Day 18 – GET OUTSIDE!!!

I wasn’t really in the mood to write tonight, especially since I’m staying in on a Friday night and just wanted to relax (which is apparently pretty hard for me to do). So, I’m not sure how this blog is going to turn out.  All I really want to say is GET OUTSIDE TOMORROW!! The sunshine is amazing.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  Everyone is sunshine stoked.  The mountains are snow-capped. Ahhhhhh.  One thing I love about Vancouver is how everyone comes out of, what seems like, nowhere on days like this.  Where were they hiding on rainy days??  Who knows but make sure you enjoy the sun this weekend!

Here’s my inspiration for the day: Be Proactive. “Whatever you are meant to do, move toward it and it will come to you” – Gloria Dunn. I feel that this is me right now.  I’m starting to turn the wheels of how I want my life to go. It’s easier to turn a moving car than it is a parked one. MOVE!  Move towards your dreams.  If you’re not sure exactly what direction to go, go in one that makes you feel good.  Move towards it and everything will undoubtedly start falling into place.  I can already start to see this happening with my one love new beginning.

Have no envy.  Have no fear. This is a song that is on the CD Clori made me which hasn’t been taken out of the CD player yet.  I started thinking about this when I was driving home tonight.  Envy and fear are two emotions which can hold us back in life. They can cause us to stop short of our dreams, or make us feel cowardly, insecure and just a negative bunch of not so fun emotions.  On the other hand, we can use the uncomfortable feelings that come along with fear and become friends with it.  We can turn fear into a positive situation.  All the adrenalin and unknown possibilities can be used in our advantage.  Usually the things we are most afraid of turn into the outcomes that feel the best and lead us towards bigger and better things.

This is going somewhere I promise.  When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, remember this saying – have no envy, have no fear.  Catch yourself going down that road of destruction.  Change your thoughts around to think feel good thoughts which will send happiness to the situation you are in.  This will in turn rebound back into you, and help you start feeling good.  Turn your fears into possibility. Turn your envy into motivation and happiness. Just notice yourself the next time you catch yourself with a tinge of envy or fear.  Recognize the feelings, and then use them positively to move in the direction you are meant to go.  Move toward it and it will come to you!

I’m actually surprised I wrote this much!  And it almost makes sense. :)  I’m getting up early to race on snowshoes tomorrow morning.  Crazy much?  Yes.  If you’ve been reading this blog and haven’t figured it out yet, well now you know.  It’s going to be a good day!

Smile with your heart!

p.s. Happy Birthday Dad!!!  I love you :)

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