Day 34 – Too tired to think!

I just got back tonight from my weekend at camp and my brain feels like mush!  It’s not easy sleeping in a cabin with a bunch of excited young boys who are waking up at 4am asking if it’s time yet to go to Whistler!  I didn’t realize how much kids actually say “are we there yet?!” until this weekend.  How great it is to have that much enthusiasm about life!  It was a really good experience for me, and I know that the kids had a great time.  I have a lot to write about but feel that it would come out like mush because of the way my tired brain feels at the moment, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to write more.

It just feels good to be HOME!!  In my own place!!  In my own bed!!!  I’m loving living on my own.  Time to watch some brainless Grey’s Anatomy and hit the sack.  Here’s a picture of my place right now – sadly enough this is all I have in my living room!  If you know of anyone who has an extra couch or comfy chairs lying around that they want to donate to a good cause (ahem, ME!!) then let me know!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. That’s what my living room looked like for 6 months – yours WILL fill up with everything you want soon! Hope you are feeling rested soon – looking forward to more of your inspirational Blog postings!

  2. Hi! Stumbled on your site through lulu and loved your outlook in life! Thanks for reminding me to smile with my heart and for encouraging me to start my bucketlist. Bali is gorgeous…good pick for the wedding ;)

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