Day 17 – Bless in the mess!

I always look forward to blogging, well most days anyways!  Today, however, I was pondering most of the day what the heck I was going to write.  What do I share?  How much of my life do I want to put out there?  That’s when I realized that this time, I choose not to share.  I’m learning balance, even in my writing.  I’m enjoying the sense of calmness I’m gaining from my yoga challenge.  I don’t want any drama in my life.  I’m just happy to be calmer than I normally would be right now.  I’m okay with not having a happy picture to share over the past few days because some times our lives are filled with shades of grey.  Without these shades, we might not appreciate the colours that are eyes are blessed to see each and every day.  So welcome to another day of grey – although this day feels okay for me.  I’m doing alright with this shade of grey.  It feels better to not try so hard to be happy on grey days, which is what I might have tried to do in the past. Balance!

I’m also learning more and more each and every day about my gut feelings.  I’ve noticed myself actually listening to advice that friends and family have for me rather than trying to grasp every word that is sent my way.  I’m able to listen calmly, digest it, and then confidently decide on my own what feels right.  What makes my heart smile? My counsellor helped me come up with this a while back and I’ve forgotten about it until today, when my dad reminded me – thanks dad!  Sometimes it can be hard to listen to that feeling – the feeling that describes our answer that we sometimes are so desperate to hear come out of someone else’s mouth. You always know. The frustrating sentence thrown at you at the end of a yoga class when you want a yes or a no answer!

Take that gut feeling into a certain situation you’re not sure which way to go.  Now physically picture your bright, vibrant and healthy heart.  Is this glowing heart smiling with the decision you choose?  How does it make your heart feel?  How does your overall body feel?  If it’s not smiling, try picturing yourself doing something else and notice if you feel a difference.  Listen to this – your intuition.  I’m gaining a greater understanding of this gut feeling.  Something has been throwing me off lately, and I know it’s my gut trying to tell me something.  I’m listening.  Finally.  Finally I’m allowing myself to confidently make my own healthy decisions.  What matters to ME is most important in the end.  If I’m not happy, then it’s pretty hard to elevate the people around me.  The ripple effect has to start somewhere, and I want it to start on the most positive and inspiring vibe possible.

Yoga.  Yoga.  Yoga.  This is one of the ways I’ve been putting myself first.  I’m on my 17th day, and MAN do I feel amazing.  Some days, I’ll be honest, feel like a hinderance to get myself to class especially when I’m doing that funny looking speed walk thing with my yoga mat around my shoulder, breaking a sweat and trying to be all zen about it.  But for the majority of the time, I’m glad I went.  I’m feeling more calm.  Less drama.  I’m learning to let the craziness and drama settle and am more easily able to see the bless in the mess. Thanks for this small sentence of inspiration today Steph.  You are amazing. There’s always goodness that comes out of everything.  Scratch that – Greatness.  Life is what we make it.  I choose greatness out of the messy-ness!  Bless in the mess.  Ya there is!

There’s so much to learn out of the messy times in our lives!  I’m starting to appreciate them more and more.  I almost look forward to it, in a weird way, because when looking back I notice that the most growth I’ve had has been through the toughest times. Curveballs are good.  If life didn’t throw us these curveballs, the game would be pretty boring.  They keep us on our toes and help us to become ready for anything that comes our way.  They help us to become pro-active.  I’m practicing right now for the next pitch life is about to throw at me.  What’s it gonna be??!  I have no idea, but each and every day I’m becoming more confident and ready for what life has for me.  Hard work pays off!

Smile with your heart!

(I had to add just one picture!!  Make sure your heart is smiling!)

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  1. Hope today is a better day :)

    « The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself»
    Anna Quindlen

  2. I love yoga! How have you found the timein your life and a yoga class schedule that allows you to be able to go everyday? After my half marathon i think 30/40 day yoga challenge might be my next one! (gotta find a studio that has unlimited pass tho……)

    • I’m realizing that I don’t really have the time!! It’s almost been too much for me!! Semperviva has a whole bunch of classes, early morning and night which helps. But I’m missing running and doing other things I love too. GOod luck on your half marathon!! 30/40 seems perfect! 40 is definitely a lot!!

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