Day 11 – A night for ME!!

I’m taking a night for ME tonight!  I unfortunately won’t be your source of inspiration tonight, or if you’re reading this eating your oatmeal tomorrow morning!  (I love it that people have told me they look forward to reading this while eating their oatmeal!  Try adding some peanut butter in it, and it will make the whole experience that much better, I promise!!).

Working for lululemon has been awesome.  One thing I LOVE about the company is how set they are on goals.  An added bonus is that they are totally supportive of you having goals every which direction, not only within the company.  What other company out there supports you flying high in the exact direction you want to go with the tools you’ve learned from such a great team?  I love it.

So tonight, I’m taking some solo time to reflect and work on my goals that need to be posted up on the wall in the store on Friday.  Everyone’s goals are up on the wall. Everyone is accountable.  AMAZING!!  Do I fit right in or what?!  I’m in such a transition right now that my goals seem to be constantly changing.  This past week I’ve been reflecting a ton and trying to figure out what I’m going to write down on that piece of paper – I’m not sure what’s going to come out of that pen.  We’ll see where it takes me I guess!

One thing I guess I can share with you from today is how good I feel after having fish for dinner (sorry if I offend anyone who is against eating fish or any meat for that matter!)  I’m not a big fish eating fan myself, but have made it a goal to add more into my diet because of all the health benefits it has to offer.  I’ve eaten fish the last two nights and I have to say I am impressed with how good that salmon filet was! So simple too.  Quick, light, easy, and good for you!! I’m proud of myself!  I just had to remind myself to eat more, and BAM – 2 nights in a row!  So simple!

Check out how AMAZING Vancouver is right now!!  Kitsilano is definitely sun stoked!!! After work and yoga today I walked by the beach to soak up some sun, just like everyone else who has been in hibernation throughout the rainy winter.  Everyone is high on life out there!! Make sure to get outside and enjoy whatever the weather may be for at least 5 minutes tomorrow!!  Rain or shine, it’s good to be alive.  Life is good!

Smile with your heart!

P.S. We had an awesome photoshoot today at lulu.  Fun pictures to come in a few weeks!!! I’m loving it there!

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  1. i indeed look forward eating my version of oatmeal in the morning while reading your post or going to sleep thinking about your advices, anyhow anyway anymoment, i love your blog and your writing and goals :)

    i also like that there are women’s boxing gyms around.. i had no clue, i used to be a boxer and loved it!!!! maybe i should go back and put on my cloves one more time. and i do agree.. the workouts get you pretty ripped but most importantly i love the sweat and afterwards i just feel soooo good and strong.. but i had to stop since training for competitions was hard cuz i trained at a men;s gym and i didnt want to get injured. that’s my personal boxing experience right there but defiantly recommend it to everyone, it’s kick ass!!!! and then looking for that yin yang = key!!

    thanks for sharing !!! im so inspired!!!!!! :)

    • Cool! Thanks for sharing that you love it!!! I think it’s an amazing activity for women to do – I don’t have night mares any more from doing it!! It’s awesome!

  2. Add me to the morning post-yoga blog reading oatmeal eating list! :D Though today was tofu scramble haha

    Enjoy your time of reflection; I bet some amazing stuff will come from it!

    I cannot believe I’m seeing people outside on the beach in shorts! We just got snow in Toronto all day yesterday! I am just on the “wrong” side of the country (definitely). I now see further reason for my saving to move to BC! Jeeze! haha

    Have a great day!

    • Crazy eh??! And I wore flipflops to work yesterday!!! SNOW!!! Ahhhh! I wouldn’t be able to handle so much snow!! I love the beach! Yes, another reason for you to move out this way :) !!

  3. Wow! Vancouver is beautiful! I live in Bend, Oregon and just signed up to receive “Smile with your heart”. I lOVE it! Thank you for sharing your inspirational spirit and warm heart!
    I am more motivated to take yoga after reading your post yesterday. :) I have been athletic my whole life and I know that a consistent yoga practice is what my body would like to balance it out. Not, a yoga class every 6 months or so! So, one of my goals is more YIN and Yoga!

    Blessings to you.

    • That’s great!! Once you start it will be hard to stop. I only thought I’d be doing it a few times a week for a month or so to help me de-stress from Nursing school. And what do you know? NOw I’m doing it every day almost 2 years later! ! So glad you’re going to try it more often!!!

  4. I want to work at Lululemon!

  5. YAY for oatmeal and Peanut butter (natural of course)!! I also like to add cut up granny smith apples and or even dried cranberries, warms me up and wakes me up almost every morning. Which brings me to a question I have been wanting to ask. Do you follow any specific meal plans or special eat clean diets? Or, do you just enjoy life and live a healthy well balanced lifestyle?

    Love the pics of Vancouver! I will someday get there! We currently are having a bit of flurries over here on the other side of the country! But I have faith and can feel the spring/summer in the air!

    Would love to try boxing someday. I think we have a program that is called Macfit which is a cardio kickboxing class that I hear people complain how much they love the sweat/hard workout! (Does that make any sense? LOL)

    Hope you had a good night to yourself, I am on board for that tonight as well!

    • I forgot about adding apple.. thanks for the reminder – I love that!!! I don’t really eat any specific meal plans. I’ve always been one for balance. I like cookies and treats in moderation and just try to eat as healthy as possible, but not overboard in the too healthy direction! I find that if I deprive myself of certain foods, I binge and feel stressed about not eating what I want. So I aim for 80/20. 80% healthy and 20% other :) Whatever that other may be! Somedays it’s a bowl of pasta or most days it’s a cookie :)

      YES to trying boxing!! You will love it!!! And thanks for the hoping I had a good night – yes indeed it was :) Another great day to enjoy!!! Have a great day!!!

  6. I came across your interview on lulu’s site and have been checking in daily ever since. I eat my oatmeal (with natural PB and banana for me!!!) before I get to read your blog, but I am usually enjoying some coffee or green tea when I get a few minutes mid-morning to go to your site ;)

    I love the energy that jumps out of the screen, and coming here is such a peaceful, serene moment in my day. Like after a good workout, reading your post is a few minutes of bliss, and I always feel happier afterwards. The energy you are putting out there is simply contagious, and I love it.

    Looking forward to following your adventures, and more importantly, creating my own ;) I worked with a life coach last summer and got into journaling and goal-setting, which I had let slip by the wayside during a few frustrating months this winter, so thank you for inspiring me to get back into that practice!

    • Another oatmeal-er!! I love it!!! Before I go to bed, I look forward to waking up to oatmeal!! lol. Thanks for letting me know you find my site peaceful!! That means a lot, as I’m striving to become more calm! Glad to hear you are inspired to set goals once again! I know sometimes I let them slip too, and am glad when I find myself back at them. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  7. Yay!!! You’re on the site – love seeing you modeling!

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