Day 23 – Donate Blood!

I can’t believe I’ve never donated blood before.  I remember my first time hanging blood in the hospital. It was to a patient who looked as white as a ghost and as frail as an almost broken down wooden chair.  She was obviously not doing well and the blood that I helped administer most likely helped save her life. This first time was a few years ago, and I remember thinking ‘What the heck.  How could I have never given blood before?  I’m gonna do it.” I don’t know what has stopped me up until now, but I’m goin’ in. Yes, I am a nurse but I too hate needles (like most of us).  It’s a different story when you’re prepping a needle and poking it into someone else’s bum.  That doesn’t hurt me one bit!

Maybe I can inspire a few people to even start thinking about donating blood by writing this blog.  I thought about it for 2 years before I finally am taking the plunge.  And that’s okay.  When you’re ready, you’re ready.  I’ve had the goal of doing it for quite some time now, and since I’ve written it down for this challenge I am now accountable.  So you reading this is helping someone else out there who’s going to use my blood.  Together we are making a difference and helping to save a life.  So simple!  Who knew reading a blog could do that??!

If you’d like to join me, I’m going this Friday afternoon to the Canadian Blood Services location on Oak and 32nd, right beside Children’s Hospital.  The number is 1-888-2-DONATE.  I’m a little nervous, but who knows how many lives this will help.  I am blessed to have a healthy body that is able to regenerate more blood, so it seems like a no brainer.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m sure it’s not that bad.  And for the tiny amount of discomfort I will go through? That’s nothing.  It might just give many more breaths of fresh air for someone else.  Give. Give. Give.  And then give more.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. wow, its comforting to hear that there is someone else out there that is afraid of needles and dreaded the thought of donating blood at some point, ha. I, too, definetly don’t like needles and there was a blood drive and I told myself, I will donate blood. I feel it out the paper work and then they analyze my blood from my finger and take your pressure but since I was a bit TOO nervous, I felt light-headed and fainted, at the end, since my blood pressure was low, they told me i couldn’t donate blood. I was happy that i didn’t get a needle inserted into me, but at the same time i was bum that i couldn’t overcome my fear as per say. I will try it again though, maybe this time i take someone for support or to keep my mind off needles for a minute or two, ha. thanks.

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