Day 10 – The Balance Within Yin and Yang

Meet Paul.  He is my incredible trainer at 30 Minute Hit who gets to kick my butt on a regular basis!  And I get to punch the crap out of him, which feels awesome!!! Fortunately for him, his human punching bag comes at the end of the 30minute workout so there’s not much steam left in me by this point.  He probably gets a good laugh out of me sweating my butt off and barely even being able to throw a punch at the end of 2 minutes.  What an amazing workout!  If you have a 30minute Hit near you, check it out.  Your first time is FREE and you get a trainer encouraging you every workout!  Mandy, Sylvia and Melissa tried it recently and LOVED it.  Say hello to your abs and thighs!  The burn that is.  Man it’s tough!

Paul knows me as “abs” because when I first met him I was on my way to Australia and explained to him the importance of abs before heading into 6 weeks of bikini season.  I’ll often skip some of the kicking stations in order to live up to my name and work on my abs.  Today, however, Paul pointed out to me that perhaps I should be balancing my core by adding more back exercises into my workout.  I had been so focused on one thing that I completly forgot about the opposite spectrum of it.  In order to be strong and to feel strong, we need to work on all aspects of ourselves.  Not just our abs!

He also noticed that my face was turning purple as I was punching the crap out of one of the bags.  BREATHE!! he said. Don’t hold your breath! I wanted to yell at him, “You try doing this and breathing!”  But I didn’t.  Instead I actually tried it.  I felt like I had more energy.  More steam with each punch.  Funny thing is, I was so focused on beating the thing up as hard as I could I didn’t realize my teeth were clenched and I was forgetting to breathe.  Yin within Yang.

Kickboxing is my yang.  I get to feel tough, strong, confident and angry – the definition of my yang.  I learned today that there is a fine balance within both yin and yang.  When I’m so fully concentrated on strength and power (my yang), I need to remember to still remain soft, aware, and resilient (my yin).  I need to step back and observe.  To breathe. Balance.  Balance within yin and yang.

I recently asked a yoga instructor, with a slight sense of frustration, why my hamstrings never seem to open up.  I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year and a half and if you saw me in class, you’d probably think I was a rookie.  She said, “JT!  It’s because you only practice power yoga!”.  Was it that obvious to her?!  Okay, so I probably knew that subconsciously because I was avoiding the relaxing types of yoga, so fine!  I will practice more hatha!  And I am actually really enjoying this.  I’ve been trying to add more yin into my life by practicing yoga, and have been proud of myself for doing so.  BUT, in my case, it is possible to even have too much yang, too much power within this beautiful and gentle practice.  A balance within.  A fine balance.  I am learning this!  I’m learning to breathe through tough situations and to practice calmness in gentle situations.  To combine them whenever I can, in every aspect of my life.  Thanks for the reminder today Paul!

Another blown away moment today! Izabella, a friend I went to highschool with, emailed me and asked if she could help me re-vamp my website.  She ASKED to help me!  Amazing!!!  Izabella and her brother started their own creative design agency, Domogeneous.  I felt inspired just sitting in their studio!  I felt even more inspired after leaving our meeting with ideas and possibilities floating every which way.  Our goal is to have this website re-vamped by the end of April.  Get ready for some fun new things coming your way!  I’m stoked!  Business cards, stickers, new website, maybe even some t-shirts!  The whole shebang!  Thanks so much for offering to help Bella!  I’m so excited to CREATE possibilities!!!

Smile with your heart!

(and get ready for more inspiration coming your way!)

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  1. In a happy twist of fate I came across your blog today at work…the interesting part/twist for me was today was the day I also started practicing yoga. I had gone to classes in the past but had never put my heart into it before. Not this time thou – I am happy to begin this new chapter in my life. thank you for reminding me to look for the many possibilities life has to offer and the joy one can gain from deciding to reach for the stars!

    • You will LOVE YOGA!!!! I can’t say enough good things about it. I started 1.5 years ago and now can’t imagine my life without it. It changes every aspect of your life, in a positive way!!! (that’s speaking for myself and so many others who feel the same way!). Good luck, you will love it!!! Thanks for writing!

  2. omigosh! new website! i’m so excited! exclamation point!

    but seriously, i can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. isn’t the design process so much fun?

  3. Yay Stickets, t-shirts, website!! I can’t wait :)

  4. I was shopping on the Lululemon website one day and I came across a link to your blog. I love reading it! Thanks for inspiring me :)

  5. Thank you for all the inspiration.
    You make me smile!
    Think about the positive rings you spread around the world.
    Love from Sweden

  6. I learned of your blog from LuLu as well and find your posts inspiring, fun and really relatable. You sound like someone who I would be close friends with! I will continue to read your blog as you work toward your goals, cheering you on and getting inspiration for me to work on my goals this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

  7. ooooo i am looking forward to it! right on izzy! so cool i love collaborations! wow! vamped website and tshirts!! ahhhh! LOVE the INSPIRATION! xoxo! miss u and looking forward to recieving my mail… with u in it! haha! yes!

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