Day 27 – PERU!!!!!

No, I’m not going to Peru (I wish I was!) but my bestest from Nursing school IS!!!  I have to share with you her amazing and generous adventure she is embarking on in only a few short weeks.  As you know, we’ve just graduated from Nursing school.  Finally we are able to do the things we love.  Doing just that is exploding for many of us in so many different directions – it is incredible.  I can’t wait to see how many people we help and how many adventures we go on serving others!  The possibilities are endless.

Clori is going on her first medical mission to Peru.  She’s going with an organization called Medical Missions International.  The team that she will be working with will be serving the poorest of the poor in Lima, Peru with spiritual and physical health care.  I’m so happy for her for being a part of this, because this is one of the main reasons why Clori became a nurse – it’s one of the reasons that kept her beside me writing gruelling papers together and studying hours on end for all those brutal multiple choice tests which always seemed to ask the frustrating question of A? B? A and B? A, B, and C? All of the above?  No straight answers.  Ever.  Grrrr.  I still have nightmares of those tests!  Okay, off topic.

I’m writing about this because I am so proud of her for giving her time and for helping some of the poorest people in Peru. The people that need the most help.  Many remain desperately poor, lacking electricity, running water or paved streets.  In these communities, health care is not universally available and is often substandard.  Many Peruvians living in “pueblos jovenes” are forced to resort to folk treatments provided by traditional healers rather than seeking proper medical treatment.  There’s lots we can do to help if you’re interested in helping out with supplies.  Here’s a few things that if you have kicking around, will help hundreds of people:

• toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, shampoos (those mini hotel ones are great!), tylenol (children’s too),  advil, vitamins, sunscreen, pencils, pens and  hand sanitizer.

Even the smallest donation will help, as you can see by the supplies needed.  I’m going to be working on making education cards that are basically just information taped onto the back of Canadian postcards.  Apparently, these cards are greatly appreciated and are even displayed amongst their homes because they are so proud to have something from Canada.  This is great because the health information will also be displayed for everyone to see.  So if you have any postcards lying around, that would help too.  I’m heading to the dollar store right now to grab some myself.

If you feel that you want to help, please email me and I will be more than happy to come pick up some supplies. We will also be handing out SOCKS before she leaves to the people of the downtown eastside, which will be greatly appreciated and needed with all of this snow.  So if you feel that you’d like to donate some socks, I can come pick those up too!  (If you haven’t watched our sock video yet, PLEASE do!!  Our goal is to get 1000 people to watch it!  We are close!!).  OR just carry some socks with you in your car and hand them out to someone in need!!!!  SO EASY!!!  You will feel so good by doing this – I promise.

GIVE GIVE GIVE!!!  You’ll be so suprised how good you feel when giving.  It actually becomes addicting and you will start looking for more ways to give.  I can’t really describe the feeling, but I’m sure you all know.  Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to get us back in the giving groove.

Thank you for reading this post today.  If I can help make a difference just by writing about Clori’s medical mission and by bringing awareness – maybe a little inspiration-  or by maybe collecting a few pairs of socks – we’ve all made a difference.  Check out her blog of her experiences leading up to this amazing volunteer experience.  She is amazing!!!

Smile with heart!

P.s. I missed another day of blogging!!  I KNOWWWW!!! I’m sorry guys!!  Some Saturday’s I’m going to take off from writing so that I feel even more inspired to keep going.  Even bloggers need a bit of a break some days ;)  Enjoy the snow!!!

Oh, and check it out!!  Steph and I made it into Whsitler’s weekly newspaper for running the snowshoe yeti race last weekend!  Yahoooo!!!  Team Lulu!!!

See you at Grouse Wednesday night Steph! We’re training hard to kick butt at the Cypress race in a few weeks – DONE!

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