Day 7 – To be inspired we must first FEEL inspired

If ever I want to become inspired, I always try to put myself somewhere that makes me FEEL inspired, that makes me feel good. Alive.  For me, this is being in nature with good friends.  This was today.  I have some big weeks ahead of me here preparing for starting my new career.  I want to make sure that I’m in the best mind set I can be so that I create inspiring possibilities around me.  When I am feeling inspired, I am better able to listen to my intuition and to put forth my enthusiasm and integrity.  What better way than to spend the morning on our snowshoes with my very good friend Mandy who is my nursing mentor.  She is such an inspiration to me.  She is now an emergency nurse, and is loving every minute of it.  I see where it is taking her and I look at her life with eager and excited eyes because it is now in my grasp!  So many opportunities!  Thanks for inspiring me!

We hiked at the top of Cypress Mountain today, a hike called Hollyburn Peak.  I can’t believe I’ve never done this hike before.  I totally recommend it!!  It only took about 2 hours I’d say, and we weren’t pushing it.  If you head up to the top of Cypress Mountain and turn right into the snowshoe parking lot, it’s the hike that starts on your left of the buildings.  Best part is, it’s free!  All you have to do is have a pair of snowshoes, a vehicle to get up there, some friends and you’re good to go.  LOOK AT THE VIEW!!  Amazing!!!

Mandy is a friend of mine who always lifts me up.  I think we help each other with this. We always both feel inspired and super stoked on life when we hang out!  When I’m in nature, thoughts just flow calmly to me. It seems as though my conscious mind becomes quiet and my unconscious or intuition steps forward.  I can tell when I’m in need of this, and today was just that day.

I was previously worried about getting a job in Vancouver because I know of a lot of friends I’ve graduated with who aren’t having the easiest of times.  This has led me to panic somewhat and start thinking of other places to live that might lead to better job opportunities.  When I was up there today, I was recognizing again how much I am in love with Vancouver.  Why the heck would I leave this place?  This is my home!  I LOVE IT HERE!  I can do everything I love in this city and I am surrounded by an amazing community of friends and family who care about me and who I love very much.  Vancouver is my home.  It is me.

So after becoming clear with my thoughts, I decided that I am one hundred percent going to start my fresh new year with my finger on the “j” (a blog from January 2nd). My “j” is Nursing in Vancouver.  I just know that everything will fall into place once I start laying my foundation.  It already is starting to unfold.  Today Mandy told me of a conference in Whistler next July on Wildnerness and Mountain Medicine.  Sign me up!  This would be my dream life.  To be able to incorporate my passion for the outdoors with my profession.  Well, what do you know.  It’s right in front of my face! Step by step, my dream is unfolding.  It just feels right.  I guess when you’re listening to what you REALLY want, and when you’re reaching for your big and hairy goals, life just works this way.  If we don’t know the next step, it will be shown to us.  As long as we’re taking that next step.  For me right now, that’s staying in Vancouver and gaining experience to become an emergency nurse.  Thanks for the inspiration Mandy!  And Michelle for helping me last night with my resume.  Step by step!

Mandy gave me a gift today of a book full of quotes – I love it!!  It’s titled “be”.  On the left of each page states “be…….”, followed by a quote on the right side of the page.  I know this book will lead to many inspiring blogs!  Today the one that stands out the most to me is: Be still.  When you become quiet, it just dawns on you.  – Thomas Edison

This was definitely my day.  To me, nature is quiet.  It is grounding, calm and it feels soooo good for me.  I can’t get enough of hugging trees!  I’m going to do whatever it takes to get a job I love in Vancouver and live in Kits.  DONE!

Another good quote that inspired me to write the title of this blog is from one of my favourite movies, Into the Wild.  My friend Markus reminded me of this powerful quote (thanks!).  “it is important in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong”.  FEEL inspired!!  Go places and do things that make you feel alive.  If you constantly surround yourself with this, you allow your mind to become still and your heart to lead the way – and maybe you might just start smiling with your heart a little bit more. :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Gotta be honest – until I started following your blog, I had no idea that Vancouver was so beautiful!

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