Day 15 – Not in the mood :)

Thanks for checking in today.  Unfortunately, I’m not in the mood to write.  I’ve had a rough few days.  Kind of a bad mood funk.  I woke up this morning after having grosse dreams and started crying.  I wanted to wallow in my sorrow in bed, but decided against it when I picked up the book “The Happieness Project” in hopes of some inspiration.  I opened up to a page that read ‘Discover your spirituality’.  I seriously heard a soft voice inside my head say to me – Go to yoga.  Just go to yoga.  I did get my butt out of my comfy bed but ended up crying when I got there too.  Just a funk.  I don’t feel like going into it, I will one day soon. Although one thing that did help this morning was ASKING for help.  I asked out loud as I was walking home from yoga, “Please help me right now!”.  And within one minute, Pookie called. Then Sylvia called.  Then Mish called.  Thanks guys.  Thanks for listening and for being there for me.  Everyone.  Thanks for the support.  Just another funky day – not worried about it because tomorrow will be better.  Up and down.  This is my life!

I have spent some time with Murf (aka the ex :))  over the past little while, and feel all confused and just messed up.  I read some things on his new website yesterday that made me feel kinda crappy.  It’s hard seeing things we don’t want to.  He didn’t mean for it to hurt me, it was all in good intentions, but it’s just the way I chose to react.  I specifically told him that I just want to be friends, so why is it so hard for me to see him putting it out there what he wants in his dream woman?  I dunno.  What can you do.  Why do we check anyways?  Why do we keep looking if we know it will hurt?  Grrrrrr.  I don’t know, but I do know that I just need to feel sad in order to get out of this funk.

I’ll blog about Crush 101 in the next few days.  I want to feel inspired when I’m talking about something inspiring!!  We all go through days like this, I just so happen to write it for everyone to see.  We’re all normal.  I remember my dad would always tell me, that whatever feeling we’re experiencing, it’s guaranteed that someone else has felt it too. Every feeling is ‘normal’, if you want to call it that.  So here’s me letting you know that it’s okay for happy people to feel funky and in a bad mood.  Everyone HAS to feel bad somedays.  If not, where’s the balance?  I know where I’ll be at 7am tomorrow morning – hitting the bags at the gym.

Smile with your heart.

p.s. this picture I took the other day when I was in lululemon.  I was so excited to see this rainbow shining in through the door – I love rainbows.  I see them as positive signs in my life.  Some people probably thought I was a bit nuts kneeling on the floor and snapping a few shots, but oh well.  I made some people smile in doing so :)  Have a great night, I’ll be feeling better tomorrow I’m sure.

Oh, and I haven’t responded to all of the amazing comments in the past few days because of this funk – but THANK YOU!  I REALLY appreciate them all!  I will be back soon!

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  1. I LOVE this post, Jenn! It’s so wonderful when people are authentic. Thank you for sharing and big hugs to you. Being in a funk makes us appreciate Not being in a funk! :-)

  2. tomorrow is a new day, a new day full of new opportunities, dreams, love and life
    i think accepting that you are feeling this way is already so positive, and as long as you keep positive thinking, this time will just be for you to learn, become stronger and get you prepared for what is to come, which is going to be amazing !!!
    i felt that way on friday night, i was even crying at work, so stupid. but then i decided saturday was going to be different and overall had a really good-relaxing weekend, something that hasnt happened in so long!! so thanks for sharing, everyone experiences it.. good thing is, it doesnt last and we grow from it :)
    looking forward to read about the crush101 too!!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a bit of a rough time right now you lovely girl. (Best you stay completely away from the Murf JT, you’re not ready to be friends with him just yet)
    And yes that’s SO true, we all go through the same stuff, some days are good, some are awesome, some fantastic, some mediocre, some bad and some truly shitty :) but we also usually get through it and then wonder how we could ever have felt that crappy!
    Being human is such a mystery sometimes. Take care, loving your honesty and your blog more and more each day.
    Big hugs!

  4. Such an honest and raw post JT. And brave of you to be so open. Thats why I read your blog everyday. Don’t forget your own gorgeous advice… Smile with your heart!!

    Warm Regards from Oz xx

  5. Sending digital hugs from New York!!

  6. Ahhh I hate the funk!! It’s hard to shake sometimes. And, again… I totally relate with seeing an ex recently and the confusing feelings after. I’m still in that place too. Just remember to keep putting you first and keep shining! Oh, and go take it out on the punching bags… that always helps ;)
    Sending support and good vibes your way from Boston!

  7. Hi Jenn,

    I’ve been reading your blog ever since I wandered into Philly’s lululemon store. I saw each employee’s “vision & goals sheet” lovingly framed and was so turned on that I created my own. I was already familiar with vision boarding, and this was the first time I gave it a shot. And yes, it is scary how well it works:-O I was referred to the lululemon page for the goal-setting guide and voila, that’s how I came upon your gem of a blog!

    Your vulnerability and strength are truly remarkable. Reading your blog is a true joy!

    As someone going through similar growing pains (as my friend, Carol, always says “If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not growth”), I wanted to share what’s been so helpful for me:

    The book, “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. What I have gotten out of her teaching so far is that whenever we feel pain (resulting from a repeated thought pattern), it is because we are believing thoughts that are not true for us. She has created 4 simple questions (called “The Work”) that may be applied to any thought, so we may see the thought for what it really is — and see reality for what it really is when we remove the interpretive filter of our thoughts.

    Here’s a short video that shows The Work in action:
    [audio src="­CouplePublicEvent3_0704.mp3" /]

    Hope this helps:) Keep flowing….
    Namaste from Philly,

  8. Take a deep breath and say… everything is going to be ok *smile* Hope you feel better


  9. Thank you for all of the LOVE!!!! :) You all are so amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this every day :) !!

  10. I love that you start your entry with a thank you…even though you don’t want to write, you still say thanks. Similar to waking up with a smile yes? I’m trying that, although some days it is very challenging! Those days my goal is to have a smile on my face by the time I get out of my car at work. Keep smiling and keep saying thanks!

  11. I was waiting at the bus stop today and was purposely standing in the sun (it was cold!) and a rainbow appeared on my coat from the reflection of the glass on the bus shelter! It made me smile because I thought of this post! :)

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