Day 15 – Get outside, walk a dog, and enjoy a tasty sandwich while you’re at it!

If ever you’re feeling lonely and need just someone, anyone! to talk to, borrow your friends dog and head to a dog park.  This is what Michelle and I did this morning.  We took mister Mason to Lynn Valley to explore.  Anyone who’s walking a dog always seems so friendly.  Who wouldn’t be though?  Taking a stroll through a beautiful forrest with one of your best friends?  The life.  It’s impossible not to talk with people when the furry guys are making new friends and all they’re doing is chasing each other around, bashing into one another including yourself.  That hurt Mason! It’s definitely a nice community.  I can’t wait until one day I can have a furry friend of my own!

If you’re out on the North Shore and are in search of a good sandwich, you have to check out La Galleria Fine Foods.  It’s a small little Italian Deli in Edgemont Village, across from Delany’s Coffee House.  I’m pretty sure most North Vancouverites know of this place, as the sandwiches usually sell out before mid-afternoon everyday.  They’re that good.  I recommend splitting one because they’re pretty big, but if you can do it – just eat the whole thing because they are so good!



I’m so proud of my friend Michelle.  She is an inspiration!  She had to give a quote for the graduating UBC class as she is one of the clinical Nursing teachers there.  Here it is:


“I will be real with you.  There will be days throughout your career when you ask yourself – what was I thinking?!?  My back hurts, my feet are sore, and if I get pooped on one more time I might just lose my mind. When this happens take a deep breath and remember why you are standing here …

“You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” (Ruth Smeltzer, 1961 – )

Well said Mish! :)  We can’t stop with this camera thing!  It’s addicting!  That’s a sexy picture of your muscular neck.

Smile with your heart!

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