Day 2 – A strong affirmation

Here’s a powerful quote to help you start your day off strong!!  I found it when I was going through a random box as I’m trying to get my place organized and all moved in.  My mom, who loves quotes as much as me, wrote it a while back and I was glad to have stumbled upon it again.  It gave me a goosebumpy smile!

“Tell me it can’t be done and I’ll do it.  Tell me a goal is too high and I will reach it.  Place an obstacle in front of me and I will leap over it.  Challenge me, dare me, or even defy me but do not underestimate me.”

Good eh?!  I like this attitude.  No one’s going to mess with you when you have this affirmation!  I’m believing more and more these days that the impossible is achievable. I think that I’m going to take the word ‘impossible’ out of my vocabulary along with that fluffy word ‘should’.  If I find myself wanting to say that’s IMPOSSIBLE!  I will make sure I consciously choose the word ACHIEVABLE instead.  That feels so much more powerful!!

Those who know me well, know that I’m a vision board guru.  I swear by them.  So much of what I put up on my board has manifested itself directly into my life.  Two Novembers ago, I was a new Ambassador to the Kitsilano team.  I was invited to attend the magazine add kickoff for another local ambassador.  It was lululemon’s very first magazine advertisement.  I met the inspiring yogi/runner, Katherine, and was so in awe of how great of an athlete and individual she was.  Later that night when I went home, I cut out part of her add and placed it on my vision board.  By no means was I thinking that I too could actually be in an add, but rather it just felt good.  Who knew that I would have the exact same words under my picture: Yoga. Love. Run. Peace.  This describes me!!  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  If it feels good, go after it.  You don’t have to know why.  It will be shown to you!

Here’s JC holding up p.57 in Runner’s World Magazine.  I can’t believe that’s me.  Weird. I can’t thank you enough TRACY! for recommending me to be considered for this shoot.  THANK YOU!

If it feels good, GO AFTER IT!!  It doesn’t have to make sense.  The dots will connect. People and circumstances will just naturally come into your life in order to bring about what you deserve and want when you are following your heart!  Start your day today with a strong and powerful affirmation.  If you think flimsy, you will feel and act flimsy.  If you think STRONG, you will feel and act STRONG.  Feel how good you feel with this strong confidence pouring out of your heart.  It’s that easy!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. thanks for the quote!!!! it such a good description of how i really feel sometimes.. being only 5ft (and a bit!) my job is going to be such a challenge but i will do it, with proud, enthusiasm, energy and hard word and show them, and myself that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE !!!!!

    i also know the exact feeling of how you created something on your visionboard and then you look at it and you;re like… wooow i’ve accomplished it!!!!!!! being in alignment with your goals, take action and constantly focusing on positive energy is the key for me. as well, i have 1 affirmation (thats like 5 sentences long) that i know by head and just keep on repeating it, especially when i feel like ive failed and cant see a way out. just wanted to share that :)

    • Well said!!! thanks for sharing – couldn’t have said it any better myself!! I love that you have an affirmation that you know from your heart. Thanks for the reminder to make one myself!! I’ve been meaning to come up with a powerful one that I always keep, so thank you! I’m gonna get on that!!!

  2. I love that pic! I cut it out and have it hanging on my fridge :) I’ll have to take a picture. So inspiring.


  3. P.S. I’m going to “borrow” this quote from you and post on my FB… it’s totally me. I love it! :)

  4. Great quote! I still read your posts everyday!
    I have been slacking on my blog lately as personal matters got in the way, but this week I am back on track and hope to write more about my love for running and yoga!
    Anything IS POSSIBLE, you are so right, you just have to believe :)

    • YESS!!! Anything is possible!! Glad you’re back to writing! I know how that feels when you just need a break. trust me!!! SO Congrats on being BACK!!!!

  5. is that the newest issue of Runner’s World??? Love the add!

  6. Love the quote! I picked up runner’s world the other day and saw that I ad and said to myself, “Hey I ‘know’ that girl.” Way to go!

  7. Jenn,

    Thank you for putting into words something I try to live by every day:

    “We have a choice to be happy. We decide. Happiness is a choice. I recognize that not everything else in life is necessarily a choice, but happiness is. It starts when your eyes slowly open as you awaken in the morning. From that moment of light, your choice begins. ”

    Loving your blog, and your positive, graceful spirit.

    Thank you!
    Scottsdale, Arizona

    • Thank you Kristen!! I really appreciate you leaving a comment. It also made me re-read the quote and remind myself to smile at this moment, so thank you!!!

  8. I just got my issue of Runner’s World in the mail!!! What an accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. There is no better person for that ad. It was not my recommendation that made it happen – it’s all because of who you are :-)

  10. jen your so beautiful! i love vision boards and knowing/seeing how they fulfill deep dreams to come tru~ ur an amazing role model! literally!thankyou jen! wow congratulations
    ~ let me know how i can get a copy of runners magazine in italy!!!! i want to put u up on my visionboard!!!!! love it!
    love and miss u~ wishing u the best!xo!

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