Day 9 – I am Blessed

I am blessed to be a witness. This is one of my favourite songs of Ben Harper’s.  For some reason, it just gives me happy goose bumps.  Reno played this song during Savasana at my favourite yoga class of the week, and it inspired me to write this blog!  Thanks Reno!

I was blown away yet again today with an email I received from another new blog friend who is sending me a package of socks – from across the country.  This is seriously amazing.  I am so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the positive emails I have received. Thank you so VERY MUCH for your comments, love and support this way!  I am blown away by the magnitude of amazing people that I am so grateful to have as a part of my life.  Friends I haven’t even met are GIVING, so that we together can start making a difference.  It’s like I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of life loving dominos, just ready to spread on the good feelings to the next one.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Two friends emailed me today letting me know they had given blood.  Yes!  I’ve had emails asking to help me accomplish things on my bucket list, all the way from playing at an open mic to eating poutine in montreal.  THANK YOU!  And so many of you have made vision boards and expressed how big and hairy your new goals are.  I love it!! Thank you for sharing this!  I feel that with this blog, we are just only starting to TOUCH on what is possible.  A ripple effect of good.  Of greatness.  Maximizing the potential in our own lives so that we are able to inspire and elevate the lives of everyone around us!

Dominos!  At the vision board night I led last December, my friend Zac cut out a picture for me which read ‘the Domino’s Effect’.  He said to me, “I think this is a good one for you to put on your board.  I can see this happening!” At first I wasn’t too sure, but it felt good so I glued the sucker on.  Now I truly do believe that something great is happening from this!  Thanks Zac!

Everything is just fitting in so well.  Even my daily affirmation quote from yesterday reads: “We have to understand in a deep way that living a fulfilling life contributes to the general state of human happiness and inspires and supports others to create more happiness for themselves”.  This is so true!  When we are striving for our own personal goals and happiness, we are elevating the people around us.  In creating a fulfilling life, this enables us to become more generous.  It allows us to be able to give our time, support or even shop for socks to send across the country to be given out to those in need.

I feel so grateful, so BLESSED, to be witnessing the good that is coming out of this.  So many people are sharing their ideas, goals, dreams, love for adventure and honesty.  It definitely is a domino and a ripple effect.  I’m so blessed to be a witness to this all.  To be calm.  To be able to sit back and know that you are becoming inspired and hence inspiring others!  I love it!  This is my dream come true.  My greatest goal in life is to inspire and ignite that spark that’s inside all of us.  It’s happening because you are taking the time to read this, sharing your comments and emails, and spreading the excitment.  So thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a witness.  For letting me observe all of the good that is coming out of this!

On a side note!  Look what I got in the mail today!!  It’s official folks, Jennifer Thiel is a Registered Nurse!!!  Eeeekkkk!!!  This picture looks almost scary representing how happy I am!  That was a tough one, but I gott’er done!!!  With hard work and determination, ANYTHING you want in your life is possible.  ANYTHING!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Congrats!! :)
    I love all of your quotes, they’re so inspiring! Love that Lulu shirt.. I have been searching high and low for it; ebay, amazon, google, etc.. and can’t find that color :( I wonder if they’ll ever get it again? Have a fabulous day!

  2. WOW! What a great way to start my morning! (I always read your new post every morning while I eat my breakfast :) You are so inspiring and everything you have to say is AWESOME!
    I also feel so lucky to have found your website on the Lululemon website and follow it daily now. You have no idea how much I have learnt from reading your posts, it has helped me alot! So, thank you for that!
    It’s funny, my friend and I have always said how ‘blah’ Tuesday’s are, and that if you are having a bad day, it must be the curse of Tuesday! Well, today, this Tuesday will not be blah, because I feel so good after reading this post!

    Cheers to a great day! :)

  3. Congratulations on officially being an RN! Wow! What an accomplishment!

    Since you offer inspiration on the daily, here is some in return:

    “The Universe doesn’t give you the people you want. It gives you the people you *need*….to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.”

    “Your place in the world: To foster growth in others, which ultimately results in growth in yourself.”

    “As a citizen of the world, it is now your turn to do good things. Expect nothing in return, and the reward will be great.”

    Today will be a great day, JT!

  4. Congratulations! You are going to do such wonderful things with your degree! The people you meet along your path are going to be blessed to have you care for them.

  5. You are radiating happiness in that picture! Congratulations on the CRNE certificate coming in the mail. It now needs a HUGE frame

  6. ahhhh!!!! congrats!!!! i know that fabulous feeling of relief and accomplishment! you deserve all the happiness in the world!!

    ps— i would love to contribute to the sock project!!! please send more info to my e-mail address

  7. I feel so inspired reading this blog post. Thank you !!! i am a struggling phd student and a runner. I read ur blog on days i feel no passion for life and you always help.

  8. Congratulations! On everything! You are inspirational.

  9. Jenn,

    I have to tell you something. I was sitting on my couch tonight watching What Not To Wear – one of my favourite tv shows, when I had this thought about an email I sent prior to your debut on lululemon’s website. The email I sent was to Runners World. I asked them to publish an article about RNs and other health professionals who are running (as part of their lifestyle). Why? I needed so desperately to inspire myself to FINISH my nursing degree. My ‘story’ is similar to yours in that I finished one degree, that at the time I needed to study. Later this fall, I returned to school in a BScN program. After the first term, although I LOVED the program finally felt a sense of belonging I made up a zillion excuses why not to return for the second semester. One excuse was that I would not be able to continue to pursue my triathlon goals. So when I emailed Runners World, I wanted them to show me that there are busy nursing students and practicing RNs running (and doing other great athletic things). THEN I saw your debut on lululemon (debut to me). I have been following your blog – and even reading ALL of your past postings, AND sharing your blog with another RN friend of mine who is looking for her place in life/in her career – ever since then. So, here I am sitting on the couch FINALLY realizing that it wasn’t a fluke that I had asked Runners World to give me an article about RNs who run, it was the ‘domino’ effect. I asked the universe for an answer, and I got it. Ironically, you also appeared in the April 2011 issue of Runners World….crazy how these things work out! You totally motivate me and inspire me to really go after what I love and what is TRULY important to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • That is crazy!!! Thanks for sharing this!! I love stories like this. The universe always seems to give us the answer eh?? I find that waiting for it is the hardest part!!! hahah.. That is awesome!!! Thanks for taking the time to share this, and for reading!!! Good luck with the rest of your program. I started this blog to help me and my classmates get through it! So I’m glad you find it helpful. I know how hard and stressful the program can be!!! :)

  10. Hi there!! I just found your site through the LuluLemon site… and I can’t stop smiling!! I just made your blog my homepage!! You are so wonderful and inspiring and such a bright light!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for your contribution…. can’t wait to read more. TEEHEE!

  11. I love this picture of you! Such a wonderful accomplishment. My cousin is a nurse in Van and loves it…she has been working for about 4 or 5 years now i think and LOVES it. I will be sending some positive vibes your way that this hiring freeze business stops! We have one going on here in Moncton too.:( Best of luck i know it’ll come when it’s your time but you seem to have such an awesome job at Lulu now anyways so this is what is meant to be for you now:)

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