Day 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Heart Day!!  I personally really like this day.  I like seeing hearts everywhere, and seeing all those men in the line up at the grocery store buying flowers for their loved ones.  I love hearing from all of the people close to me in my life wishing me a happy day.  I love having an excuse to eat chocolate!  It IS a good day.

I know there are some v-day haters out there in the world, and I guess I wish they could see it differently.  It isn’t all about ‘me’.  It doesn’t have to be all about a romantic relationship.  It’s a day of LOVE people.  Not love for one specific person, but for everyone special to you in your life.  Even the loving act of smiling at a stranger.  It’s all about love!  If you’re currently single (like yours truly) and you’re having a bit of a hard time with this day, then maybe try smiling at that happy couple who’s madly in love with each other holding hands walking on railway tracks.  Or send a smile and some love to the older couple who are sitting on a bench in the park.  Send them love.  Be happy for someone else other than yourself.  It’s when we begin to give love to others and are concerned about THEIR happiness, that things just start flowing naturally to us.

Today was a good day for me.  Sylvia and I are snuggled up on the couch watching one of our favourite shows together – The Bachelor.  Yes, I’m a sap for this kind of stuff.  I like it!  We even have some romantic candles, strawberries and tea. Who says you need a man to have a night like this?!  Acutally, this is better because a man probably wouldn’t want to watch this sappy show.  So life is pretty good :)  Oh wait!  We’re missing something.  Chocolate! Pausing the Bachelor to head on out – life is good!

Smile with your heart!

(Funny pictures to be posted tomorrow – we figured out how to use the settings on my computer camera.  We were crying from laughing so hard!)

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