Day 40! A little celebration with a little yeti love.

What a great way to celebrate the end of my 3rd 40 day challenge.  A breakfast of champions followed by a snowy, blizzardy run in the backcountry with one of my favourite snowshoe running partners in crime at one of my favourite races with the coolest crew – the Yeti!  Thanks guys for such an awesome race!  You guys rock!  I’m stoked to see these guys at the BC Bike Race this July.  It’s like a little family!  Definitely an amazing community of fun, healthy peeps who know how to have a good time.  This was sadly the last race of the season for the Yeti, but we will for sure be running the races next year, starting with Mount Washington in January.  It’s on the list!  Done!

So this 40 day challenge for me was a big one.  I feel that I accomplished a lot.  I feel really good about the past month or so.  I can’t believe it’s already been almost 2 months since I’ve been back in Vancouver.  Life is getting pretty good if you ask me!  I didn’t get to all of the goals on my list obviously, but that is actually a good thing.  If you’re reaching about 50% of your goals you are on the right track.  If you’re successfully achieving more than this you probably aren’t challenging yourself enough!  This is always a good reminder to go easy on yourself too when you don’t reach all of your goals.  AND as you can see with my exciting past few weeks, GOALS CHANGE!  That’s why it’s important to have more than one.  It’s likely we will be taken off track.  Things happen. Life changes.  You also have to just roll with the flow a bit too.  If you have more than one goal, you won’t feel so bad about changing your mind because you’ll be following another direction that you set out for yourself.

One of the most important things, I think, about setting goals is to reward yourself!  I am usually bad at following through with this – but not this time. I’ve been wanting this hammock for a few years now, so I went and got it today.  Chrissy came with me today to Granville Island to check them out.  I officially have a purple hammock for my living room!  I can’t wait to get some furniture in here so that I can hang it up!  (Well so my dad can help me hang it up, who am I kidding!).  Life is slowly coming together. Another great thing about rewards is that when you look at it later on, you’ll be reminded of what it took to get it!  I still have a favourite mug of mine from probably 5 years ago which still has so much meaning to me because I earned that thing!

Off to a Guilt and Co tonight in Gastotwn to celebrate Steph’s twenty-MINE tonight! I’ve never been but am pretty stoked since this place is known for its board games.  I’m ready to try out a super size me round of Jenga tonight.  Watch out!

Smile with your heart!

P.s. If you want, start thinking about some goals you’d like to write down for the next 40 day challenge with me!  Even if it’s just a few, that’s great.  Write them down and tape ’em to your fridge.  My buddy Vincent says it pretty well, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh.  Step by step, little by little.  It all adds up.  Thanks for this quote from a new blog friend!  You rock!

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  1. The Yeti Run looks so fun. I need to find one in my area.

  2. Your buddy Vinny would be so proud, SUPERSTAR!!!

  3. Jenn!!

    I just discovered your blog and I’m so happy to find someone equally as enthusiastic about life as me! YAYYYY!

    Great minds must think alike because I too am embarking on a 40 day challenge of my own today! Check my site for my goals. .. perhaps you have some ideas for rewards? I am notoriously bad at rewarding myself. I really can’t think of anything I need, nor want really.. . its a bit of a problem!

    Keep up the love!


    • I love it!!! Awesome blog too – I just added it to the side of my page!! I’m not sure how to hyperlink them – can’t seem to figure it out! I might just be seeing you at Semperviva!! :) Thanks for sharing this!!!

    • I forgot to give you some ideas for rewards!! This is the hardest part for me!! I’ve had rewards such as a favourite mug, pedicure, something for my appartment, a latte, a favourite cookie or treat or even something as small as a bubble bath. Hope these help! But like you I have a hard time coming up with them.. I’m not sure why finding something to reward ourselves with can be so tricky! Let me know what you end up deciding on!

      • I guess part of my problem is that I see every day as an opportunity to spoil myself =P .. so I’m trying to think of something non-tangible/material.. i.e., something I can’t buy for myself. So I like the idea of a bubble bath.. or a pedicure (’cause god knows I need one!). For me a reward in itself is taking the TIME to do something… so I have to keep thinking. I will be sure to let you know what I decide!

  4. I was always so intimidated by the pull up bar at the gym so I made it my goat to train to do 10 pull ups. I achieved that goal in June and rewarded myself with new lululemon pants. They were my first lululemon and I love them so much my friends joke that I should work for them. Every time I put on those pants I’m reminded of what I’m capable of :)

  5. You are the highlight of 2011 already JT! What are we gonna do next now that our yeti season is over? ummm…. bliss abounds:)

  6. Hi Jenn!

    Okay so a couple of things!
    1. You are so inspiring! I love your bucket list, so many things on yours inspire me to reach for the starts and keep my mind open to anything being possible! You are incredible, keep up the amazing work!
    2. Any tips for training for Yeti races? I just tried running in snowshoes this past winter and it was a workout! I’m not too sure how I can improve
    3. Where on earth are these hammocks for your apartment?! That’s an amazing idea! I’d love to have one!

    Keep on smiling and doing what you’re doing Jenn, you’re wonderful! Thank you so much for getting me excited about life, I feel like you’re going to change the world! <3

    • Hi Lisa!! THanks for reading and for letting me know you love this!! You’re awesome!! As for the yeti, I think as much as you can get on snowshoes helps. Here in Vancouver (are you from here??) they have training nights specifically for the yeti races. Also, we have a big snowshoe-run community which would be great to get involved in to be around people who are probably training for the same thing. Basically my advice would be to find groups who are training for it so you have a common goal and get to meet some rad people too!

      As for the hammock! There’s a store in Granville Island that specially sells hammocks only. Here’s the link!!
      I know they mail them too. They are awesome! I’ll take a picture of mine once it’s up!!!

      Thanks for the encouragement in your writing!!! :)

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