Day 9 – Messy bed, messy head!

I love this saying.  This saying describes how my room has been over the past few weeks – a disaster.  I finally got around to cleaning things up this morning and feel a million times better!!  I even went through my drawers and folded everything neatly – one of those cleans.  For some reason, these types of cleans are the easiest to procrastinate but tend to be one of the most simplest and fulfilling chores out there.  Seeing my space clean and tidy is already making me feel more calm and relaxed.  I know where things are, and I’m not always thinking, “oh man, I really have to get that done”.  Becuase, it’s done!

Start your day making your bed.  Make your home a place to come back to that feels calm and tidy.  If it’s a mess, your mind is likely to resemble this.  Messy bed, messy head.  So simple!

Smile with your heart!

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