Day 6 – A picture is worth a thousand words

This is all that I can even begin to think of writing today.  I guess that indicates that last night was a GOOOOOD time. Everything in moderation, even moderation!  Right?!  One of my favourite things of having a good night out, is the next day when you get to hang out with everyone from the night before and put all of the pieces together.  We all went to Amber’s baby shower this afternoon – congrats guys, Nico is so cute!

There were definitely some good belly laughs from some pretty random stories. That was my workout for today.  My abs seriously feel a bit sore right now.  I love laughing that hard!  I love you GUYS!!! So instead of trying to write something inspiring today, I’m just going to post some pics.  My brain hurts!  I’m having a lazy, watching Grey’s Anatomy in bed, type of night.  The celebrations are over for me right now, but it was definitely a fun week.  Time to start job hunting.  Life is going to keep getting better and better.  I can’t wait to see where I end up!

Mish, Franka and I, pre messy night :) We backpacked Europe together for 2 months a few years back!  Thanks for the champagne Mish!

Drinking games to start the night off.

Opening up the bubbly….

Thanks for making the cake Karen!!!!

And the traditional Shakey Faces make their debut.

We were definitely not trying to end up here, but we got sucked in.  Maybe that was my fault?  Yet another good night at the Roxy! :)

I love you guys!!!!!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. i miss u fabulous donne! beautiful friends…mmmm! miss u all! send u my luv! xo jt. thanks for these photos, i feel i can connect with where u are, and rejoice even from across the seas! auguri congrats to everyone celebrating!

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