Day 22 – For-GIVE-ness

Today’s blog is going to be a bunch of rambled thoughts trying to fit together on one post, I think.  Often I’m not sure what I’m going to write about until I physically start typing – so here goes.

Today was my last day at the Kitsilano lululemon store – what a sad day!!!  I will officially be working full time at the head office during the week days (I’m stoked!), which just also happens to be only a few blocks away.  I will still be able to visit often to see all of their energetic and smiling faces.  What a place of high, contagious energy this store has!  After my shift, I was tired as I’ve been working a lot lately, but I didn’t feel drained.  I actually felt uplifted and wanted to take on the afternoon, although tonight my body says no once again.  It will be an early night, but I feel good.  I can’t say enough good things about this company and the people that it attracts.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it!!

I took a picture of this chalk writing which is at the entrance of the store – hmmmm, this just so happens to be what I titled my year of twenty-mine to be!  Crazy!  I wanted to take some pictures at the end of my shift with everyone who was working, but MAN that place was packed and buzzing with happy peeps enjoying their lazy Sunday.  I’m excited I actually get to have a lazy Sunday next week!  Phewww!!!  I need a sleep in!  I will be back for a visit soon lulu girls on west 4th.  You guys rock!!!

It was a bitter sweet farewell, as I’m super stoked for my opportunity at headoffice but sad to say goodbye to the store.  I’m rolling with the way life is taking me at the moment.  Nothing really makes sense, but I know looking back it eventually will.  So here goes – onto my next and exciting opportunity.  Let’s see what life is going to bring me next!

After grabbing a quick bite after my shift, I headed to my place of zen – yoga.  No more 40 days in a row for me, but I will still continue to do it as often as I can.  I love what a new friend posted in a comment the other day – listening to your body is yoga in itself.  Thank you for this Elizabeth!  I felt a sigh of relief after reading this.  It’s so true.  Yoga is balance.  Balance for my busy life isn’t stressing out about not making it to a ‘class’.  Yoga is my daily practice each and every day.  Each moment.  I have to remember this!

Crista reminded us to set an intention before class.  For no particular reason, mine was “forgiveness”.  I have never thought much about this word before until today.  I started thinking.  Forgiveness really has NOTHING to do with anyone other than ourselves.  No one else can force us to act in a certain way.  If we feel anger towards someone, we CHOOSE to feel this way.  They did not force that anger upon us.  Sure they acted in a way that stemmed this emotion, but it has nothing to do with how we reacted to it.

I thought more about this word, forgiveness.  It has the word ‘give‘ in it.  Instead of holding onto anger or resentment towards someone, which can only bring about more negative emotions, I thought to instead ‘give‘ love to myself.  Our emotions all originate form a thought.  If I can think loving thoughts towards someone, I am giving myself happiness.  Sure, there’s learning involved when we are hurt by people.  Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is smiles and bubbles with anyone who has pissed us off.  I’m not that niave.  It’s okay to let go.  It’s actually a good thing.  Letting go of our emotions, such as anger, also sometimes involves letting go of people.  Balance.

I know I haven’t had picture perfect relationships with all of the people in my life.  I have held anger and resentment against people.  Tonight, however, I began to try and let this go.  I started trying to give myself a gift.  That gift was to let go.  To focus on what I’m feeling.  In letting go of anger, I’m giving love to myself.  I can choose to send the people who have hurt me (or who I chose to react this way by) in my life happy thoughts.  I can send them love.  Just think how much better that already makes you feel?  I can choose not to have them in my life anymore, and I can also choose my thoughts towards them.  It definitely takes practice.  I’m working on it always.  I read somewhere once that you know you’ve forgiven someone when you see them and you feel nothing.  No anger.  No spurt of adrenalin.  This is forgiveness.  Being able to turn those negative thoughts towards someone else (what a waste of energy!) into positive thoughts and feelings both towards them and towards ourselves.  Send them love, and then drop it.  Wish them love, and then let it go.  Everybody wins.

Smile with your heart!

I haven’t forgotten to blog about Crush 101, don’t worry!  I just haven’t been ready to yet. I will this week!  I get my internet back on Wednesday night, so no more late nights at Starbucks, pheww!  Have a great rest of your Sunday!! :)

Oh, and one more thing!  I’ve been so busy lately that when getting home from work, all I’ve been tempted to do is jump into bed and nap or do nothing (which often is a good thing!).  Having my exercise clothes layed out for when I get home, ON MY BED, makes me feel inspired to easily throw them on and head on out for a run.  If I’m getting up early for a morning workout, I’ll often do this the night before too so that I don’t have to think too hard when it’s still dark out! Also I find I’m less inclined to press the snooze button because my inspiration is waiting for me to slip it on and take it outside.  Just a thought – it helps me!

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  1. Thank you, Jenn. Your words tonight were just what i needed to hear. I have been ruminating over unrequited love the past few days and I have been choosing to send this person love, peace and happiness. I love how you pointed out the “give” aspect of forGIVEing! I have been making the effort to let go of past grievances, especially toward my mother. I can say that my forgiving her healed my heart and made it possible for me to call her on her birthday, without anxiety, for the first time in 10 years! We had a nice conversation. I made my peace with her and she passed away 2 months after our talk. Love dissolves all pain.
    I like how you post pictures to go with your writing. Putting your workout clothes at the end of your bed is a great idea! And, i adore the cute little teddy bear on your pillow! :) Sweet dreams.

    • Hi Marquita. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. My thoughts are wit you. I’m so glad you were able to heal your heart and have those wonderful lasting memories. Love dissolves all pain – I have to remember this. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  2. P.S. All the best for your new position at “the head office” ! :)

  3. I really struggle with this… Forgiveness. I think my pride gets in the way too often, because I really don’t want to send positive to someone who has crushed me in some way. But your post has really made me rethink forgiveness, and that its more about freeing myself by letting go of those angry, negative feelings towards that person. Hmm…

    Wow. Thanks, you inspire me everyday! :)

    • I KNOW this feeling!! Sometimes it can be so hard. I struggle with it too, just like everyone else I’m sure. But I’m getting better, and hence feeling better!!! Thanks for writing Rachel!! :)

  4. hi Jenn, good luck with your new post at lulu office!!
    thanks for writing!! this week will be filled with lots of new inspiration, ideas and love!
    iim sooo happy i saw you yesterday, yeeey :) you are so energetic and that gave me so much motivation to study last night!! congrats again on the tiny devotions. as you said and im quoting from the happiness project.. ive learned that it is through doing small things, we can do great things!! and id love to buy one of the necklaces from you :) you can email me with more details, id love to buy one before easter if thats possible, so whenever works best for you.
    thanks for the advice on visionboards!!!!!

    • Hi Lizzy!! That’s great you got a lot of studying done! Great to see you again too!!! I will email you the details Wednesday night!! I pretty much have every one posted on teh webstie, so let me know your favourites and we will arrange to meet!! :) Have a great day!

      • thanks Jenn, looking forward! (maybe the light pink or black one.. still deciding)
        but i have to tell you, you have just inspired me soooo much.. i feel i want to create a bucket list, help people grow with doing visionboard sessions, and so many other things!! its crazy how lately i have been getting these amazing ideas and i feel inspired to help ignite the passion, like you have been doing for so many people! like the Tiny Devotions and handing out socks, i believe they are such an inspiring way to help others that you do and somehow i am now questioning on how i can ignite more passion and inspire the people around me.. my desire and passion to help, inspire, create and motivate is growing.. but there is so much more for me to learn from real life too.
        but anyways, reading your blog has inspired me so much !!!!!! keep it up, adversity is what makes us stronger and make us believe even more in our dreams and goals!! it’s what makes the good days even better and its what makes a peanut butter cookie soooo worthy ;)

  5. I think I needed to read something like this “Forgiveness really has NOTHING to do with anyone other than ourselves. No one else can force us to act in a certain way.” So very true… You have opened my eyes. Thank you :)

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