Day 24 – Make someone’s day!

This morning I woke up, like any other morning, with a smile on my face and ready to take on the day.  I got out of bed, looked outside and smiled some more at the sunshine then went straight to the kitchen for my favourite meal of the day.  After some delicious oatmeal with peanut butter and banana mixed in (mmmmm.. you have to try it!) I went to my computer to check my email.  When I opened up my email account, I started laughing with happiness at this picture JC sent me!  The Quinn man was wishing me a happy day! This small gesture completely made my day!  Quinn is now sporting my phone’s wallpaper so that I can show him off and continually look down at my phone and smile throughout the day.  Thank you JC for this!

It takes no time at all to make someone’s morning/day/week/even year!  You name it.  It takes just a small thought of ‘how can I give?’, to turn a bright idea into making someone’s day.  Do you know how many people I showed this picture to?  It probably only took a few minutes of her day, but it meant so much!   Thank you!!!

Sticking to what seems to be the theme of giving this week, here’s a quote from Mandy’s book that she gave me:

“You don’t know what you get back until you give.” – Bill Clapp

Give.  Give.  Give!  The more we give, the more we get to receive because we become open to it.  That’s how it feels in my life right now.  Over the past few days, I have had so many opportunities in all aspects of my life.  Things are good.  The job hunt is going exceptionally well.  Everything that is happening is confirming that I am HOME.  I am meant to be here.  What a good feeling to choose a direction and know that it just feels right.  Everything in my life just seems to be running smoother now than before I left for my trip.  The things I am passionate about are flowing in.  I guess that is what happens when we pick a direction and put everything we have into getting there.  My relationships with my close friends and family have never been stronger.  I’m feeling healthy and vibrant.  My energy is high. I feel calm and yet energetically ‘on’ at the same time.  This is what I’ve been wanting!  Grounded confidence!  It feels good.

I’ll share more of what’s going on in my life when things start to become a little bit more concrete.  So many opportunities are in front of me!  I don’t even know where to start! This is an exciting time.  I’m dreaming big, dwelling in possibility, making it happen and I’m loving it.  Tomorrow will be another good day!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. i love you jen! this blog is so full of goodness it makes me smile with my heart! xo!

  2. Love you so much JT! Your excited energy is CONTAGIOUS!!! Can’t wait to be neighbours in just a handful of weeks!!
    “Meet me at the Kits pool for an early morning, sunny, energizing 2km!!??”

    • I can’t wait!!!!! Thank you JC!!! :) Love you so much back!!! Swim, run, snowshoe, hike, bike, snuggle with Quinn-man.. the opportunities are endless!!! only a few more weeks!!!! xoxox

  3. Do I need to explain why I love this girl? I got really lucky when I met her and even luckier that she said yes. Plus she came with you as a friend, which made you my friend and I am even luckier for that too. Keep givin’er JT, and I promise to do my yoga because it is really good for me ;) …now go start painting.

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