Day 28 – Yoga bliss!

One word.  Yoga.  I haven’t been practicing yoga as religiously as I normally do, and I am noticing this in all aspects of my life.  I feel stiffer than normal, my thoughts seem to be scrambled everywhere, my energy hasn’t been quite so high and I’m not feeling as grounded as I would like to feel.  There are so many new beginnings happening in my life right now.  So many new possibilities of beginnings which I’m finding is keeping me constantly excited, but partly disconnected from myself at the same time.

Tonight I went to my favourite class of the week.  Reno’s back bend Monday at Semperviva.  This class fills the room.  There are probably about 80 people in there, squished sweatily together and stoked to be squished together because the energy is insane.  As soon as I stepped in the room I felt relief.  I felt calm.  Even though it was so full, I felt grounded and together with everyone else’s energy.  What a good feeling.  What a good reminder to practice more!

It’s funny how life can catch up with us.  It’s easy to find ourselves getting busy with so many new and exciting distractions.  I’ve learned that for me, I am able to handle all of these ‘distractions’ much more calmly if I center my life around yoga.  It helps me focus on what’s important.  It brings me back to myself.  My breath.  The moment. The people around me.  My surroundings. The simplicities of life.  It helps ground me. It helps bring me back to the strong and confident woman that I am, which sometimes fades away when worries and stress arise.   It allows me to continually discover myself and to show this confidently to everyone I meet.  Some call this the yoga glow.  I call it my yoga bliss.

Yoga.  Yoga.  Yoga!!  If you haven’t tried it yet, please do!  It will change your life!!  I notice dramatic differences when I practice regularly.  Spiritually, physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally and most importantly – blissfully.  Yoga bliss!  Get on your mat and get a dose of this amazing feeling!!

Use every moment as a moment to shine. (Thanks for this quote tonight Reno).  No matter where you are in your life right now – up, down, sad, happy – use it as a moment to shine.  Perhaps when we recognize that each moment is in perfect order, in perfect harmony, unfolding just as it should and when we begin to enjoy where we are now in relationship to where we are going, content in THIS moment and eager for more – perhaps, just maybe, suffering may cease to exist.  Use EVERY moment as a moment to shine.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. JT:

    Speaking of Yoga, congratulations on the Lululemon appearance!

  2. Your blog is so amazing. I am in love with it’s inspirational tone. I am a new fan :)


  3. I love you and your blog! Thank you for writing so candidly — I’m really enjoying reading your posts.

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