Day 29 – Moving Day!!!

What an amazing day!  I’m so stoked to be on the Lululemon website!!!  Thank you Elissa for writing such an awesome story!  I want to write so much more tonight but I am more than exhausted, I’m done!!  I was moving all day, and now I can barely keep my eyes open.  I had to resort to a peanut butter cookie to help me stay awake to write.  Nice excuse eh?  Right.

I moved into my own apartment today in the heart of Kitsilano.  I’m in heaven.  One block away from my favourite yoga studio, my favourite cookie at Caper’s (this could be dangerous), my favourite coffee shop, walking distance to both hospitals I’m planning on working at this month AND a blocks walk to the Kits Lululemon store which I will also be working at starting in a few weeks!!  It’s my dream location.  I’m pumped.  But right now I’m pooped!

I’m super excited to write a blog tomorrow morning introducing myself to everyone who is meeting me for the first time, as well as sharing some new goals of mine!  It’s nice to meet you!  I will see you tomorrow and thanks for reading!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Hey Jenn,
    I have no idea if you remember me or not but we used to lifeguard together for the City of Burnaby. I just wanted let you know that I have been secretly following your blog for awhile now. One day when I was on Facebook I noticed Zac Der attended your VisonBoard night at Lululemon and somehow got lead to this amazing blog. Well, I love it and everything you do. I now check your blog on a regular basis and am constantly reminded of what a wonderful kind hearted person you are. You are an amazing inspiration to anyone who reads this and although I am sure you have been told it before I felt the need to tell you again.
    Ps – Congratulations on your Lululemon article! :-)

    • This is awesome Sabriena.. of course I remember you!!! I still technically work there too :) Thanks so much for writing this.. it means more than you know!!!!

  2. Hey Jenn,
    I just love your blog, you are just so down to earth and inspiring!! I read your post about moving into your own apartment in Kits and I am going to be moving to Van in July (I hope) from Calgary and was wondering if you have any apartment hunting tips or sites that you used? I am coming out for a week in April for interviews so am just looking at the big picture =)


    • You will LOVE IT HERE!! Kits is my favourite place on earth!! As for tips?? Craigslist, twitter and walking around are probably the best. Lost of places put up signs outside and not necessarily post it on craigslist – so when you’re here I’d recommend just walking around and looking for a place that you love and feels good. I found my place through a friend of a friend – so networking is one of your best bets too! Just start putting it out there and you’ll get your dream place!!! That’s what happened to me!!! Good luck! And happy moving!!!

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