Day 6 – Fear into faith

I was told by more than one person going into this 40 day yoga challenge that a lot of emotions would come up unexpectedly.  I thought to this, HA!  You obviously hadn’t seen how much of me was wringed out during my trip to Australia!  Well, boy was I wrong. After tonight, I’m aware that there is still so much more in me that needs to heal.  I’m learning that this healing is always going to be a part of my continuous journey.  It’s so much of who we are and who we allow ourselves to become.

When I was making my vision board a few months ago, I clipped out a picture of Seane Corn who is a well known Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher from L.A.  I’m not sure why I clipped it out, as I didn’t know anything about her – I think I really liked her hair – but it just felt good.  When I found out she was leading a workshop tonight at Semperviva, I couldn’t help myself from signing up.  I’m so glad I did.  2.5 hours of yoga BLISS!  The class was amazing.  125 people buzzing with positive energy and high on life.  Me included!

I was having a great time with my yoga stoke, until we neared the end of the class and started getting into some very intense hip openers.  I’ve learned through practicing yoga that we store the majority of our emotions in our hips – me especially.  Mine are tighter than your average person, so I must be holding A LOT of stuff in there!  I didn’t realize how much ‘stuff’ to be exact until she started asking some questions during one of the hip openers.  I thought I had worked through most of it recently with all the tears and emotional breakthroughs over the past few months, but I was in for a surprise tonight.

She explained how we often store our emotions in our hips, and that it is not unusual for our feelings to release once we allow our cells to release.  We hold our tension in forms such as anxiety and fear within our body.  If we do not allow this to release, it only builds up more and more stress causing more and more anxiety/fear, you name it.  As I was picturing my shrivelled up unhappy cells that were making their way around my body at that moment, she began to quietly ask some questions that might be bringing up some emotions.  Are you currently going through a transition? Yep.  Are you perhaps experiencing a lot of change in your life lately? Yep.  Are you just finishing off school? Yep.  And the kicker – Are you out of a relationship, and experiencing being on your own? Yep and yep.  Was she talking specifically to me?  It sure felt like it.  I don’t know why, but at this moment I started to tear up.  The kind of tears where your face shrivels up and doesn’t want to let the tears out but it’s inevitable.  They just kept coming softly after this.  I have no idea why, but they must have needed to come out.  It felt good. I imagined my cells releasing this built up tension and fear, and noticed myself relaxing even further.  I’m learning that I still have so much to learn.  It never ends.  I’m always growing, always healing and always expanding.

I’m going to transform my fears and tears into faith.  Faith in the unknown.  Faith in trusting that my heart will lead me where I want to go.  Faith in my gut and most importantly, faith in myself.  We always know, it’s the believing and trusting that’s the hard part.

Fear into faith.  I like that.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. what a breakthrough! i love seane corn! Her teaching is so incredible! its so fortunate that you could practice with her!

  2. “transform your fears and tears into faith”

    I love that! I cannot wait for your TED talk; it’s going to be unreal. Keep calm and om on, sister!

  3. I just found your blog through Lululemon. I’m so glad I did as your posts speak to me as I’m going through something similar right now. Thanks for the inspiring words. Those questions you were asked in italics, I’m going through something similar as I just graduated with my Masters degree and am planning my next step. Yes, I’m scared of the unknown but excited for new adventures. I totally have to make a bucket list and create a vision board as there are so many things I want to do. Keep up the great blog! I can’t wait to read more :)

    • Thanks Arianna!!! Yeah, things always seem easier if someone else is going through it too – I think that’s why I share! Because I definitely want to relate to people, and I know that everything I feel, other people must too :) YES to your vision board and bucket list!!! You will love it!!! Thanks for writing! :)

  4. I read this post and found myself, much like you did nearing the end of your yoga session, in tears. Tears of understanding EXACTLY where you are in life and what the transition period of life how made you lose and has brought to your attention… things that you may have ignored for quite some time. Well, this is how I feel at least. I feel like I may be able to learn a great deal from you and I am so thankful that today I went to the lululemon website to look at running gear and felt compelled to read your story…. I really do believe this wasn’t just a random stumble. I am so thankful in this moment.


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