Day 35 – Let go of judgements

Whewwww!  Life has been a whirlwind for me over this past week.  I am feeling so much excitement that it’s been hard for me to sleep.  I’m constantly buzzing with enthusiastic energy, I’m having to make myself sit down and meditate to calm myself down!  Life is getting good – all of a sudden.  I can feel it!  Thank you Lululemon for making so much of this happen!

This past weekend at Camp Moomba was an incredibly eye opening experience for me. I’m still trying to soak it all in that I’m almost stuck for words today.  Working with this population brought up many emotions for me.  I felt challenged in some areas, humbled in others and overall found myself reflecting on my life and becoming more and more grateful for so many things. There is no reason why I can complain about the little things that I think are problems in my own life.  I know that there are many people who could only wish to have these things we call “problems” in their life.  I definitely feel humbled after this past weekend.

One of my favourite memories was something that was so simple.  There was one particular girl in her late teens who didn’t want to participate in the majority of activities.  Kind of like the “too cool for school” girl.  When we went skiing at Whistler on Sunday, she didn’t want to continue after trying one run.  Her friends were all in the intermediate group and she wasn’t able to keep up with them, hence she wanted to stop.  Instead of skiing down the mountain, she wanted to walk down and take the gondola up so that she could still participate and be around her friends.  Since we needed to chaperone some of the kids, I offered to walk down the hill with her.  It was amazing how her attitude changed when we were just talking one-on-one with no one else around.  She opened up to me and even started laughing, making jokes, and telling me stories about her personal life.  She didn’t have to play the role or be the image that she felt had to be put on in front of her peers.  I think that she felt relieved, maybe even grateful to have someone to open up her real self to.  She even gave me her cookie at the end of the day!  For me, this was a special moment.  When someone is able to let their walls down and just be.  No judgements, no image, just real.

It’s easy to judge someone when we know their history or when they portray a type of image that makes us question the type of person they are.  What I was given this weekend was a reminder that there is good in EVERYTHING and in EVERYONE.  No matter what someone’s history or story is, or what their outside image might be, we all want the same thing on the inside – connections with others and love.  Simple. That’s it.  It sounds cheezy but it’s true.  It was a reminder to be open to meeting everyone with a non-judgmental clean slate AND to look for the good in everyone.  After I saw this different side of her, my feelings towards her changed.  I was even able to relax more myself.  I was able to let down my guard and watch my frustrations melt away.  It’s funny how when we focus on good, we see it everywhere and we even start to feel better ourselves.

If there’s someone you’re struggling with at the moment, try shifting your thoughts and focusing on their good qualities.  What do you love about them?  What were you so wildly attracted to about this person when you first met them?  Remember this quality.  Remember how you felt when you saw this person for this good in them. Holding on to anger, frustration and resentment is a waste of time and energy.  All it takes is a little patience and a shift in our thinking to start seeing things in a completely different view.  We all have faults but we also all have beautiful qualities.  I say we try to focus on these more in everyone we meet.  I feel lighter even just writing that.  So simple.  Focus on the good in people!  There’s so much more of that goodness to be discovered!  Sometimes all it takes is a walk down a mountain to help us remember.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. So apt for me at the moment… Hope you’re good Koala. Thanks for the pics too ;) (can’t download them though – do I need a password!?).

    Smile with your heart :)

    • BANGERS N’MASH!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for reading this lady!! I’ll try sending the pics again – you are AWESOME!!! Now I’m craving some sausages and mash!!! hahaha love the koala :)

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