europe, Central America and Australia.  On all of these trips, I accomplished so much.  So much personal growth.  So many growing pains, but so much more room for self-love.  SO MUCH!

We tried to talk to every security guard we could that looked like they might be able to help us back stage to meet her.  No such luck.  Michelle had come up with a good idea.  She suggested that I give her a gift – a Tiny Devotions necklace.  During her talk, she shared her feelings about the movie and how honored she was that Juila Roberts played her role.  She expressed how she gave Julia her very own mala beads, so that Julia was to take the story and make it her own.  It was her journey now.  She had no expectations to live up to.

I did just that.  I gave her my rose quartz mala, which represents self love.  I wanted to express how grateful I was for the amount of love she inspired me to find within myself. Without this self discovery I wouldn’t be able to be so open to sharing my emotions, challenges and growth in my writing.  I felt so good writing this note to her and giving her this gift.  It felt right.  I made SURE that it would be placed directly into her hands from the manager herself.  I enclosed a note expressing my gratitude, as well as for her to see how much she has inspired me by perhaps, MAYBE!, reading my blog.  I took the risk. Who knows.  Maybe one day she will read this.  Maybe not.  Either way, I’m so grateful for what she has added to my life, and felt amazing giving such a small token of my gratitude.  Spreading the love!

One of the many theme’s of her talk was to take the risk.  She had to take the risk of becoming a writer.  Dedicating herself to her “relationship with writing” as she called it.  It was a commitment she had to make. No half assing.  No doing what she sort of liked.  She loved writing, she was in love with it, so she took the risk and dove right in.  She inspired me to continue taking the risk with what I’m doing – which is really still all a blur, but it just feels like the right direction.  I guess you could say I am taking a big risk by writing this for everyone to see.  Who knows where it will lead.  I’m taking the risk and there’s no turning back now.  That’s what committment is.  No turning back. Faith.  Unwavering faith.  Not sure which way to go?  Choose a direction.  Any direction that FEELS GOOD.   Stick to that direction and run with it.  Take the risk!  If it feels good to you, DO IT!!  Make it happen!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Hi JT

    First time commentor and long time reader. Just wanted to say you continue to inspire me. Eat, Pray, Love was a great read but what you are doing with your life is continually inspiring.

    Keep truckin

  2. you have inspired me! :) I just wanted you to know that. Anything is possible and I’ve only recently realized that. Thank you!! xx

  3. yay jen!!! i love this so much ! i relate to everything youve said here. eating and praying and this whole journey of self love and learning and BELIEVING!!! AMAZING! Elizabeth Gilbert!!!! i am inspired by you amazing friends in vancouver! way to go! i can imagine you up there on a stage inspiring countless people jen, actually i am imagining it right now! xo! keep rocking i luv it! sei bella!

  4. Thank you for the lovely post. I just recently started following your blog. I stumbled upon it during some of your grey days so I was happy to see that you had a wonderful experience at the Elizabeth Gilbert event. You have inspired me to take my goal setting and bucket list more seriously and I am enjoying the adventure of documenting and dreaming about all the things I would like to do.
    Just a quick observation: Sometimes we become so accustomed to the image of people we know well, that we don’t notice the little things. So I say as an outside observer that all of the photos featured in this particular post display people that seem genuinely happy and filled with joie de vivre, I am sure they bring the most wonderful things to your life and you to theirs.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I am so happy for you to have that experience with Elizabeth Gilbert. Your words are truly inspiring and beautiful. You have lifted my spirits today, thank you.
    Dreams DO come true and I see you on that stage one day!!!

  6. When you get up on the stage – I will make the commute from the east coast to sit in the audience!!!

  7. taking the risk!!!! i am going to take the risk and challenge myself, do my very best i can to accomplish it. that is just what i needed to hear Jenn!!! ive been thinking about after graduation and somehow yesterday i realized what i really wanted to do, however, its a risk, but i am soooo willing to take that, especially after reading this post!!! thank you !!!
    its so inspiring reading about your adventure from last night!!!

  8. again you and your blog make me smile and realize that i need to take the risk. thank you so much for all that you do. i know some of my friends would benefit from your post so i am going to link your post on my blog . thank you for all that you do, write, and inspire!!! your bloggy pal!! jackie

  9. JT –

    Just started following your blog recently and loved it SO MUCH that I made some tea, sat down, and read it from the very beginning…I love it!! Your posts are so inspiring and insightful and I can feel the smile radiating through the (electronic) page.

    I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that in the future you _will_ absolutely be up in front of large crowds inspiring everyone! Just think about it – you’re already “inspiring the room” here in the virtual room that is your blog! You’re destined for greatness :)

    (By the way, your bucket list totally inspired me to create my own!)

    • From the beginning – WOW! I am impressed!! That is one full year of my rollercoaster life!! Thank you for believing in me!! I WILL be up there! One day :) I love how you made your own bucket list – YES!!! I love hearing this! Thank you!!!

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