Day 3 – Irritated!!!

I had another great training shift at the Kitsilano lulu store today!  We even got to do a yoga class and work at a coffee shop for part of the training – a job couldn’t get much better than that for me!!  Unfortunately for me however, I put on my grumpy pants this morning when I was getting dressed and I just couldn’t shake them for the entire day.  It was just one of those days!

You know when every little thing irritates you ten fold?  Like when you have to walk downtown, and are rushing because you’re late and you get poured on without an umbrella.  And then everyone else who’s umbrella is obviously too massive for their liking keeps hitting into you, and then the line up takes forever and the person in front of you needs a price check that seems to take forever.  And then the reason why you rushed downtown couldn’t even happen because the lady behind the desk says it’s not going to happen today.  And on it went.   One of those days.  You probably wouldn’t have been able to see this irrititation in me, but I was definitely in some sort of funk.  Oh well.  Hakuna Matata.  There’s gonna be days like this, and I’m learning to be okay with it.  I tried to practice patience, but threw that out the window when it just wasn’t working.  So I allowed myself to be grumpy.  Hence the grumpy pants.  Tomorrow is a new day.  A new, fresh start.

On a happy note, thanks Steph for the chair!  She saw my bare looking living room from a previous post and let me have a chair she didn’t need anymore.  I love it!! It was given to her, and now given to me.  So I promised when I don’t need it anymore, I too will pass on the love.  My place is starting to slowly fill up.  Time to go relax in this new chair of mine and just chill OUT!  Grrrrrr!!!  Can you sense the frustration?? At least I’m laughing writing this right now.  I’m already feeling better.  See you tomorrow!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. so funny, i went to lulu on west 4th today, maybe hoping i was going to bump into you but unfortunate, maybe next time.
    a goooood way to practice patience is playing golf ;) it has thought me sooo much patience and how to deal with frustrations, thats for real!!
    btw.. i think i have the exact same chair in my room, how funny but im glad you’re room is starting to fill up. have you put up the hangingmat-thing (i know there must be another word for it too) ? id love to see a picture of that one .
    irritation does learn you to just breath and sing a little song.. like hakuna matata. tomorrow is a new day

    • I will definitely take a picture of it when I hang it up! It will be a proud moment !! haha.. Too bad I wasn’t working, I’m there quite a bit now, so keep popping in!!!

  2. Yes- Breath , smile and say tomorrow is a new day! :) I had grumpy pants on this morning until I heard some horrible news and that quickly changed my attitude! Have a great day!


  3. Remember that all things pass eventually. Bad and good. So enjoy the good and ignore or learn from the bad because they both will pass. :)
    I just put your link on my blog. It is a new blog, but I dream it will be big someday and maybe you’ll get some hits from it – eventually.
    Happiness. Enthusiasm. Optimism.

  4. That’s awesome!! Thanks for posting it up!!! it WILL be big one of these days SOON!!! Thanks for the comment! :)

  5. i heard this quote which matches this blog post pretty well:

    “God designed the irritation, to become something beautiful, to make it more valuable (metaphor for the creation of a pearl)… every irritation in our live is designed to become a pearl.”
    “the irritation was never designed to frustrate you, it was designed to help you grow, to help you develop that pearl”

    this is from “Joel Osteen” (really recommend it!!) the podcast is called” developing your pearls”

    • I like this!! Thank you!! I totally believe this to be true too… every thing is a gift, and everyone is a teacher. Even that awful irritable day!!! THANK YOU!!

  6. I’ve got a pair of grumpy pants on today. Cookies make it better. :)

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