Day 8 – Blown away!

I woke up in a super pumped mood because the SUN WAS SHINING this morning!!  The cherry blossoms are starting to make their debut and life is good here in Kitsilano. Already in a happy, feel good mood because of my lazy Sunday sun stoke, I checked my email while eating breakfast and drinking a good ol’ cuppa joe (one of my favourite morning routines, especially on Sunday).  I was blown away by an email I received.  A wonderful lady who has recently started reading my blog sent me a message.  She asked if she could donate 100 pairs of socks for us sock ladies to hand out.  ONE HUNDRED PAIRS!!  That is 1000 TOES!!!  I honestly shed a few happy tears.  I was awe struck.  I wrote on my list of goals we’d be handing out 200 pairs of socks this challenge, not knowing where they would be coming from, and now I’m sure we’re pretty far past that.  I’m sitting here just stuck for words.

I sent an email back, in shock, THANKING her and asking where abouts I can pick them up.  Even more blown away with her response – she is shipping them to me from California.  And the best part: the ‘sock shopping’ is her reward for achieving her weekly goals.  This couldn’t get any better!! THANK YOU!  I am still blown away with complete gratitude and amazement.  There are so many good people in this world!  I feel so blessed to have so many in my life. Thank you for bringing teary eyes to my wonderful day and for helping keep 1000 toes warm and dry!  Amazing.

After receiving this heart smiling message, I ventured downtown to meet Mandy at the Outdoor Adventure Show.  The whole time I was in awe of how beautiful this city is. Smiles were everywhere on this sunny, crisp Sunday morning.  On the way, I stopped for a super big bear hug from JC’s awesome mom, who we all call Mar because she’s just that awesome!!  Thanks Mar for yet another great start to my day!

Mandy asked me last week if I wanted to go to this Adventure Show which was being held at the convention centre downtown. Without knowing much about it, and being the yes girl that I am, I was in.  Another crazy vision board story for you – I was helping close the store at lululemon last night and had finished my section so was just taking a brain break and gazing at the community board.  I looked down and noticed some free coupons to the Adventure Show.  Score!  How random is that!  And the best part is, the ticket read at the very bottom: Your adventure starts HERE! Exactly the same sentence in the same font that’s on my vision board.  Things are starting to happen!

I love it.  Doing what you love, saying yes, and just going with the flow.  I loved the vibe at the event today.  Lots of outdoorsy families, happy and energetic people all there to feel inspired and to share their passions.  We fit right in!  I’m finding that the more I’m saying yes to things that just feel right, the better and better life just keeps on getting.  Wonderful people, amazing experiences and more new hobbies and adventures to try.

This exact picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro is on my vision board too.  Next year we’re going to hike that thing, right Mandy??!  Just to help us put it out there, we got a picture for proof!  The more I put myself out there and follow what feels good the more crazy adventures seem to make it onto my never ending list.  Life just keeps getting better and better.  I’m learning an optimum balance of staying grounded and calm, working hard and enjoying as much as life has to offer.  There is so much out there to EN-JOY!!!  Whatever puts you IN JOY, do THAT!

Smile with your heart!

Is it just me, or did this city get ten times more exciting since the Olympics?  Granville Street was closed off today for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.  How awesome is that!!!

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  1. Hello,
    I just this week found your blog and I am LOVING IT! I have never been a “physically active” person but have caught your energy and have started to change things around. I love your positive spirit and really feel as though it has inspired me to “challenge” myself if ways that I have not done before. I was wondering if you have the time could you share with me your 40 day challenge. Is it that you are just doing yoga for 40 days or does it involve other things. I noticed that you have made goals for yourself and wondered if that was part of it. I am a teacher and was sharing with some students that you are collecting socks and they were so excited. Would you let me know more about that as well. Thanks for sharing, I’m loving the blog….

    • Wow! Thank you Lynn! What the 40 day challenge is about is making short term goals in a specific amount of time. I got the idea from my yoga studio, who also is hosting a 40 day yoga challenge right now. Basically, it takes roughly 40 days to make something a habit. This has definitely been the case for me, so I’m hooked. It just gives you a fresh start every 40 days with new and challenging goals. I try to throw one really scary goal into each challenge – this time around it’s practicing yoga every day! eeeeK!

      That’s amazing you are letting your students know about the socks!! If you read the entry from November 29th it will give you a bunch of info. But basically, myself and 2 other nursing students worked in the downtown east side and realized that one of the biggest needs of the homeless, that is easy for us to do something about, is to hand out socks. They get something called “street feet” which can deteriorate their feet and cause numerous problems. They are in desperate need of dry and warm socks, especially in rainy vancouver. We made an 8 minute video with more information if you have the time to read it!! Here’s the link:

      I’ve graduated from Nursing school but still continue to hand the socks out! Thanks for being interested and for reading!!!

  2. Hey Jenn, loving this post, and every post you put up! I actually look forward to reading your blog everyday. Wakes me up, makes me reflect, change my attitude and motivates me! Thank you! And I’m also glad there is someone else out there who has a Sunday coffee routine!!!

  3. Great to hear about your Kili plans Jenn, let me know when you get ready to plan and I can share my experiences from my trip there last year. Check out my “notes” on fb where I detailed a story about our trip, fyi.

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