Day 7 – Just checking in!!

I’m 7 days into this challenge.  That means 7 consecutive days of yoga.  The impossible is definitely becoming achievable.  I imagine that the impossible is actually going to become a habit!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good in my body as I do now.  Physically I’m feeling longer, leaner and just GOOD.  Emotionally I’m feeling stable and calm.  Practicing yoga, especially when I don’t feel like it!, has allowed me to practice more meditation than I would normally.  It’s been a good reminder to come back to this.  I used to meditate 10 minutes before going to bed which I found added so much more balance to my life.  Yoga is doing this for me right now!

This past week, I hit the wall.  My body was trying to tell me something.  I wasn’t really paying attention to this until I actually dug a bit deeper and tried to figure out what was out of balance in my life.  I know that I need to cut some things out.  I’m doing too much! What I REALLY needed though was some JT time.  I realized that I hadn’t journalled a la solo at a coffee shop for a few weeks.  I mean, I’ve been there but I had been scheduling a bunch of stuff and working on the computer.  NOT the same!  I felt 100 times better after enjoying a treat and a coffee, pen in hand creating dreams in my journal and just letting my mind explode it’s ideas all over the page.  Now they’re on paper and my mind is able to enjoy RIGHT now a whole lot more.

If you’re noticing your life to be out of balance, what can you do to help bring it back to a more even keel??  For me, it’s time alone with my own thoughts and enjoying a cookie with a good cuppa joe.  Yoga is helping me to remember.  Yoga is helping bring an unbelievable amount of balance into my life.  I’m loving it.

I’ll leave you with a quote that Reno left us with at the end of class (I never want his classes to end they’re so good!  Reggae music, good energy and great people all practicing yoga together with one goal in mind – to feel good!)

Never doubt in your heart what you know to be true.

Smile with your heart!

And for the people out there who love coffee as much as me – here’s a picture for you I found on the wall outside of the bathroom at one of my favourites! BAHAHA!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. im happy you found some time to reflect and write in your own journal. i feel i have too much going on as well and it is hard to get some time for yourself, but maybe at the end the hard work pays off too.. although you cant really perform and work to the highest standards and provide quality work if you are not well rested or feel exhausted and not in balance with your mind and body… so i feel like it is circle pattern… and i believe it will only make me learn more about myself and my potential.
    i started reading a book yesterday and i almost finished it, but even thou i am drowning in work it just gives me so much inspiration and i can relax a little bit too, but hoping to get some “me” time very soon (that is when finals are over, so not for another month) but looking forward to it!!!
    thanks for sharing your experiences and amazing words of courage and inspiration!!

    • Me time is definitely what keeps ME going… I’m glad you got some in too! Reading and journaling are amazing for our soul – mine craves it! And tells me in suttle ways when I’m not doing it! Thanks for sharing Lizzy!!!

  2. Hi Jenn,
    I just found your blog because someone at yoga told me about lululemon. I swear I don’t have a single comfortable yoga outfit! We have something in common. I just started a 60 day challenge at my Bikram yoga studio, and today was my 7th day! I have never done 7 days of yoga in a row so I am stoked to make it this far, only 53 days to go ;-)
    I also read your laundry list of life and I too am *in transition, *whole life change, *just out of a relationship (abusive) and had to move, *starting back to school, + lots more. My hips have been totally tight, and sore…I went for a run last week and couldn’t walk without pain for 3 days! I guess I am holding on to a bunch of stuff…thanks for the awareness.
    Good luck on your challenge! And thanks for the dream board inspiration. I want an awesome new life and that is a great way to manifest it!
    In love and light,

    • Hi BettyKay!! Thanks for writing!! 60 days of yoga!! WOW!! I’m impressed!!! I can’t imagine how life changing that will be – I”m already loving 7 days of my 40 day challenge. I’m already finding myself craving the next class! I know how you feel with the tight hips. Mine are ridiculously tight!!! Have fun with the challenge and the dream board – watch out what you put on there because it seriously ALL HAPPENS!!

  3. J.T I am more and more grateful everyday for finding your blog. Thank you!
    I was just curious to know are you doing 40 classes of yoga or does that include practice at home?
    Thank you for inspiring me everyday.
    Warm Regards from Australia x

    • THank you Lauren!! Wow!!! And from Australia!! AMAZING!!! I loved my time there :)

      I’m trying to get to the studio 40 days, but I know this might not always happen so I have a yoga DVD which is ready to pop in just in case I can’t make it one day. As long as I’m practicing EVERY day is all that matters to me right now!! Although I’m trying to go to the studio for community support on the challenge too – it just feels good there!!

  4. Hahaha that sticker is so true for me. Yuck haha

  5. New to your blog – and I am LOVING it! What an inspiration! I was checking out the lululemon site for some gear and came across your blog.

    I finally sat down last night after just feeling “off” (I’m a new mom slowly discovering the new sense of ‘self’ that has evolved ever since I had my son) and wrote out my goals, short term, long term, realistic, yet challenging, and also my Bucket List.

    One of my short term/daily goals is a yoga practice (even a quick one) and some meditation/prayer time before bed. It’s so easy to lose your “you” when you’re caring for a little person 24-7, but I’m slowly getting back on track and giving myself the well-deserved time I need to be sane :)

    Wishing you well with your yoga challenge!

    PS – I see you too are a curly girlie. Same here! Rock the curls!

    • Hi Kate!! Thank you for writing!!! I can’t imagine being a new mom – you are an inspiration to ME!! I will be there one day, but always admire how giving moms are. That is amazing you have created some new goals for yourself – I love your blog!! Inspiring new moms… amazing!!! Good luck with the yoga! Thanks for the reminder for me to meditate – I always find that helps so much. Yayy to curls!!! Thanks Kate!

  6. journaling is the ultimate soul food ♥

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