Day 23 – VENT!!!

My day started off wrong at 2:30 in the morning.  I woke up from one of the scariest nightmares I think I’ve ever had.  What an awful feeling waking up to that alone.  I almost wanted to go knock on my neighbours door I was so scared!  But then started thinking rationally, and realized there was no actual point to this so I slowly fell back asleep.

I woke up to my alarm feeling grosse.  That dream really shook me up.  The day just kept going – my uggs got soaking wet from the rain, I forgot a rain jacket, on and on.  You don’t need to hear it all, I won’t put you through that!  What I’m writing about tonight is the importance of VENTING!!  After work I called Pookie and vented away.  I’m at JC’s right now using the internet (which was yet another annoying factor of my day), and just vented to her.  I don’t know what it is about expressing your feelings but it feels good.  I think it’s necessary.  We all have both negative and positive feelings, and it’s important to share both.  That’s what friends are for!  Good friends will be there through it all.  This was an “all” day for me.  haha.

Call up a friend if you’re having a rough time.  They’ll understand.  I felt so much better after doing that today.  Still felt awkwardly funky, but better.  We do this in the hospital all the time.  We’ll actually say to another nurse, “Do you have a sec?  I need to vent for a moment!”.  It all comes out, then back to work.  Feeling better.  Everyone knows how it feels to have a funky day.  I find that when I start to vent, the person I’m talking to usually feels relief because they get to vent about their life too.  You get a lot of “I KNOW!!!”s. And “TELL ME ABOUT IT!!”  Letting your walls down allows the other person to do the same.  Friendships just automatically become more real.  We all want to relate to one another – venting is just one of those ways that helps this along.

Sometimes all we need is to be acknowledged and listened to.  That’s it!!  Listening can be the greatest gift.  It’s harder to find than you think.  It’s easy to hear someone, but harder to listen.  If you’re feeling good today, try to look for opportunities to listen to a friend or co-worker.  If you’re feeling not so great, maybe experiment with expressing your feelings to someone you trust.  They’ll most likely appreciate that you chose them to share it with.  Everybody wins once again :)

Smile with your heart!

I couldn’t help but not post this picture!!  BAHAHA!

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  1. oh my gosh!! i`ve totally been having the weirdest days lately… i posted about it today too. for example… paid six bucks for parking downtown but meter said 0:00… not awesome. then went to get a new passport but the office was `temporarily closed`. hmmm what else… accidentally knocked a shot glass out of my cupboard and it shattered across my floor… and even more unfortunate events. plus this RAIN!! just go away already! hmmm it seems im using this comment as my vent sesh now.. so id better wrap it up! thanks for your lovely blog posts… im glad to have found you!

    xo, allie

    • That’s funny, you’re not the only one having a weird day yesterday. So many people I talked to were just feeling “off”. Must have been something in the air :) Checked out your blog, AWESOME!!!! Love it!!! Thanks for reading and posting yours to mine!!! Today’s going to be a GREAT DAY!!! hahaha

  2. my yoga teacher tonight kept talking about imagining a golden glow starting in your core and radiating warmth thru your fingers, toes and crow…her other saying for the night was “just be.” when i’m in the middle of a crazy day with 24 8+9 yr olds, that’s my strategy…deep breath, feel the warmth and just be. so…regardless of the…take a moment, feel the glow and just be!

  3. It’s the solar flare activity!!!! :) That’s why thing are out of sorts for many. Our energy is effected by all the energies in the Universe!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to VENT!! I usually have a rant several times a month out loud in nature. The wilderness accepts all my emotions without judgement. :))
    Have a wonderful day and may all good things come your way.

  4. Nightmares are the worst. They throw off the entire day. Sometimes I’m thrown off for several days by them. Then I self-analyze and look the nightmares up in the dream dictionary and drive myself completely crazy. Hope they go away!

  5. Venting is amazing, I just had a good ten minute vent and feel much better. I also find that verbalising/writng what I am am feeling, and emotions can take away some of the power they hold over us!

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